Newsletter August 2007 Revised


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Newsletter August 2007 Revised

  1. 1. Issue 2 August 2007 VvS1 LAUNCHES Inside this issue: VvS1 1 45 Meter Project “Big Fish” 2 70 Meter Project “6133” 2 70 Foot Project “Long Island 3 Commuter” Destiny 42 3 Horizon 110 3 Premier 130 4 Vision 74 5 Photographed by Martin Fine Yardimci 45 meter 5 At 6 am sharp on April 19, 2007 Alloy Yachts of Auckland New Zealand launched the 34 meter yacht VvS1. The exterior of the vessel is very unique dark / grey metallic with a silver superstructure and lipstick red bot- Kanter 54 5 tom paint. The name “VvS1” comes from the diamond industry and refers to the lowest number of flaws in a diamond. The superstructure is highly facetted and keeps the design alive and changing as the sun moves around. The interior of the vessel was co-designed between GCMNA and the owners and strikes a fine balance Calixas 105 6 between minimalism and comfort. The high tech exterior belies a true global voyaging expedition yacht core. The vessel is full MCA LY2 compliant and Lloyd’s certified. After a few weeks of commissioning VvS1 set sail Vision 68 6 for Tahiti averaging 9.5 knots at an easy 1300 rpm and only 72 litres of fuel / hour including genset. Alloys has done a superb job of building one of our favorite designs to date. Fathom 40 6 Design Capabilities 7 Tank Testing 7 Meet the Team 8 Photographed by Martin Fine CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  2. 2. Page 2 New Projects 45 Meter Project “Big Fish” GCMNA is deeply entrenched in a 45 meter project “Big Fish” …. What can we say? This is a very exciting project. This ultra modern and minimalist project is being designed for a highly appealing owner who finds every boat in the Mediterranean simply boring. To relieve the boredom this vessel incorporates more than 60 feet of hydraulically actuated beach platforms in the hull, floor to ceiling curved glass, with drop down re- cessed deck spaces to not obstruct the view. Amidships there is a spectacular atrium that is 8.0 meters (28’) tall with a full height art wall and topped with a 6 square meter skylight. Stored forward is an 8 meter (28’) custom designed catamaran tender that matches the design of the large yacht, and an enormous retracting helipad. GCMNA is designing the entire vessel from keel to top of mast mechanical/interior/exterior and naval architecture. We are even building a full-sized 4000 square feet model of the interior in Victoria so that the owner can walk through the vessel and study and improve all aspects. Project management for the vessel is being done by David Darwent of Marine Construction Services. We would love to show you designs of this cutting edge vessel but unfortunately for now, a silhouette will have to do. 70 Meter Project “6133”. Project “6133” is a massive design project we recently signed for a pair of 70 meter yachts. The project is our first design collaboration with well- known British designer, Michael Kirschstein. Michael’s office is responsible for the overall design, interior and exterior while GCMNA is responsi- ble for the naval architecture and engineering. Once again, project management is by David Darwent of Marine Construction Services. The vessel will be going out for BIDS in early October 2007. Unfortunately, details of the project are classified at the owner’s request. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  3. 3. Page 3 New Projects 70 Foot Long Island Commuter This is a very sexy project that you will start to see a lot more on soon. We designed this boat to be reminiscent of the golden days of New York’s Long Island commuters from the 1920s. Beneath the skin, this vessel is anything but tradi- tional. Structure is vacuum infused composite construction and propulsion is via state-of-the-art Volvo IPS drives. The hull was tank tested at the BC Research facility to 40 knots (see tank testing photo on page 7 in this newsletter). One of the unique features of the vessel is that it is designed to be wheelchair accessible and the main deck has only single steps up and down. The interior is designed by GCMNA and is done in a very classic down east style. Destiny 42 The Destiny 42 is a production dis- placement catamaran under develop- ment for a group based in Washing- ton state. This compact vessel was conceived to be a perfect family cruiser and charter vessel. Layouts are offered in several configurations from 2 staterooms to 4 and both galley up and down. Construction is in vacuum infused composite. Pro- duction run is expected to be about six vessels a year. For more informa- tion, please contact Linn Jennings: or visit Horizon 110 This latest project for the Horizon Group in Kaohsiung is a 110’ x 24’ raised pilot house motor yacht. Tank testing was completed at B.C. Research facility last month and demonstrates a very clean running hull with superior performance. The exterior shell of the vessel will be fixed for produc- tion; the interior of the vessel can be highly customized to suit each buyer’s particular needs. Layouts include an on deck master stateroom option without sacrific- ing the ability to have galley option. The large windows is the pilot- house configuration and all versions have a unique split level fly bridge with air-conditioned cabana and head. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  4. 4. Page 4 Under Construction - “Premier 130” Hull #5 of this new production project is already under construction at Premier Shipyards in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Hull #1 is still six months away from its on time delivery…. not a bad start for this exciting program. Overall styling is by J.C. Espinosa with mechanical design and laminate engineering by GCMNA. We are particularly proud of the fact that the hull is the largest infused composite part ever build and is a testimony to the shipyards vacuum infusion skills. Interior for each vessel is highly customized : Pictured below is the interior for Hull #2. GCMNA is developing the interior design and full CNC ready shop draw- ings for the entire interior millwork package. This platform allows us to show cus- tomers with a very high degree of accuracy what the interior will look like right down to fabrics and marbles. Once the owner has approved the design we are able to computer cut precisely what was agreed. By combining design and build this way, it allows GCMNA the ability to deliver on our design work to a degree un- matched in the industry, and more importantly do so in a cost effective way. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  5. 5. Page 5 Under Construction Vision 74 The Vision 74 cockpit is an evolution of the very successful Vision 68. The interior is full of pleas- ant surprises including high skylights, very easy staircase and a master suite rivaling most 90 foot- ers. A wide variety of layout configurations for 3 to 5 staterooms. This 68 / 74 series has been selling at a very brisk pace and Vision reports the order box filling fast. Yardimci 45 Meter Construction is scheduled to begin about the time this news release goes to press. On the project, we have brought large ship modular construction to yacht building allowing this sophisticated shipyard in Tuzla, Turkey to build the vessel in three main modules in a much more efficient timeline. This massive 45 meter yacht is being built on spec and will be available for purchase and subsequent outfitting to suit the owner’s taste. This advanced con- struction process allows a new buyer to get into a project of this size much faster and gives the owner’s interior de- signers a much more defined envelope to work within. As the vessel line will be offered as a fully found running “shell”, the new owners can purchase it and finish it at the same shipyard or if they want to run the vessel on its own bottom to say Seattle so that the interior can be fit out closer to home, that option is available. The vessel is ABS certified, and MCA compliant. Kanter 54 The 54 foot expedition yacht is nearing completion at Kanter Yachts in St. Thomas, Ontario for a delightful customer in Virginia, USA. Designed primarily for east coast cruising we developed the ship with the intention of cruising at displacement speeds most of the time, but when impatience sets in, the ship can throttle up to over 20 knots when required. Accommodation include a fill beam master stateroom and two guest cabins. Launch is scheduled for late July 2007. For more information contact Manfred Kanter @ 519-633-1058 or email to CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  6. 6. Page 6 Recent Launches Calixas 105 Calixas updates. After its arrival into the US in early March, the Calixas 105 made its debut at the Palm Beach Boat Show and was clearly the star of the show. Hull #2 has started construction and is coming along well. After its debut in Palm Beach the Calixas travelled to Corpus Christi Texas for the first Texas International Boat Show and was greeted with great fanfare upon arrival. Calixas has contracted to build 6 105’ Yachts and a new 145 project is currently under development. Photographed by Neil Rabinowitz Vision 68 The Vision 68 is quickly becoming a successful classic. Hull #5 is currently under construction at Vision’s Shipyard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The first vessel was launched at the end of November 2006 and was delivered to its home base of Seattle in February 2007. Vision has done a superb job of tooling and the vessel is full of pleasant surprises including large skylights, extra wide easy stairs, and huge accommodations. The interior decorating on Hull #1 ( pictured) was developed by Sylvia Bolton Design of Seattle. GCMNA has had numerous successful collaborations with Sylvia over more than a decade. For more information on the Vision 68 contact Photographed by Neil Rabinowitz Photographed by Neil Rabinowitz Fathom 40 These pictures were taken just a few days of this hot new 40’ family cruiser being built by Fathom Yachts of Anacortes, Washington. In our last newsletter, we an- nounced that construction had begun and here we are just a few months later an- nouncing the finished vessel. This dynamic team of very experienced builders ap- proached us just over a year ago to design the project. In the time since, they have built the molds, established a production plant, built Hull #1 and have #2 and #3 under construction and have confirmed seven orders …….all in a single year. These guys definitely win the award for the most ambitious agenda actually achieved. The vessel is infused composite construction using a very clever set of production molds, Hull #1 weighs in a significantly under the designed weight and is a testament to how good the Fathom crew is at weight control. First round of sea trials show a lively performer and when the boat is all dialed in correctly should top out in excess of 20 knots. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  7. 7. Page 7 Leaders in Creative Yacht Design and Naval Architecture The team of naval architects and engineers at Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects (GCMNA) covers all aspects of a yacht’s design from the first inspirational brainstorm- ing session with you, the client, to the sea trials that validate the vessel’s performance. Our staff collaborates on all facets of the design and engineering to meet meticulously developed specifications. This integrated effort makes sure your yacht is of the highest quality and will be delivered in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. But there is more to yacht design than efficiency and engineering formulas. To create the yacht that satisfies your dreams demands a balance of art and science, of creativity and technology, of appearance and performance. It's this blend of artistry and naval architectural know-how that sets GCMNA apart. Our decades-long experience has taught us the skills to work in close cooperation with clients, shipyards and suppliers in North America, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. We offer all disciplines needed to create a world-class yacht — vision, originality, styling, naval architecture, engineering, mechanical and electrical systems, joinery, propulsion, and business acumen. Our careful preparations meet and exceed classification society and international standards. The best boats result from a collaborative effort between the owner and the design team. We work with you. We listen to for your yacht is exciting, rewarding and fun. Meeting Client Expectations 3D Modeling the entire Yacht allows GCMNA to work out ALL the details so the client’s expectations are met when the Yacht is delivered. Computer 3D Rendering Actual Yacht Tank Testing Busy times at the tank basin. This month, we tested four new projects at BC Research’s tank testing facility in Vancouver. The new Horizon 155 hull, the 70 Foot Long Island Commuter, the Horizon 110 raised and the 45 meter Project “Big Fish” Pilothouse. Horizon 155 Long Island Commuter Horizon 110 Project Big Fish CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  8. 8. Page 8 Meet the Team Greg C. Marshall Phone: 250-388-9995 Gregory C. Marshall Naval Fax: 250-388-4260 President / CEO Architect Ltd. E-mail: Naval Architect 1571 West Burnside Road Victoria, British Columbia, Chief Designer Canada V9E 2E2 Gord Galbraith Curtis Dickinson Pete Van Tankeren Vice President and Head Junior Naval Architect Designer of Structural Matt Dilay DennettWoodland Veena Dassoruth Head of Mechanical Artistic Design / IT Marketing Leslie Larsen Phil Langrish Astra Todd Office Head Senior Naval Architect Draftswoman Geoff Harrington Lisa Sinclair Senior Designer Interior Decorator Jason Nassichuk Noah Zanbilowicz Summer Naval Architect Naval Architect Student GCMNA also has an excellent team of sub-contractors that we have worked with together over a long time in Electrical Engineering, Naval Archi- tecture and Mechanical Engineering. That allows our resources to grow seamlessly as requested. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE