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5l Jack civilization

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5l Jack civilization

  1. 1. AMERICABy Jack Rosenfeld
  2. 2. Technology• America’s Technology has jumped forward in the past 100 years• We made it possible to travel to the moon and back• We made the first nuclear powered submarine• We made the first planes
  3. 3. Stable Food Supply• Civilizations need a stable food supply• America has lots of farms, and other food so we are safe• We keep on coming up with new ideas to help our food grow like the tractor
  4. 4. Social Structure• Civilizations need different jobs and levels• There will be people at the top with jobs like doctors, or lawyers• Then there will be people in the middle with jobs like bankers, or inventors• Then the last rank ( also the poorest) have no jobs and not enough money to feed themselves =(
  5. 5. Government• Every country has to have a Government• We have a President as our leader• We have an elected Congress made up of the House of Representatives and Senate• Some countries like England still have kings and queens!!!
  6. 6. Religion• In America we have many religions like Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu• We build churches or temples based on our religion• People have freedom of religion to practice any faith
  7. 7. Arts and Writing• Americans like to draw, paint, sculpt clay, write and listen to music.• We have many museums and concert halls.• There are many famous American writers and musicians.• There are many free libraries to borrow books from