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5S Iyanah Civilization


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Published in: Spiritual, News & Politics
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5S Iyanah Civilization

  2. 2. Stable Food SupplyThis picture is showing wheat fields in America which is one example of the stable food supply inAmerica.
  3. 3. TechnologyThe back of a computer shows the advanced technology in America.
  4. 4. TechnologyBytes and Bits : when you type on the computer, the computer translates your words into thislanguage; it is the computers language
  5. 5. The Arts The ArtsThe different instruments and symbols above show that music is a big part of life in presentday and that in America (and in other parts of the world) most people play some kind ofinstrument.
  6. 6. The ArtsThis is a very detailed painting by Jackson Pollak-the celebrated American abstract painter.
  7. 7. Government and the Arts GovernmentThis picture of the Jefferson Memorial, shows another example of the arts in America. It alsoshows government. This detailed memorial is by an American architect for tourism and tocelebrate Jefferson.
  8. 8. Government and the Arts GovernmentThis is a picture of the White House. The president, currently Barack Obama, lives here. This isnot only his home but where he has meetings and makes important decisions. It is a symbol ofour government and a sign of great architecture.
  9. 9. GovernmentThese government offices are responsible for thesmooth functioning of the US government.
  10. 10. Social StructureAmerican society is made up of the 3 classes shown above.
  11. 11. Written LanguageThese books are written in English-one of the most commonly spoken languages in America-byan American author.
  12. 12. ReligionAbrahamic religions Bábism Baháí Faith ChristianityOther groups Gnosticism Islam JudaismRastafari movement Mandaeans and Sabians Samaritanism Unitarian Universalism2 Indian religionsAyyavazhi Bhakti Movement Buddhism Din-i-Ilahi Hinduism Jainism Sikhism
  13. 13. ReligionIranian religions Manichaeism Mazdakism Mithraism Yazdânism ZoroastrianismEast Asian religions Confucianism Shinto TaoismOther5 African diasporic religions
  14. 14. Religion Indigenous traditional religions African American Eurasian Oceania/Pacific Cargo cults 7 Historical Polytheism Ancient Near Eastern Indo-European Hellenistic 8 Mysticism and Occult Esotericism and mysticism Occult and magic 9 Neopaganism Syncretic EthnicThe religions and pictures on the last 3 slides are religions from around the world. It shows thatAmerica is full of people of different cultures, religions and that they come from many places.
  15. 15. How America is a Civilization By: Iyanah Vemuri 5S