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GSB - Global Solutions for Business Presents


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GSB presentation: IT services that offers Global Solutions for Business

Published in: Technology
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GSB - Global Solutions for Business Presents

  2. 2. GSB Technology Can we help you? • Do you need a website to promote your business? • Do you want to outsource your development with the same quality but saving costs? • Do you want a mobile application integrated with your website? • Do you need to absorb development peaks work? • Do you need to sell more? • Do you want to work with remote teams? • Do you need help with state of the art technology? • Do you want to improve efficiency in your IT projects? • Do you have problems with your website maintenance? • Are you thinking in innovation? If any of these questions is yes, next slide, please. 
  3. 3. GSB Technology Clients and Projects DEPARTMENTS OF TECHNOLOGY: PHARMACEUTICALS AND EDITORIALS: Outsourcing, Consulting java, .NET, PHP,… Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL,… Joomla, Wordpress,… Chemical Structures databases (Jchem, CambridgeSoft, MDL), scientific content(products, toxicology, gene, biomarkers, etc.), publication processes, etc. Clients: Thomson Reuters, HONDA SOME PROJECTS: Clients: Thomson Institute, Esteve, FairView SOME PROJECTS: Reuters, American Thomson Reuters: E-Commerce for science magazines and News. Outsourcing Thomson Reuters: Scientific information portal to provide knowledge to drug researches HONDA: Site to manage claims, sale of spare and order management of their sales channels. Esteve: CME (Continue Medical Education). E-learning Prous Institute: Scientific information database to feed drug prediction models Prous Heart,
  4. 4. GSB Technology Clients and Projects LEISURE, TOURISM AND EVENTS: MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION: Promotion activities, tour packages, social networks, calendars, online sales. Product catalog, communication and medical training, e-learning, product Clients: Creative Rural, MSC Cruceros, MilHouse, Plataforma 10 Clients: Léxic, Thomson Reuters, Coca-Cola, HONDA SOME PROJECTS: SOME PROJECTS: Creative Rural: Portal for rural tourism Coca-Cola: Alert service for the CocaCola blog Hostel Milhouse: Site to book hostels Lexic: CME (Continue Medical Education). E-Learning HONDA: Corporate site Others: Specific Professional Services, insurances, applications and management tools for Humans Resources, etc..
  5. 5. GSB Technology Technology (Software Development) is one of our pillars. We help companies to improve their business and technological efficiency developing the right software using state of the art technology for their current needs TYPE OF PROJECTS • Customized Web projects with the main technologies in the market. • Outsourcing, developments on site, off-shore developments (remote). • Applications E-Commerce or B2B, portals, intranets / extranets, E-learning, CMS, etc.. • Corporate Mobile Apps, GPS positioning, games, marketing, E-Commerce, etc.. • Maintenance and support of applications. • Interconnect Social Networks with the corporate portals . • Graphic design, corporate branding.
  6. 6. FINALLY, ABOUT US GSB is a multinational company founded in 2007 by engineers with more than ten years of experience in the market. With offices in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, is dedicated to software development, social media management, training and coaching to improve business and people efficiency. GSB is a customer-oriented company, "we understand your needs and offer the solution that best fits in each case" becoming as a partner. GSB offers global solutions for companies, highlighting web development, custom software, IT consulting, mobile applications, outsourcing and innovation processes. Our aim is improve the efficiency of the companies. Currently, GSB solutions are running in Argentina, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Brazil and Canada.
  7. 7. CONTACT If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact with us Email: Phone: +34 93 178 5999 We will attend to your needs and give you the solution that best suits you
  8. 8. See you!!