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Job Description


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after sales manager - ppt cover letter

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Job Description

  1. 1. Gianluca Sciuto After sales branch manager - Job description - Catania, 10.11.2008 Filename/RPS Number
  2. 2. A brief presentation… Name: Gianluca Sciuto D.o.b. and place: 27th of July 1975, Catania - Italy I started working for Maia - a Caterpillar dealer - in February  2001, 2 months after graduating in Mechanical Engineering. I began working as a parts coordinator and in 2004 I was promoted to the after sales manager of the Catania branch which serves all of Eastern Sicily. Working for a multinational company like Caterpillar, has given me the opportunity to have 360° experience of many aspects. As a result of managing 40 people, my job involves human resources, budget planning, warranty, service and parts management, as well as technical and commercial matters. I personally deal with our major clients. I have attended several training courses and masters, at Maia’s headquarters in Rome and at Caterpillar’s EAME headquarters in Malaga and Geneva. Filename/RPS Number
  3. 3. Tools and training sessions … Malaga demonstration and learning center (Spain), 2002  Master: Business tools for the service manager Length: 3 months, full time Skills acquired: - Service management; - Service forecasting; - Warranty management; - Warranty forecasting; - The role of the service manager as a leader. Filename/RPS Number
  4. 4. Tools and training sessions … Maia SpA Headquarters in Rome, 2003  Training session: The role of the product support branch manager as the CSA coordinator Length: 1 week, full time Skills acquired: - The core business of machinery industry: the product support; - How to boost the average gross profit using product support; - The loyalty of the revenues as a way to do business; - CSA (customer service agreement): an ever lasting partnership; - The closed price repairs: not a gamble but a business; - How to deal with customers, to make them understand you’re working to increase their business as a private consultant. Filename/RPS Number
  5. 5. Tools and training sessions … Maia SpA Headquarters in Rome, 2004  Training session: The role of the product support branch manager as the CSA coordinator (Integrated solutions) Length: 1 week, full time Skills acquired: - A 360° partnership with customers; - An integrated solution for every needs; - Machinery + Cat Financial + Product support program + Extended warranty= INTEGRATED SOLUTION; - The CSA (customer service agreement) evolution; - PLS (planned lubricants sampling) to predict failures; - The 2020 vision. Filename/RPS Number
  6. 6. Tools and training sessions … Malaga demonstration and learning center (Spain), 2005  Training session: Applied failure analisys Length: 2 weeks, full time Skills acquired: - Understanding the root cause of failures; - How to predict failures; - Different types of structural breakages on mechanical components; - Time engineered components. Filename/RPS Number
  7. 7. Tools and training sessions … Caterpillar Headquarters Geneva, 2007*  Master: Caterpillar University Campus, Sales management Length: 3 years, two days per week via web Skills acquired in the first module: - The relationship between salesman and client; - The right machinery for every job (tools selecting criteria); - The CSAs (customer service agreements) power of loyalty; - The WIN/WIN solution (customer satisfaction=supplier business). *(work in progress) The 2007 is the starting date, it will finish in 2009. It consists of three modules, one per year. Every module you gain a diploma after the final exam. Filename/RPS Number
  8. 8. Organization chart Filename/RPS Number
  9. 9. An overview of when I started working as the after sales manager (2004)* WIP**= 1.9 (45 days between the last movement and  the invoice); Revenue hours= 51% of total  REDO (Repeted works)> 6%  *= as a spare parts manager the starting date is 2001. **= is the acroymn of work in progress which is an index that measures the time from the beginning of a work order to the invoice. Filename/RPS Number
  10. 10. Where we are now WIP= 1.2 (10 days between the last movement and the invoice);  Revenue hours= 78% of the total  REDO (Repeted works)< 2%  Labour hours turnover: +35% (+13% gp)  Spare parts turnover: +50% (+5.5 % gp)  Filename/RPS Number
  11. 11. Skills – How to monitor and measure service and parts subdealers’ capability and how to take action to develop their aftermarket business One of my tasks is to analyse the subdealers’ network way of operating, using some of the following tools: Know the market and the territory;  Know the machinery average age and the customers;  Six sigma approach as a way to measure the performance and to correct  mistakes; Know the level of knowledge of the people you have to work with;  Integrity and loyalty: respect of the company rules for being an  authorized subdealer; Contamination control standards for repairs.  As a final result….  Forecasting and preparing budgets (in a dynamic way – three reviews per year). Filename/RPS Number
  12. 12. Skills – How to monitor and increase spare parts business Another fundamental part of my job is to improve the sales of the spare parts, through the following tools: Knowing the market capability;  Knowing our competitors (genuine and not genuine spare parts sellers  and brokers); Training the salesmen to help them learn;  Motivating them;  Using a six sigma method as a way of control the sales funnel;  Applying marketing focused actions.   Forecasting and preparing budgets (in a dynamic way) Filename/RPS Number
  13. 13. Skills – Increase the performance of the product support team The last aspect of my job is to boost the technicians’ repair capacity: Understanding the correct needs of the market;  Recognising the technicians’ needs;  Making the correct tools’ inventory;  Coordinating training courses (a technical point of view);  Coordinating training courses (a behavioural point of view);  Collecting feedback from the field.   An excellent repair means: - money for warranty and + satisfaction for the revenues (=loyalty) Filename/RPS Number
  14. 14. At the end of this presentation, I would like to highlight that I love my job. Working as an after sales manager means completely understanding how everything works together and, at the same time, trying to develop solutions that make every job easier. My job also taught me that technical and commercial matters have to work simultaneously together. I have decided to send this presentation as your job description seems to be an excellent opportunity to develop my skills in a larger scenario. In few words, it’s an excellent way for me to grow in the field I like. In these years I have learnt a lot of things and I know I will continue to learn more and more in the years to come. Above all, I learn things quickly and problem solving is a game I like to play. If you’re searching for a manager whose determination, humility and integrity are his main qualities, you have found the right man. Of course it’s a challenge for you to bet on the unknown. And it’s also a challenge for me. But I’m sure that with passion it will lead to a WIN/WIN ending! Filename/RPS Number