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Smart devices


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How to pick a smart device that is right for you

Published in: Technology
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Smart devices

  1. 1. Smart DevicesHow to figure out what you need
  2. 2. First Step --What do you want to do? Read books Watch movies Play music Make phone calls Check emails Surf the web
  3. 3. Next --How do you want to connect? WiFi – uses an existing Internet connection to access the Web. This can be a public connection such as Starbucks, McDonalds, library, etc. or can be a private connection in your home. 3G/4G – a cell connection built-in to the device, requires a data plan through a cell provider. This gives you access to the Internet from anywhere you can get a cell signal.
  4. 4. Task eReader Color Tablet Smart Netbook Music eReader Phone PlayerBooks/Mags *Music *Movies *Games *eMailFaceboookInternetPhone *Video Calls * * Dependent upon the model selected
  5. 5. Features eReader Color Tablet Smart Netbook Music eReader Phone PlayerPortability ! !! !!! ! !!! !Price $ $$ $$$ $ $$ $*Ease of Use ? ?? ??? ??? ??? ?? Portability ! up to 4” !! 4” to 10” !!! 10” and up Price $ up to $149 $$ $150 - $300 $$$ $300 and up Ease of Use ? Out of the box ready ?? Up & running quickly ??? Will take time and training * Dependent upon the model selected
  6. 6. eReaders• Kindles and Nooks are the most poplular• Great for reading books and great for reading in sunlight• The Kindle & Nook Simple Touch require an add-on light to read in a dark, the Paperwhite & Simple Tough with GlowLight are backlit – so no external light is required.• When selecting one look to see which one has the most types of books you enjoy.• Check with your library, do they support eReaders? If so, you may want to select one they will allow you to check books out with.
  7. 7. Color  Color allows readers toeReaders display magazines  Look to see which one has the types of magazines youAmazon Kindles are interested in  If apps are important to youBarnes and Noble Nooks look to see what is available  These have screens similar to cell phones, so glare will be a problem outdoors  They are backlit, so reading in a dark room is easy without an external light
  8. 8. TabletsKindle Fire HDNook TabletSamsung GalaxyApple iPad
  9. 9. Smart Phone Apple iPhone 4S/5S Motorola Droid Razr/Razr Maxx/HD Samsung Galaxy 3S Nokia Lumina Many others • Different operating systems have different apps – iOS for Apple, Droid for Samsung/Motorola/LG, Windows for Nokia • Most can be configured as a WiFi hotspot and can be used to connect other devices to the Internet
  10. 10. NetbooksAcerGoogle ChromebooksDellHP
  11. 11. Music Player Generic players Apple iPod Nano/Touch/Shuffle Music players come in many sizes and shapes – with different functionality.• Look at size (for portability)• Look at connectivity (for downloading music)• Look at apps (for other uses)
  12. 12. Review What do you want to use the device for? What other types of devices to you already own? What do friends & family own that you want to communicate or share information with? How much help will you need? Is it readily available? Questions?????