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Do you need help to quit smoking?

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  1. 1. Find Out How You Can Quit Smoking Quickly, Easily & Permanently!How To Successfully Quit Smoking Page 1
  2. 2. IntroductionIts been said that trying to quit smoking is harder to do then nearly any otheraddictive drug, and unless youve been a heavy smoker for many years andhave tried to kick the habit, this may seem like a bit of a reach. In reality, it is extremely hard to quit and if youve been a heavy smoker for most of your life, it may even feel like the most challenging process you ever go through. In most cases those trying to quit will be unsuccessful for the first few tries, in fact, for many it has taken up to 20 different attempts before theywere finally able to eliminate smoking from their lives for good.But heres the thing: Even if you have been a heavy smoker for most of yourlife, you CAN quit smoking. What it requires however is a reprogramming ofthe way your mind works, and how certain triggers cause you to light up morefrequently.For many smokers, the hardest part when it comes to quitting is in breakingthe actual habits that are part of every smoker’s lifestyle.The habit of lighting up after a full meal, early morning smoking, or smokingwhen drinking coffee.These are all "triggers" and in order to stand the best chance at quitting, youwill first need to temporarily eliminate all of the triggers that prompt you to lightup.How To Successfully Quit Smoking Page 2
  3. 3. Motivation To GoIf you are on the verge of attempting to quit but havent been able to make thatfinal move to quit, consider the many different reasons why a smoke freelifestyle is not only healthier but will ultimately extend your life span.The average cigarette contains over 4,500 different chemicals, with at least 50of those chemicals known to be associated with cancer causing agents. Someof the chemicals contained in the cigarettes you aresmoking include:Nicotine, deadly and the main reason you are addicted tosmoking.Arsenic, used in rat poisonMethane, an actual component in rocket fuel!Cadmium, used in batteriesAmmonia, used in harsh and powerful floor cleaners and disinfectantsFormaldehyde, used to preserve including a component found in embalmingfluidButane, used in lighter fluidAnd Hydrogen Cyanide, used in gas chambers.These chemicals are damaging your organs with every cigarette you smoke,and over time once these chemicals have been consistently introduced in yourblood stream and lungs, the damage can end up irreversible.However, if you take action to quit smoking now, theres less risk of cancersand causing serious damage that can NOT be healed, than if you continue toHow To Successfully Quit Smoking Page 3
  4. 4. smoke for many years to come.If you are preparing to quit, here is a bit of motivation to keep in mind: Just after 20 minutes from the time you put out your last cigarette, yourblood pressure and pulse rate drop back to normal. Within 30 minutes youroverall body temperature also drops back to normal. Just 24 hours after your last cigarette (thats just ONE full day) yourchances of having a heart attack are greatly reduced. Within 7 hours after your last cigarette the carbon monoxide levels in yourbody decrease while your oxygen levels increase to normal levels. 48 hours after your last cigarette and your ability and sense of taste andsmall will greater increase. 72 hours after your last cigarette and your overall breathing will begin tonormalize while your lungs are able to hold more oxygen (this alone is aMAJOR improvement in the quality of lives for many smokers) And between 30 days to one year your lungs will be close to fully restored,as the cilia is regenerated allowing your body to clean the toxins andchemicals that exist from smoking.Your Path To SuccessIf youve tried to quit before, the first step in being able to avoid the samemistakes and pitfalls that led you back to smoking is to evaluate the reasonswhy you failed with your previous attempts.  Do you understand what your triggers are?How To Successfully Quit Smoking Page 4
  5. 5.  Did you avoid these triggers with your past attempts to quit?  Are you around smokers?  Did you create a smoke free environment in your home and surroundings? (as much as possible)  Did you throw out all of your smoking paraphernalia?When us smokers want to quit, we do. The bottom line is that for many of uswe like the idea of quitting but we just arent ready to make the commitment toactually kick the habit. We hold onto our lighters, we consciously remainattached to our triggers and for some of us, we even keep a "spare pack"around, just in case.But if you are genuinely ready to quit, there are things that you can do to giveyourself the best chance of never returning to the habit.Here are the top methods used to quit smoking:Create Your Support GroupQuitting smoking is a difficult task, but nowhere near impossible especially ifyou have a support group pushing you along every step of the way. A supportgroup or team can consist of your partner, family, friends or a local supportteam.Quit Smoking support unit that will not only provideencouragement but more importantly force you to makemore conscious decisions in regards to your overallprogress.How To Successfully Quit Smoking Page 5
  6. 6. Being held accountable will make it easier for you to stay on track then if youattempt to do it on your own.Talk To Your Family DoctorThere are numerous smoking aids available on the market, including nicotinepatches, gum, sprays and even prescription medication including Zyban.Having these quit-smoking aids will increase your chances at being able toquit by decreasing the cravings and helping you ease into a non-smokinglifestyle.Toss Out All Smoking ParaphernaliaGet rid of ashtrays, lighters, matches, and of course cigarettes!You are making a major change in your life and by eliminating any reminderthat you were a smoker will help you avoid weak spells that kick you offcourse.By eliminating these things you are also making a solid decision to quit,because you will never need these items again.Avoid Your Triggers At All CostsThis is by far, the most important step. You need to determine what yourtriggers are so that you can avoid them. Triggers will be different for eachsmoker.Personally, I had to avoid drinking coffee during the period of time when IHow To Successfully Quit Smoking Page 6
  7. 7. initially quit because I associated coffee with cigarettes. For other people, itsspecific foods, locations, places and situations including stepping out for acigarette with that family friend, or even drinking alcohol.So determine what your triggers are and avoid them during the first fewmonths especially. If you have friends or family members that smoke, askthem not to smoke in front of you or around you. The smell of a cigarette willbecome one of your strongest triggers for quite some time so you want toavoid it as much as possible.Focus On A Healthier YouSince you are quitting smoking, consider other areas of your life that you canimprove. Working out, maintaining a healthy body weight and joining a gymcan serve as great new hobbies (anddistractions) while keeping you motivatedand focused on a healthier, happierlifestyle.If you begin to take care of your body onthe outside, you will be far more consciousof what you do to your body on the inside by not wanting to inhale that harmfulsmoke again.Crunchy Snacks To Curb CravingsNot only will eating healthy foods improve your diet and weight but its beenproven that snacking on veggies like carrot sticks and celery can actuallyHow To Successfully Quit Smoking Page 7
  8. 8. reduce your nicotine cravings.You may also want to try other crunchy vegetables and snacks for whencravings are at their highest.Tip: Some people find that licorice sticks help reduce cravings throughout theday as does chewing gum.Final ThoughtsIt will take a couple of weeks before the cravings subside and during the initialprocess you may experience slight dizziness, weakness and in some casesmild depression.These symptoms are natural as your body has developed a dependency onthe chemicals contained within cigarettes and if you stick it through, thesefeelings and withdraw symptoms will subside relatively quickly.If you can get through the first two weeks you will be well on your way towardsbecoming a nonsmoker for the rest of your life!I wish you the absolute best of success in your new healthier and happierlifestyle! Highly Recommended Resource …How To Successfully Quit Smoking Page 8
  9. 9. Kick The Habit For Good In Just 38 Minutes & 13 Seconds ...Guaranteed! http://www.quit-smoking-expert.comHow To Successfully Quit Smoking Page 9