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5M Tyler Civilization

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5M Tyler Civilization

  1. 1. United States of AmericaUnited States of America
  2. 2. Government This is the White House! The White House is where the President lives! The White House is very important to us because it has a lot of history in it of all the other presidents.
  3. 3. Government Barack Obama is the current President of the United States. He is also called our Commander In Chief. He makes important decisions and laws for our country! The President works with the Senate and House of Representatives to run our country.
  4. 4. Technology Technology is very important to us because not only does it make things fun it also helps us learn about things. This is an xbox. An xbox is a video game system and this is to show you that even kids use all sorts of technology!
  5. 5. Technology This is a rocket ship. A Rocket ship is a plane that goes into space! People called astronauts go in them. They go up into space to gather information about the planets or the moon.
  6. 6. Stable Food Supply Today farming is still an important part of our food supply. Like ancient Sumer we still have to grow things. Its just now of days we have more advanced machinery.
  7. 7. Stable Food Supply This is Kings grocery store. It is where you by food or drinks. Unlike in ancient Sumer we don’t have to look for food.
  8. 8. Religion  This is a church. A church is a place where christian people pray to their god.  Some people go every Sunday some don’t really go at all and most people go on holidays like Christmas or Easter.  There are many different religions and people celebrate them in many different ways.
  9. 9. Social Structure  This is a football stadium.  It took lots of people to build this.  People go to football stadiums to have fun and see a good sporting event.
  10. 10. Social Structure This is a suburban neighborhood. Neighborhoods are a bunch of people who live In the same area. Neighborhoods take a long time to build. Everybody lives in a neighborhood.
  11. 11. The Arts This is a guitar. A guitar is used to play music. It makes a really cool sound. A lot of people play the guitar!
  12. 12. The Arts This is the Mary Poppins theater in New York City! Theater is a way of the arts in many ways. It entertains people, there is music and acting, and instruments!
  13. 13.  These are newspapers, magazines,Writing and computers.  We can write on all of them. We type a lot of things now where in ancient Sumer they did not even have anything like computers. Newspapers tell us the news in the world. Magazines tell gossip about famous people or they could tell you about sports or even good recipes! Computers is all writing. You have to TYPE on the computer. Almost everything you do on the computer involves typing.