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Luca 5L Civilization

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Luca 5L Civilization

  1. 1. America
  2. 2. America
  3. 3. Technology This is the newest us tank. They are called M1A1. The nickname for them are “Abram”. They intend to build prototypes of a high-tech M1A3 Abrams by 2014 and new vehicles by 2017.The plane in these pictures is air vehicle number 1, a prototypeon board the USS Washington for catapult fit checks. Not yetmade public, the F/A-37 is a Mach 3.5, super cruise stealthfighter/bomber/interceptor with a 4000nm range. Top speed isclassified, some where in the Mach 4 plus range. Awesome!Also, there is no phase interval for this plane. It has a 10,000hour life airframe and engines that require replacement only atfailure or signs of trouble. The squadrons are to be out ofWhidbey Island, 12 planes to a command.Here are some shotsof Northrops Air Vehicle #1 for the Navys new F/A-37. Thisprototype was flown on board the USS Harry S. Truman forcatapult fit checks.The F/A-37A supposedly is a Mach 3.5,super cruise stealth fighter/bomber/interceptor with a 1000nmcombat radius. Top speed is classified, but probablysomewhere in the Mach 4 plus range. Also, it is said that thereis no phase interval for this aircraft. It has a 10,000 hour lifeairframe and engines that require replacement only at failure orsigns of trouble. F/A-37A Air Groups are to be based out ofWhidbey Island and Norfolk with 12 planes to a squadron; foursquadrons to a Group.
  4. 4. Government He is the president of the United States of America. He is the head of our government. He was elected to be president by the people.The swat and police enforce the law to who is breaking it.They work with government and the law because the government makes the law.
  5. 5. Stable Food Supply places like farms, markets, and refrigerator are stable food supplies, because you canstore food to save it for a storm. The picture with the chicken is in a farm. They feed thechickens food so they get fatter so they cantake them and chop them up so they can eatthem. The farm are usually connected to the store kind of because the farm sells things like eggs, meat, and other things.
  6. 6. ArtsThe Mona Lisa is very great piece of art. I went to see it in France. Picazo made this piece of art.
  7. 7. Written Language The declaration of independence is a very important document for the united states ofamerica. It is the independence of our country.
  8. 8. Religion & BeliefsPraying is a big part in religion.There a lot of religion from all of the country.