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GSE hatte die Möglichkeit sich anlässlich des IBM Collabarotion Round Table, der am 21. September 2011 in Wien stattfand, zu präsentieren. In seiner Funktion als Region Manager wies Herr Bauer dabei darauf hin, dass die GSE Mitglieder nicht nur den Gedanken der Zusammenarbeit über Firmen- und Landesgrenzen hinweg seit der Gründung efolgreich umsetzen,sondern darüberhinaus auch aktuell die Einführung entsprechender unterstützender Technologien überlegen. Darüberhinaus wies er auf die Möglichkeit hin, im Rahmen von GSE einen entsprechenden Arbeitskreis "Collaboration" aufzustellen.

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Gse workinggroups collaboration_v01

  1. 1. Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Bauer, Region Manger AustriaVienna, 21.Sep.2011 – Collaboration & Social Media
  2. 2. What is GUIDE SHARE EUROPE ?  Independent and non-profit association of companies and individuals  Involved in IT Technology / Solutions based on IBM architecture  led by volunteers  10 European Regions - Austria & Central Europe, Belgium/Luxembourg, Switzerland/Liechtenstein, Germany, Spain, France, Italy/Greece, Netherlands, Nordic, United Kingdom - Over 1,000 Members (Companies, average 6,000 employees - > large enterprises) - Representing 12,000 IT professionals - European Events (GUIDE Executive Club, Management Summit, MAC, ISC) - 10 Regional Conferences - 140 Regional Working Groups - 15,000 Information days/year  Member of the International User Group Council and part of the worldwide User Group Community (23,000 Members)  Partner and Supporter of Destination z online community28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE
  3. 3. GSE Education GEC GUIDE Executive Club ISCs Management Industry Solution Management Summit Europe Councils MACs Management Advisory IBM Technical Conferences Councils and Training Courses 15% discountTechnical Regional Working Groups Regional National Conferences28/09/2011
  4. 4. Working Groups are at the very heart of GSE A total of over 140 Working Groups across Europe, in all presenting over 15,000 Information Days per year. Working Groups are also key to identifying specific subjects, requirements and concerns that can then be explored fully as part of conference programmes. Active member participation in these groups is fundamental to the aims of the GSE. As such, there are numerous opportunities to share ideas and solutions with industry colleagues, both on a regional and international level.GSE Requirements System (SW process for Working Group Input)GSE Members have the opportunity to participate in this Working Group process ofsubmitting, discussing, and voting on all product enhancement requests.These requests will be reviewed and considered by a volunteer committee before being submitted toIBM. IBM will then consider the approved requests and communicate their intentions for each requestback to the committee and ultimately back to the user28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE
  5. 5. Active GSE Members benefit from: Education – Managerial and Technical conferences, events and Working Group participation ( on European and regional level ) – 15% discount on the enrolment fee of the IBM Technical Conferences and Training Courses – Industry advocacy – Participation in forums with direct influence on IBM labs and business areas – Influence on IBM products and strategies, – Conduct various surveys – > 400 Product Requirements / Year Networking – Share knowledge and experiences with – IT management and IT professionals in the global IT community – IBM experts and IBM executives, ww – Contacts with Universities / Students28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE
  6. 6. 28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE
  7. 7. Our value proposition to Members I We are a source of independent, cost effective and timely information and news about solutions, products and services. We give individual members a stronger voice with IBM and other vendors, by jointly expressing their requests and demands. Specifically we offer; – A technical requirements channel direct to the IBM labs. – “Matters of concern”, a process taken extremely seriously by IBM senior management. – Opportunities to engage in formal and informal contact with IBM Executives, Senior Technologists and Technical Staff. We are a platform for contact with peer companies – This provides members’ staff a “sounding board” through informal contact with peers in other companies.28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE
  8. 8. Our value proposition to Members II Our members’ staff gain opportunities for personal development; – Contact with the vendors labs – Technical skills development – Networking opportunities Our members can learn from the experience of other members, avoiding the pitfalls often inherent in today’s complex world. We offer value for money education supplementary to that obtainable through other channels. 15% discount on the enrolment fee IBM Conferences and Training Courses28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE
  9. 9. Our value proposition to IBM I We provide IBM access to a consolidated group of like-minded customers (our membership) across the whole of Europe. With this group we provide unique opportunities for – Organised feedback on product requirements – Consolidated demands and concerns – Providing a sounding board for new ideas – Personal networking between IBM and member staff at both a technical and management level – Experience exchange28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE
  10. 10. Our value proposition to IBM II We provide a cost effective and consolidated channel for marketing information, providing direct access to engaged, existing customers. We provide access to genuine user experience to complement IBM events. We offer the ability to gain synergy through joint events for both Education and Information exchange. We are, if used correctly, an excellent tool to gain and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE
  11. 11. Next Steps launch initial working group session (date, location, time) – appoint WG chair (must be member of GSE) – define scope of WG – define next topics, which are of interest for the members of the WG – IBM define WG liaison – define next meeting with topics28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE
  12. 12. Thank you for your interest!Austria: Region Manager DI Rudolf Bauer ( Technical Coordinator DI Hannes Proyer ( http://www.gse.or.atEurope: GUIDE SHARE EUROPE Zugerstrasse 47, P.O. Box 2223 CH - 6330 Cham 2, Switzerland Tel: +41 41 748 70 20 Fax: +41 41 748 70 35 Email: http://www.gse.org28/09/2011 GUIDE SHARE EUROPE