5M Catelyn civilization


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5M Catelyn civilization

  1. 1. Yes!These arethereasonswhy……..
  2. 2. Government
  3. 3. The USA doesn’t have amonarchy, but we do havepresidents. Currently, ourpresident is Barack HusseinObama II who was born onAugust 4, 1961 in Honolulu,Hawaii. Obama is agraduate of ColumbiaUniversity.
  4. 4. The White House is the officialworkplace of the president of theUnited States. Located at 1600Pennsylvania Avenue NW inWashington, D.C., the house wasdesigned by James Hoban, andbuilt between 1792 and 1800. Ithas been the workspace of everyU.S. president since John Adams(2nd president).
  5. 5. 1 George Washington, 2 John Adams, 3Thomas Jefferson, 4 James Madison, 5James Monroe, 6 John Quincy Adams, 7Andrew Jackson, 8 Martin Van Buren, 9William H Harrison, 10 John Tyler, 11 JamesK Polk, 12 Zachary Taylor, 13 Millard List ofFillmore,14 Franklin Pierce, 15 JamesBuchanan, 16 Abraham Lincoln, 17 AndrewJohnson, 18 Ulysses S Grant, 19 RutherfordB Hayes, 20 James A Garfield, 21 Chester A. presidentsArthur, 22 Grover Cleveland, 23 BenjaminHarrison, 24 Grover Cleveland, 25 WilliamMcKinley, 26 Theodore Roosevelt, 27 WilliamH. Taft, 28 Woodrow Wilson, 29 Warren G.Harding, 30 Calvin Coolidge, 31 HerbertHoover, 32 Franklin D Roosevelt, 33 Harry S.Truman, 34 Dwight D Eisenhower, 35 John FKennedy, 36 Lyndon B Johnson, 37Richard N. Nixon, 38 Gerald R Ford, 39James E Carter, 40 Ronald W. Reagan, 41George Herbert W. Bush, 42 Bill Clinton, 43George Walker Bush 44. Barack H. Obama
  6. 6. Religion
  7. 7. This is a pie chart showing the different religions inthe USA. Most Americans are Christians (mostlyProtestant and Catholic). When asked, about 5.2%said they did not know, or refused to reply.
  8. 8. This map shows the religious beliefs for adults inthe USA. Many Americans say that religion playsa very important role in their lives.
  9. 9. Protestant, Catholic and Other Jewish BuddhistChristians Muslim Hindu Symbols of Most Common Religions in
  10. 10. Stable FoodSupply
  11. 11. We can always dependon the local super marketfor our everyday food.A long time ago we didnot have a stable foodsupply in the USA, butwe do now!It is a lot easier now forpeople because youwould have to farmeveryday. Now, anaverage person goes tothe super market aboutevery week.
  12. 12. Before:This is the first plowthat was invented. Itis so small that ithardly plowed anyland. It was verytiring walking up anddown everyday for along time.
  13. 13. After:Today, wehave biggerplows thatplow moreland and whenyou steerthem, you sitand do notwalk.
  14. 14. SocialStructure
  15. 15. Rich People: This is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who sadly passed away last year. He made major changes to the way we communicate and he accomplished a lot. Steve made a lot of money off of his inventions.
  16. 16. Middle Class This is an image ofPeople: a office worker. Office workers are usually considered middle class people who are paid average salaries.
  17. 17. Poor People: People who are poor usually don’t have a job or are paid very little salary. These people are homeless, hungry, thirsty, and have very little clothes.
  18. 18. Writing
  19. 19. Before:This is one of the first thingspeople used to write with. It iscalled the quill pen. It was firstestablished in America in1810. The ink was not storedin the quill pen and needed tobe dipped into a bottle of ink. Ifyou made a mistake, asmudge, or it leaked, therewas no eraser. You would haveto start all over again.Sometimes, the ink would leakor drip.
  20. 20. After:Today, the pen is not aquill and it stores theliquid (ink) inside.Also, the pen now has acap on it, so the ink won’tleak or drip. Some penshave erasers like pencilsdo, but that is notcommon. The first penwas invented in 1884.
  21. 21. Also today, we usee-mailing andtexting tocommunicate withfriends, family, etc.Instead of usingpens and pencils,we use keypadsthat have thealphabet on it so we can typeanythingwe want with no paper involved.
  22. 22. Highly Developed Way of Life
  23. 23. This is an iPad. Ithas the latesttechnology for acomputer. Manypeople in Americause iPads andother advancedcomputers.
  24. 24. This is the MetLifeStadium, the home baseof the NY Giants and theNY Jets (football teams).The stadium has a lot ofthe latest technology likehigh definition TVmonitors and it featuresmore HD (high definition)square footage than anyother building in the USA!
  25. 25. America’s NASA(NationalAeronautics andSpaceAdministration) hasone of the mostcomplicated andadvanced spaceshuttle programs.Their rocket engineis the mostcomplex ever built.
  26. 26. Technology
  27. 27. The first telephone was Today, you can do a lotinvented in the USA by more with a phone than justAlexander Graham Bell in talk to someone and there1876. It was the first way to are more ways tocommunicate instead of communicate. Also, somewriting are now portable.letters or traveling.
  28. 28. Transportation makes it easierand quicker for people totravel. America has one of themost complex transportationsystems in the world.
  29. 29. By:CatelynWoelfle 5M