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5L Olivia S. civilization


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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5L Olivia S. civilization

  1. 1. United States asa civilizationBy Olivia Showell
  2. 2. GOVERNMENTThe United States is a democracy. Thismeans that we do not have a king, queenor dictator ; we have a president who isvoted for by the citizens of our nation.Our president is Barack Obama.
  3. 3. RELIGIOUS SYSTEM In our country, we are free to practice most religions, unlike other countries where people may go to jail or even be killed for their beliefs. People in the United States are Christian, Jewish, and Hindu or one of many other religions
  4. 4. STABLE FOOD SUPPLYWe have farms, ranches andagricultural cooperativesthat make our food supplystable. The food producedoften goes to grocery storeswhere we then buy from thegreat variety offered.
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY We have many forms of technology both simple and complicated; from a windmill to an ipad. Technology helps us greatly in everyday life. For example, if you were doing this project and there was no such thing as a computer or powerpoint we would have to write everything by hand on a poster.
  6. 6. HIGHLY DEVELOPED WAY OF LIFEHighly developed way of life isreflected in our culturalactivities. Examples aresinging, acting, painting, andarchitecture. We have manyplaces that house the arts, suchas Broadway, museums andconcert halls. These things canhelp us tell people how we feel.
  7. 7. SOCIAL STRUCTURE We have a variety of citizens with various education levels and backgrounds. Job skills range from physical labor to management and ownership of businesses. These job structures include income levels from poverty to billionaires. Most Americans are somewhere in the middle.
  8. 8. HIGHLY DEVELOPED WRITTEN LANGUAGEEnglish is a very complexlanguage to learn and towrite. Our language is partlya Germanic language andpartly derived from theRomance languages. Ourwritten system is so Isn’t this font cool?advanced that we even havedifferent fonts to print ourlanguage in. We have aformal language and slang.
  9. 9. THE END