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5l Sophia Civilization

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5l Sophia Civilization

  1. 1. Characteristics of all civilizations By: Sophia Stil
  2. 2. Technology Technology has been around for many years. We use technology many times a day for many reasons. We use computers, iPads, iPods, cell phones
  3. 3. Food supply We have created a much easier way to keep our food supply stable, you don’t have hunt or even trade items for farmer’s food. We have made super markets! Food for us is as easy as picking it out.
  4. 4. Food Supply Where do super markets get the food, you might ask? Well, large scale farming and factory manufacturing sell it to them Then we buy the food to enjoy at home
  5. 5. Food Supply Not only is food easy to get, it’s also easy to store We can easily store it without it going bad We have fridges!
  6. 6. Social Structure We have levels of people in the USA Upper class-rich people with expensive homes Middle class-less rich, but livable Lower class-poor people
  7. 7. Social Structure Have you ever heard of 1st or 2nd class in trains or planes, it’s like the same thing 2nd class is cheaper and less luxurious, Middle class people buy 2ndclass 1st class is more expensive and you get more pampered Upper class people get 1st class
  8. 8. Religion America has many religions Some are Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.
  9. 9. Communication Communication is very important to the citizens of America so people can express their feelings to others People communicate in many ways, they talk write, text, e-mail, and even call You don’t even have to be able hear we have sign language too!
  10. 10. Government This is a democratic country that means all people can vote for the government officials The government officials are the ones who choose and reinforce the laws We have a president, currently Barrack Obama (The Flag of America)
  11. 11. Highly developed way of Life There’s living, and then there’s living in luxury Citizens of America are very developed we not only want to survive but live in luxury We have made architecture that goes beyond the limits, we have sent people to space, we have highly developed technology, we are … USA