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Great service is good business


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This edition: Great service IS good business

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Great service is good business

  1. 1. Great Service IS Good BusinessIn highly competitive times it makes sense that good service is goodbusiness. Even though customers are not particularly loyal, providinggreat service consistently and over a long period of time makes it all themore difficult for your competitors to attract your customers away fromyou.While your customers will try out the competition, if they do not receive ahigher and consistent standard of service than your organisation provides,then your customers will come back and be less inclined to try out thecompetition again. Implicitly your customers will trust you (just as you, inturn, trust your staff). It is however, good practice to maintain a healthytension about your customers trying out the competition. The day thatyou either think that you don’t have any competition, or the day that youstop providing good service on a consistent basis, is the day that yourorganisation will start to decline.No job is secure. But great, consistent service increases the security ofevery job, every department and every organisation. Great service ISgood business! Copyright Gary Ryan 2012Quote from a research participantGreat service actually feels good. It feels good for me, it feels good for thepeople I’m serving and it keeps the business humming along. To me, goodservice just makes sense. Organisations That Matter® ©Copyright Organisations That Matter®. All Rights Reserved. Level 8, 350 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Phone: +61 3 8676 0637 Fax: +61 3 8601 1180 Web: Email: