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Nuclear arms race ashiq


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Published in: Technology
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Nuclear arms race ashiq

  1. 1. The Nuclear Arm Race { By Ashiq Al Islam Grade:- 9
  2. 2. Who was the 1st country to use nuclearweapons? The United States became the first country in the world to use nuclear V2-ROCKET weapons. They 1st bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. These bombs had been dropped by planes but later they realized that Rockets were cheaper, faster and more difficult to destroy in the air so they used rockets as a means of delivering the weapon to its target. During world war II US set out producing nuclear missiles. V-2 rockets were used against Britain at the end of the war but most of the rockets did not hit it’s accurate target so the main problem was developing a missile that was accurate. The more the V-2 rocket had to travel, the more inaccurate it became.
  3. 3. The US development  The US main enemy was the Soviet Union so they need H-BOMB/hydrogen bomb missiles that could travel long distances.  The US spended most of their time developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that could be more accurate after the war.  Finally in 1952 the US made their first H-bomb that provided large explosion with smaller, lighter warheads. These bombs much more accurate than the V2- rocket.
  4. 4. Weight had always been a problem so the US developed the Atlas missile by1957 that could travel 6,000miles and land within a mile of its target. Truck transporting Atlas missile to a specific location
  5. 5. The final missile The problem with the Atlas missile was that it took over an hour to prepare for firing. By the end of the 1950s the A Minuteman missile United States overcame this problem by developing the Minuteman missile. This missile stored its fuel in its own engines. It was now possible to fire a missile in thirty seconds. These missiles were also fairly small (54 feet long and 10 feet in diameter) and could be stored in silos under the ground, protected from an enemy attack.
  6. 6. Development of Polaris submarineand it’s advantage.United States developed Polaris submarines Polaris submarine launches a missilewhich could carry nuclear missiles. Protectedby the sea, these submarines could move closeto the Soviet Union and therefore increase themissiles accuracy which was a great advantage. A Polaris submarine
  7. 7. The Soviet union  The Soviet union was very worried by the developments of the US.  They were the 1st to explode the atomic weapon in 1949 but still they were far behind in nuclear technology.  They made large missiles that could travel long distance but these missiles were inaccurate and their size made them difficult to conceal so it was useless. An Atom bomb
  8. 8. Soviet union gets moreworried The Soviet union became more worried when President John F. Kennedy announced a program to build nuclear shelters. The Soviet union was more worried when Kennedy told a journalist that in some circumstances the US might start a nuclear war. Soviet Union needed to find a way to make the United States vulnerable to a nuclear attack. A underground Nuclear shelter>>>>>
  9. 9. Situation between the twocountries  In the 1950s the Soviet Union had been producing medium-range ballistic missiles and intermediate-range ballistic missiles to support troops if a war broke out in Europe.  The Soviet union needed a nuclear base and also they did not have an ally.  The US radar network could detect anything or any missile passing the border.  If the US attack’s the Soviet with nuclear weapon than the Soviets will also attack back which will cause both countries to suffer, so the US decides not to attack the Soviet first.
  10. 10. Submarine launches bomb with high accuracy
  11. 11. >>>Anyone attacks other both dies<<<The US Soviet Union
  12. 12. >>>THE END<<<