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4 Mee “ ad i
 5 tr ...
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P E E 10 R D C I MOT R A H H L # M/ “ F E Y ”
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Newsletter May 2009


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Newsletter May 2009

  1. 1. Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects MAY 2009 — NEWSLETTER ISSUE #5 NEW 35M S PORTFIS H—DES IGN CONTRACT IN THIS ISSUE NEW 35M SPORTFISH 70m. PROJECT 6133 100m MOTOR YACHT REFIT 45m. YARDIMCI EXPEDITION 35m. RPH CUSTOM YACHT JUST LAUNCHED NEW PROJECTS NEW BUILD—RK47 COMMERCIAL MEDIA CHARITY 35m Sports Fishermen GCMNA is excited about this new 35m Design Con- tract. Working in joint venture with Ed Fry of Fryco Associates, GCMNA is providing Exterior Styling and I ei D sn D cr i o ts Ycti e- n r r eg / eoan f i“ah Fhr t o i tg h s m n. a” She has 5 guest staterooms, 3 crew cabins with the galley down and forward of the cockpit to make it handy for the fishing activities and to keep the heat and smells out of the Saloon She carries 16 tons of fuel, 2 tons of potable water, sanitation systems to IMO and two Kohler 50kw gen/sets to power it all. Powered by twin MTU 16v2000 M93, 2400bhp the expected max speed at average conditions is 26kt and cruising will be in ex- cess of 22kt with a 1000kn range. The new design is for the South Red Sea Shipyard (SRSS) of Safaga, Egypt. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  2. 2. 70 m M/Y Page 2 P2 Project 6133 EXTERIOR PREVIEW Project 6133 is for a distinguished Yachting Gentleman that plans to travel to all the remote diving locations of the world. This70m project will allow him to run his business from the Yacht and he plans to spend over 75% of his time on board with family and friends. This is a collaboration project with thehighly talented team at Michael Kirschtien Designs out of England. Accommodations are palatial and encompass over 20,000 square feet (2000 square meters) of interior living space on six decks. A list of amenities and features would be pages long. Suffice to say this yacht has every- thing. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  4. 4. REFIT Page 4 P4 “ R J C 19 10 MO O Y C TR F T P O E T 7” 0m T R A H EI Project 179 is an interesting Refit project on a 100m Motor Yacht that was built in the late 19’ G MNAaepoin Src rlni 90 . C s r rv i t t aEg dg uu - neering including; Modeling, FEA analysis, struc- tural calculations and class drawings for many new additions of this project. Our involvement started with providing Structur al Drawings and Cut Files fr hbo k B aYr w ohv be sb o Piro ’ ot ad h ae en u- l s contracted to supplied the Deck Extensions. We were then asked by the main yard to design and engineer the New Embarkation Platform / Ladder and also the New Crew Access Platform . Both of these platforms have been an interesting chal- lenge that we have been excited to be involved in. More information on the Project and builder will be provided in future Newsletters. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  5. 5. 45 m M/Y Page 5 P5 4 Mee “ ad i 5 tr Y ri ” mc Interior design work is progressing along very well on the Yardimci 45 meter passagemaker currently under construction in Tuzla Turkey. Yardimci is a very experienced large ship builder and this is the third yacht they have built. The vessel is under cnt co frh si ad Ow esT eieiro s ut nwl y Uua”tea z g ai th pbsko nfrt o s ut n o te h yrs nr. h n r cnt co ib “ l s,h mai cb e so et n w o i r i p t o r i l t n n s w r o “ ls Fl n. h ieir ei ib G MNAadidsndt b “ude Mo en, vr g n lcl o d, ok n Maee ao ”T en r dsns y C t c t o g n s ei e o e Sbud dr”f oi mayoaw o s g a n marbles and fabrics. The ships is ABS classed with MCA compliance. Construction is steel with aluminum deckhouse. Hull form is full displacement , and powered by twin Caterpiller 3508 diesels she will have a top speed of just under 15 knots. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  6. 6. Page 6 35m M/Y P6 35 meter Raised Pilothouse Motoryacht Designs are progressing well on this flashy new 35 meter pro- ject bound for the Persian Gulf. The layout is design to be specific to suit Gulf Arab traditions and aesthetic values. In- cluding a Majlis style main salon as well as a family Majlis for- ward. There are three staterooms in the Owners party as well as accommodations for up to five crew. Construction is Alu- minum to keep the overall weight down and maintain the de- sign brief for a 22 knot cruise and 25 knot top speed. There is an enormous pilothouse amidships that can seat up to twelve people comfortably and has direct access to the lounging deck aft, half of which is shaded from the Gulf heat with a large hardtop and mini flybridge above. Below and aft there is a large garage with special launching facilities for a Lamborghini Gallardo supercar. A large crane on the aft deck and a spe- cl dsnd“ae frh cr nb l nh g otn il ei e cg”o te a eal a ci p rad ay g e u n starboard as well as over the stern for maximum flexibility. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  7. 7. Just Launched P7 P E E 10 R D C I MOT R A H H L # M/ “ F E Y ” R MI R 3 P O U TON O Y C T U L 2 V A T R OU LsFlH ro G o p’lsif iy rmi Si ad at a, oi n rusfgh al Pe e h yrs l z a p ci t r p dlee teM/ “ f r o ”oWet a B aho hr evrd h V At Y u t i e sPl ec fr e m US owner. This prominent Yachtsman then displayed M/V “ f r o ” t i 6 o te ot adra B aSo . At Y u aP r 6 fh F rLuedl ot h w e e e This is the second yacht in the very successful new 130 series t b l nhdtiya. l ayi hv be sl. f r o ea ce h erAr d fe ae en od“ t u s e v Ae Y u iteOw esh dyctrm H ro . o ”sh nr ti ah f r o oi n z Overall styling for the series is by Florida based J.C. Espinosa with Naval Architecture, Engineering and Interior by Gregory C. Marshall. Interior in the vessel is very traditional with raised mahog- any panels, stunning wrought iron work and fine leather fur- nishings. Top speed is in excess of 18 knots at half load with a range of over 3000 nautical miles. V SO 7 “ L S I ” O K I M..D B T (n S L S A D S E D R II N 4 C A SC C C PT Y E U S a d E L ) T U S L O F 2009 is the first year that GCMNA has had one their vessels o d p y th “o t s l r so iG r n. h n i l ate B o Dusd f hw n emayT i sa eo ” s incredible show is completely indoors and the caliber of dis- plays puts most of the worlds shows to shame. The Vision 74 that we designed was part of the Drettmann display . We are pleased to announce that the yacht was sold during the show to a British customer. Drettmann wins hands down for the best boat show display I have ever seen. The eight yachts on display ranged from 52 feet to 90 feet, and featured a walk around hardwood floor at waterline height that surrounded the vessels. Lounging spaces, pianists and private limousine service right to the booth. Every aspect of the Drettmann organization oozed efficiency and professionalism. BARCLAY 40 MOTORYACHT LAUNCHES Bracewell Yachts in Vancouver British Columbia have just launched this beautiful 40 foot motoryacht for a local owner. The basic concept for the vessel was a very simple to main- tain and operate cruiser for an experienced couple on their own. The owners have a large extended family that will oc- cupy the guest cabin and several fold down dinettes.Unusual for a boat of this size she is powered by twin Mercruiser 450 hp stern drives. During the process the owner provided some cost to operate data that was ver y compelling and in favour of gas over diesel for boats of this size. With a stun- n go cao m tl svr l .Quc Svr a sehs i tp ot f eai ie b e“ i ie” s h a n l l c u k l been christened was launched into the icy Fraser River on February 3 2009, just slightly under her designed weight and sea trials are just commencing at the time of this writing.
  8. 8. Page 8 NEW PROJECTS P8 25 Meter FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP YACHT In these Stormy Financial times, we have noticed an increase in the demand for Fractional owner- ship projects. This particular 25 meter project was designed for a very experienced group in the U.S. The vessel is full of all sorts of interesting features including an aft dining room that is fully convertible from indoors to outdoors. The aft deck area has hinge down bulwarks that add to the deck space and make the view from the din- ing room completely un-obstructed. Accomoda- tions for the boat include four guest staterooms and throughout the vessel all areas are designed to properly accommodate and entertain all eight guests in luxury. Features include a skylounge, a 15 foot tender on a large platform lift. Through- out there are indoor outdoor spaces. 58 Foot PRODUCTION FAST MOTORYACHT This 58 foot FRP cruiser is one of our latest pro- jects for the Persian Gulf. It is specifically de- signed as the ideal size to suit the many marinas that are emerging in the Gulf Region and is large enough to safely make the circuit between Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. The layout on the vessel is specific to Persian Gulf culture and includes the galley and crew quarters aft to keep the Galley heat from the main acco- modations. Powered by twin 850 Volvo IPS drives, the yacht will top out at 30 knots and have a comfortable cruise of 25 knots. Owners accommodations include three stateroom and two heads. A fabulous main salon with Majlis style seating and 360 degree visibility. PARK ISLE 50 Foot MOTORYACHT We have designed many full displacement pro- jects over the years that have been built at Park Isle Marine here in Victoria B.C. This is the first Semi-Displacement vessel and is in response to increasing demand by Park Isle customers that like the salty feel and superb craftsmanship that Park Isle is known for but want to get up and over 15 knots occasionally. Accommodations include three staterooms and two heads below. A large salon, Galley and Pilothouse on the main deck. Above there is a split level flybridge with ro fr pt a 5tne o tebadc o m o u o 1’edr n h ot ek and still plenty of lounging room.
  9. 9. Page 9 NEW PROJECTS P9 12.2 Meter CLASSIC SAILINGYACHT SERI ES—KANTER YACHTS This Classic Day Sailer is the birth of a long time customer of Kanter Yachts who has inspired the Yacht Builder to begin a Classic Series of sailboats beginning with the 40DS. With ever increasing time demands, the customer is looking for a yacht that he can day sail by himself or with limited crew. The boat is a graceful combination of classic style above the waterline and modern ap- pendages under. The sail plan is all about being sailed single handed and therefore all the sail handling has been engineered for sim- plicity, reliability and ease of use. All control lines are hidden to give the teak deck of the 40DS a clean, safe and uncluttered look. Though the rig and sail plan are simple, it does not lack the power to provide exhilarating performance, she will not only be turning heads at the dock but also around the bay. 12 Meter VERY FAST CENTER CONSOLE SPORTFISHERMAN We have designed this aggressive looking center console sportfishing boat for a good friend of ours who runs a dive shop in the Persian Gulf. Powered by twin 350 horsepower Yamaha outboards, this rocketship will be able to get out to the diving / fishing grounds in short order with a top speed of over 60 knots. Construction will be one off vacuum infused composites. Beam on the boat is a relatively nro 3mees adtehls de “” arw tr ,n h u ia ep V l stepped form. Some of the features of the craft are side diving doors, a day head and a proper fighting chair in the cockpit for gamefishing. The control console portion of the craft is configured to prop- erly get up to six people out of the sun and blister- ing heat of the Gulf. True to the Owners respect for his country the hull is a deep Qatari red with Gold accents.
  10. 10. Page 10 NEW BUILD P10 RK YACHTS NEW PLANT BREAKS GROUND IN CHINA When RK yachts stated that they wanted to build a new yacht concept from the ground up they appear to have meant it. This is an excit- ing new project that is to be built in Mainland China predominantly for Chinese buyers. There has been a significant increase in the demand from Chinese clients for a 15 meter Euro style motor yacht to fill the increasing number of yacht clubs in the south coast of the country as well as Hong Kong , Japan and Thailand. RK is a partnership between two very ener- getic and appealing partners, one based in the U.S. and one in Beijing. The new facility is in North East China and is purpose built to build the 47. Production is set to be 12 vessels per year for the first year, 18 in the second and at full capacity of 25 per year in the third year. The facility is state of the art with a very pro- gressive layout and even an in the water test- ing facility. Layout for the vessel is very unique and in- cludes three very good staterooms, two of which have ensuites. The gourmet galley is just two steps down from the main saloon so that the chef can have easy conversation with guests while cooking. Pilothouse can seat six comfortably and eight in a squeeze, and has virtually 360 degree visibility. From the pilot- house there is direct access to the immense flybridge with a large U-shaped dining area, wet bar with barbeque and proper helm sta- tion . Power plant for the RK is twin 600 BHP Cummins diesels with mercury Zeus drives for a top speed of 35 knots
  11. 11. Page 11 COMMERCIAL P11 VICTORIA SHIPYARDS STARTS CONSTRUCTION ON SEA BUS Translink has signed an agreement with Victoria Shipyard (Washington Marine Group) to build a third Sea Bus for the City of Vancouver. Construction has started with the last welding of the Hull / Superstructure. The Mechanical and Machinery systems are now being fitted. GCMNA provided 3D Piping System Design (Piping Spools) to Vic- toria Shipyard for the construction. 3’ A D N C A T- BUILT BY KANTER YACHTS 6L N I G R F G MNAdsndti3’ad g rft spla eotsn itePi p e.T idsnw s o le wti2 C ei e h 6Lni C a o up R srIadn h hi i s h ei a cmp td i n g s n t y l l n p s g e h weeks and sent to Kanter Yachts for construction. Kanter Yachts had the craft completely tack together within 3 weeks and was ready for final sea trials in another 3 weeks. The LC36 was designed to carry 3 Tonnes of cargo and can 25 knots.
  12. 12. Page 12 MEDIA P12 GCMNA in the MEDIA YACHTS INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE - MARCH 2009 Please click on the following link to read the recent article on Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd. BOAT INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE - MARCH 2009 GCMNA was featured in this Issue of Boat International on 3D Design.
  13. 13. Page 13 Contact P13 Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects Ltd.—Gives Back Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd and its employees Donated over $14,000 in 2008 to Local Charities such as: Lions Societ yof BC Crohn's and Colitis Fdn of Canad a Georgia Straight Alliance BC SPCA The Mustard Seed The Salvation Arm y The Principals Greg Marshall President / CEO Naval Architect Chief Designer Gordon Galbraith Vice President and Naval Architect Gregory C. Marshall N.A. Ltd. 1571 West Burnside Road Victoria, B.C. V9E 2E2 Canada Phone: 250-388-9995 Fax 250-388-4260 E-mail: Or: CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE