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Newsletter April 2008


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Published in: Business, Design
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Newsletter April 2008

  1. 1. Issue 3 April 2008 Inside this issue: Project 6126 1 Awards 2 Project 6133 3 Calixas C3 4 Project 6145 4 Project 6149 4 Horizon 130 5 Yardimci 145 5 RK 47 6 Fathom 40 6 28 Foot Tender 6 Design 7 Capabilities Meet our Team 8 Big Fish Commences Construction 50 ft. Superten- 7 Another of our “silhouette” projects from our last newsletter gets to see the light. Project 6126 is a stunning 45 meter project under construction at McMullen and 8 Wing in Auckland N.Z. The owner for this vessel gave us a significant amount of latitude to meet the challenges posed by a few simple requests. 1. He wanted to “look out at nature”, not in at “stuff”. 2. He doesn’t like “stuff”. 3. The boat had to be very contem- Met the Team 8 porary, but also had to be a serious expedition yacht designed for up to 4 months away from dock. The yacht is filled with an amazing array of folding platforms and beaches. The center of the ship has a 3 story art wall . As this project is a highly technical design and certainly will be a challenging build. We are pleased to have the competent crew at McMullen and Wing executing the project. Construction is steel hull and aluminum superstructure. Our office is responsi- ble for the most aspects of the design of the project including; naval architecture engi- neering, interior design and most of the shop drawings. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  2. 2. Awards Page 2 Peer Recognition A lot of sweat goes into the design of these large projects, and every once in a while its nice to get a pat on the back for the effort. The last year has been a great year for recognition for our teams’ efforts. VvS1 won at the world superyacht awards in Venice Italy and has been nominated by Showboats for the best displacement yacht award in July. Calixas C2 Won Most innovative yacht for 2007 by Yacht international and was nominated for a Showboats awards for best displacement motoryacht and also at the World Superyacht Awards., and the Westport 130 that we designed in conjunc- tion with William Garden was nominated for the best Semi– Displacment motoryacht at the World Superyacht awards. VvS1 “WINNER” World Superyacht Awards for Best Displacement Motoryacht under 500grt Naval Architecture, Engineering, Styling and Interior by Gregory C. Marshall Calixas C2 “WINNER” Yachts Intern’l Most Innovative Yacht & Finalist B.I. World Superyacht Awards Naval Architecture, Engineering, Styling and Interior by Gregory C. Marshall Westport 130 Hull “ORAS” Finalist World Superyacht Awards Best Semi-Displacment Motoryacht Naval Architecture by William Garden , Styling and Interior Layout by Gregory C. Marshall CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  3. 3. XXXL Page 3 PROJECT 6133 70 Meter Motoryacht Styling and Interior Decoration by Michael Kirschtien, Naval Architecture and Engineering by Gregory C. Marshall We are finally able to show limited pictures of this massive project. At 230’ overall, this is our largest project to date. This is a collaboration project with the highly talented team at Michael Kirschtien Designs out of England. Michael’s office is creating the overall styling and interior design, while our office is creating the Naval Architecture, Structural and Mechanical engineering. Michael’s office has been a delight to work with, and has left us work- ing towards more collaborations with his office. The vessel is designed for extended cruising to remote diving locations worldwide. With this in mind, there is a large cockpit aft with easy ac- cess to the water and also to the large sports room forward. Accommodations are palatial and encompass over 20,000 square feet (2000 square meters) of interior living space on six decks. A list of ameni- ties and features would be pages long. Suffice to say this yacht has everything. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  4. 4. XXL Page 4 Calixas C3 40 Meter Motoryacht Following this enormous success of the award winning Calixas C2 we are pleased to announce that design work has commenced on the Calixas C3. Montie Twining, who is the man behind the Calixas series, has left us with a very tough design brief……..make a bigger, better version. The new yacht will be 40 meters long. Design is well underway and we will keep you informed as Calixas permits. Project #6145 - 46 Meter Motoryacht As you can tell we are only allowed to shed a little light on this project. What we can tell you is that it is 46 meters overall with a 9.25 meter beam. Construction is a steel hull with aluminum superstruc- ture. The interior designer is considered by many to be one of the top in the world. Features include a massive owner’s apartment, a huge “foredeck” on the flybridge level with plenty of indoor/outdoor spaces. Forward there is an enormous foredeck entertaining patio with retractable sun awnings, sofa’s, sun pads, etc. bid packages are currently out for tender & nego- tiation at the time of this writing. We will shed more light as this very private owner permits. Project #6149 - 42 Meter Motoryacht It seems that the larger the project, the more it gets shrouded in secrecy. This particular pro- ject is for a wonderfully imaginative couple looking for a vessel with super capability for global exploration. Our office is developing all aspects of the design from the naval architecture to the interior design. Construc- tion is steel hull and aluminum superstructure. The interior is emerging now but can best be described as an organic fusion art deco & rustic. Forward in the owners apartment is a 500 square foot spa with vaulted circular ceiling and direct access to the fore- deck. Tenders are serious business for the owner and the yacht is designed to pack a 42’ tender on deck for ocean crossings. Range is in excess of 5000 miles. Construction will be at McMullen and Wing in Auck- land New Zealand, and is scheduled to start towards the end of 2008 CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  5. 5. XXL Page 5 Horizon 130 Production yacht The horizon 130 continues to be a very successful yacht program. So far five of these vessels are sold with hull number one just launched. Exterior styling is by J.C. Espinosa with hull design and engineering by Greg- ory C. Marshall N.A. Ltd. Interior designers vary from project to project. Espinosa’s design office created the fabulous interior for hull number one “Miss Rose” while our office created the interior for hull number 2. Pictured below: this interior project was 100% 3D modeled to enable the yard to cut virtually the entire interior with CNC machines. During a recent visit to the yard it was clear that “the proof is in the pud- ding”. The fit and finish as well as overall execution were superb. There was not a single reworked piece of interior anywhere in the yacht. This program sets a very high bar for many yacht builders to follow, and is certainly the best project to date out of Taiwan. Hull number 5 is currently available. Yardimci 45 Passagemaker We are pleased to an- nounce that construction has started on the new Yardimci 45 meter pro- ject. Yardimci is a massive shipyard in Tuzla Turkey with extensive ex- perience in a wide range of sophisti- cated ships. The 45 meter vessel represents their first entry into the large luxury yacht market. The inte- rior will be fabricated by Ulutas (also of Tuzla) who were responsible for large parts of the interior to Maltese Falcon. From the very professional process that Yardimci has demon- strated so far we are looking for- ward to more successful collabora- tions. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  6. 6. L/M/S Page 6 Under Construction RK 47 Production Motoryacht This is our first project with RK Yachts and so far the collabora- tion is looking like it has the bonds for a strong future. The first model off the lines is this racy 47 foot model. Geoff Harrington in our office is the lead designer on this project and clearly shows a lot of his experience and flair. At 47 feet, this project has an incredible amount of volume and interior space without looking bulky. The layout is clever without being gimmicky and boasts three large staterooms, two of which could be mas- ter cabins. The salon is large and bright and has easy access to the spa- cious galley and pilothouse. The fly bridge is unique and can comfortably seat 10 while underway or at anchor. Powered by twin 600 HP Mer- cruiser/ Cummins Zeus drives the yacht should top out at 38 knots. Con- struction is scheduled to start in August of this year. Fathom 40 Production Motoryacht The Fathom 40 launched towards the end of 2007 is proving to be one of the hottest trawlers on the market at the time of this writing. Fathom Yachts is sold out through hull #13. The size is just about the perfect cruising boat for a family cruiser/explorer. Cruising speed is 14 knots all day and tops over 20 knots. 28 Foot Tender As our projects seem to get larger and larger we find ourselves getting into smaller boats……the carrying kind. This is a custom tender for our project 6126. At 28 feet (8 meters) this racy tender will be built of aluminum with a larg fender perimeter. The boat is designed to serve as a dual purpose dive boat and elegant launch. Features include a small head, seating for ten and easy access off the bow, sides and stern into the water. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  7. 7. Design Page 7 Design Capabilities In our relentless pursuit of design excellence we are constantly looking for ways to improve our craft. As our projects became larger and exponentially more complex we (and our industry) faced the very difficult challenge of physically integrating all of the complex systems into increas- ing spectacular interior/exterior design. Add to the mix inevitable endless changes, and a desire to shorten build time and reduce cost. The challenges we faced were not a lot different than the ones the automobile and aircraft industries faced 15 years ago. The product complexity had simply outstripped the design tools, and a large design team’s ability to keep up with interface of systems, interior, engineering and exterior designs. The solution was to “digitally construct” the entire product. A process where all aspects of the design are built in the computer so that all interface can be scrutinized and optimized for designers and manufacturers world wide. The aircraft and automobile industries have suc- ceeded in digitally constructing their products in recent times and the result is faster development time, better performance, and more profitability. Our challenge became how to do it without a billion dollar R & D budget. To meet this challenge we implemented a four stage, four year plan. The first stage was to develop a financial strategy to meet the multi- million dollar investment we knew we would have to incur. The second stage was to build a substantial library in 3D of virtually all of the compo- nents we use, from engines, to pumps, to valves and door hinges. A substantial feat given that each and every part had to be exactly as the real part in order to be of use, both in weight and dimension. The brunt of this incredible library was completed on schedule in year two after more 60,000 man-hours of building. Stage three was to assemble a team of very skilled designers, who in addition to design skills had to be very competent at building the objects. In digital construction, control of all aspects of the construction move from the shop floor to the design office computers. Therefore all access, build ability, and interface must be built on screen by someone with the experience to properly evaluate the design. The fourth stage was to actually build a project from a digitally constructed design and critically scrutinize its value to the process. After 4 years of waiting for the result we are pleased to announce that the program is a success. I recently toured through a 40 meter project, the interior was fully digitally constructed and it was almost eerie in that there was no cabinet that we hadn’t already “seen” in great detail, and no hatch that I could open that I couldn’t precisely tell you what was behind it. The reality is that the vessel I was walking through was truly hull #2, as hull #1 (the digital one) was launched last year. The final challenge we faced was computing power to manage the massive files that digital construction creates. Towards the end of 2007 GCMNA moved heavily towards Dassault system “Catia” program. This is the same program being used to design the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This is a very powerful program that truly allows us to convert to build information just about anything we can imagine. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  8. 8. Team Page 8 Meet the Team Greg C. Marshall Curtis Dickinson Noah Zanbilowicz President / CEO Junior Naval Architect Junior Naval Architect Student Naval Architect Chief Designer Gord Galbraith Phil Langrish Jamie Craig Vice President and Senior Naval Architect Design Technician Naval Architect (A.C.T.) Matt Dilay Lisa Sinclair Wesley Heckendorf Head of Mechanical Interior Decorator Naval Architect Toshio Ouchi Geoff Harrington Astra Todd Mechanical Engineering Senior Designer Draftswoman Co-op Student Jason Nassichuk Katrina Donchi Bob Olson Naval Architect Designer / Interior Fabrication Office Administration Pete Van Tankeren Louise Gardner Toby Harcombe Designer Accountant Mechanical Technologist Gregory C. Marshall N.A. Ltd. Phone: 250-388-9995 1571 West Burnside Road Fax: 250-388-4260 Victoria, B.C. V9E 2E2 Canada E-mail: CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE