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Summer powerpoint


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This is my powerpoint.

Published in: Sports, Self Improvement
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Summer powerpoint

  1. 1. WHY IS MYFAVORITE SEASON?By: Grace Sanders
  2. 2. Starting whenI wasyoung, summer was alwaysfun. My sisterand I wouldplay in our tinypool or withour sprinkler.
  3. 3. When we gotbored ofbeinghome, mymom wouldtake us toourgrandmas.She lives onHeart Lakeand we lovegoing toswim andmakesandcastles.
  4. 4. Also at thelake fishingbecame oneof myhobbiesduringsummer. Iwould gowith my dadthemost, andsometimeswith mysister
  5. 5. As a little kid Ihad a lot ofenergy, somy motherliked gettingmy sister andI out of thehouse. Sowhen it wasnice out wewould go tolots ofparades andactivities.
  6. 6. Also, likeevery child, Ilearned howto ride abike, I live ona very busyroad so Ididn’t get achance toride bikesmuch. So itwas specialto actuallyget my bikeout and ridearound.
  7. 7. Everysummer mymom’s sideof the familycomes upand that wasa big part ofmy childhoodand still is. Ilove seeingmy family.
  8. 8. As my twosisters and Igrew olderwe lookedfor newthings to do.Campingbecame ourhobby andwasespeciallyfun with ourwhole groupof family andfriends.
  9. 9. Starting acouple yearsago boatingwith friendsmadesummer forsure myfavoriteseason.Going toBurt Lakeand downthe riverswas a blast.
  10. 10. Anotherfactor in whysummer ismy favoriteare parties!When it iswarm andthe days lastlonger it isperfect forhavingparties withfriends.
  11. 11. Lastly, myfinal reasonis Alpenfest;during thesummer afternot seeingeveryone forso longAlpenfest isthe bestplace tomeet.