Gordea geomapping


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Gordea geomapping

  1. 1. Enhancing the Local Value of Thematic Cultural Tourism Bojan Božic, Sergiu Gordea - AIT PATCH@IUI2014 - 24.02.2014, Haifa, Israel
  2. 2. Content Context Europeana Creative European Cultural Routes Motivation Shift in the interest of tourists Personalized access to cultural resources Enhance local value of cultural tourism: Creating guided tours for (thematic) cultural tourists Interactive and rich contextual information Demo Following the footprints of Mozart in Vienna Conclusions
  3. 3. Europeana Creative Reuse cultural heritage by creative industries 5 Pilot applications (Education, History, Tourism, Social Media and Design) Europeana repository • > 30 million objects aggregated from ~ 2000 GLAM • Books, paintings, photos, music, gallery objects ... • ~ 30 languages
  4. 4. European Cultural Routes Certified by European Council Pan-european cultural routes Connecting related, tangible and intangible assets Supported by cultural institutions and SME Still: Not well integrated with local infrastructures Not focused on local resources No personalized / not really interactive
  5. 5. Enhance local value Addressing increasing demand for self organized tours Tourist assessment when visiting cultural assets Intuitive, interactive, personalized, simple “A successful thematic tour must aggregate a critical mass of POIs with a certain level of quality of their descriptions and a good balance between their relatedness and serendipity” Geotourism image by Dr. Dave Randle and Dr. Reese Halter
  6. 6. Creating personalized itineraries
  7. 7. Mozart’s footsteps in Vienna Statues placed in Viennese parks (Burggarten) The houses where he lived, worked and died (Mozarthaus, Rauhensteingasse) The church where he got married (St. Stephens) Mozart‘s tomb(s) (St. Marx & Central cemetery) Places to hear Mozart music (Stadtpark, Mozarthaus) Mozart related (Mozart Theater Museum)
  8. 8. Personalization Storytelling: Burggarten Statue: originally placed in Albertina Square Mozarthaus: place where Mozart met and collaborated with Haydn and Beethoven - Mozartmuseum St. Stephens cathedral: marrying Constanze Webber Mozart‘s tomb: originally in St. Marx moved to Central cemetery Stadtpark: Statue of famous artists, Mozart and Strauss music played daily in Kursaloon Mozart Theater Museum: placed in Palais Lobkowitz stores some personal objects of Mozart including his Violin. Famous artists playing Mozart
  9. 9. Tourist Assessment and Feedback POIs in walking distance Itinerary generated on Google Maps Access Wikipedia & Europeana content when visiting POI Semantic User Annotations
  10. 10. Mozart’s footsteps in Vienna
  11. 11. Mozart’s footsteps in Vienna
  12. 12. Mozart’s footsteps in Vienna
  13. 13. Conclusions Enhance the local value of cultural routes Easy and personalized access to cultural heritage resources Simple, easy to use, avoiding language barriers Future work Better exploitation of semantic technologies Design for mobile devices
  14. 14. Used Technologies: Demo: Online: Source code: https://github.com/europeana/EuropeanaCreative/tree/master/geomapping-web User annotations: Annotorious: http://annotorious.github.io/ Europeana: Portal: http://europeana.eu/portal Search API: http://pro.europeana.eu/api Geo-mapping: Viking: http://viking.sourceforge.net/ Google Maps API: https://developers.google.com/maps/
  15. 15. Interested? Get Involved! Take part in Europeana Creative Challenges: http://www.europeanacreative.eu/web/europeanacreative/challenges
  16. 16. Thank you! Questions?