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5s Lucy civilin

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5s Lucy civilin

  1. 1. United States of America
  2. 2. Stable Food SupplyThe Piggly Wiggly, asupermarket, providespeople with a stable foodsupply. This is one of manyplaces and ways to getfood. Piggly Wiggly supermarket
  3. 3. Stable Food SupplyWe have so muchfood and enough timeto make our mealslook as nice as wewant. We even haveenough food to makemore than 3 meals aday!
  4. 4. Social StructureThese people make alot of money with whatthey do or did. Theymight even live in abig house.
  5. 5. Social StructureSome people don’tmake as much moneybut more than enoughto support their family.Their houses areusually average size.
  6. 6. Social StructureThese people canusually hardly pay forthemselves. Somedon’t even havehomes.
  7. 7. GovernmentThis is our president.He signs bills into lawand is commanderand chief of thearmed forces. Barack Obama
  8. 8. GovernmentThis is the WhiteHouse. This is werethe President lives. White House
  9. 9. ReligionIn the U.S. we havemany religionsbecause people fromall around the worldlive here.
  10. 10. The ArtsThis building is calledthe GuggenheimMuseum. It is an artmuseum with greatarchitecture. Theentire thing is almost1 big floor. There areno stairs just one bigramp!
  11. 11. The ArtsThis Elvis Presley.Some people call him“the king”. He was afamous musician andwas in some moviestoo.
  12. 12. The ArtsThese pictures are allBroadway shows. Broadwayis one of the best theaterindustries.
  13. 13. TechnologyThis invention is theipad 2. You can playgames, watchmovies, listen tomusic, video chat, getdirections, takepictures and so muchmore.
  14. 14. TechnologyThis is the Xbox 360. Itwas created byMicrosoft. The Xbox hasan add on called Kinect.The Kinect allows youto be more activebecause you are thecontroller. Now you cancontrol the Xbox bycontroller, movement, and voice.
  15. 15. Written LanguageThere are lots ofdifferent kinds oflanguages in the US.The US is a meltingpot which meanspeople from all overthe world come andread and write indifferent languages.