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Hilton case study

  1. 1. Εργαστήριο διαφήμισης και δημοσίων σχζσεωνΤμήμα Επικοινωνίας Μέσων και Πολιτισμού Πάντειο Πανεπιστήμιο Μάθημα: Social Media και επιχειρηματικότητα
  2. 2. "How a company effectively used twitter for business” Travel – TourismCase study: Hilton Hotels
  3. 3.  international hotel chain which includes many luxury hotels and resorts as well as select service hotels one of the most popular and successful hotel chains As of 2010, there are now over 530 Hilton branded hotels in 78 countries across six continents. The chains marketing focuses on business as well as leisure travel
  4. 4. company + Twitter Direct contact with the costumers Easy way to make reservations Competitions / prizes Shows offers for specific locations
  5. 5. o Advertises continuously the hotels in various countrieso Makes special offers on restaurants and services + promotes date- specific competition and offers (mothers day, valentines day etc)o Direct communication with the customers in case of a problemo Quick access to the link of Hilton’s company site (you can send a message for reservations or ask questions)o Maps and pictures of the hotels
  6. 6. Goals of twitter campaignIncrease chain publicityAdvertise specific hotel locationQuick and easy access, just press followBetter promotion of offers and competitionsThrough presentation of local hotels, the visitor will click on the main company site linkThrough direct diffusion the company, aims at attracting bigger audience without additional cost or effort.
  7. 7. The resultsThe company has gained:A huge numbers of tweets and retweetsplus 33.879 followers
  8. 8. The style of postsMost of the twitter posts are simple, friendlyand easy to understand, in order to make agood impression and attract people’s interest
  9. 9. Case StudyHilton Hotels applied their own strategy on how toserve their costumers better. So they groupedthem into categories according to their individualneeds.That way, their needs arebetter satisfied while newideas are being promoted
  10. 10. Grouping Criteria Geographical: local preferences, geographic location demographic: individual characteristics, age, sex, income Buyer behavior: reason for travel (business or pleasure), loyalty to specific hotels Psychographic: a combination of demographic and behavioral criteria that answers to why the clients prefer the Hilton hotels
  11. 11. Hilton Hotels managed to come closer withtheir costumers and offer to them differentservices depending on their needs, whileexpanding their target group.
  12. 12. Lakki Village, Αμοργός how the hotel could use twitter to promote:o Frequent tweets with offers/ packageso Info on the hotel rooms and offered serviceso Fast diffusion through tweet και retweeto direct reservation messageso maps / photoso Easy access to the main site
  13. 13. this way the company can achieve:higher traffic than the original siteBetter promotionMore direct diffusion of informationDirect and continuous communication with potential clients
  14. 14. 4biddenΑλεξιάδου Δάφνθ @DaphneAlex2Αλιβιηάτου Αλεξάνδρα @ΑΑlivizatouΤςοφφθ Χριςτιάνα @ChristiannaTs
  15. 15. TeachersΓιαννακζασ ΓιώργοσΔοξαράσ ΙωάννθσΝεκτάριοσ ΣυλιγαρδάκθσΛιδα Τςενζ- ςυντονίςτριαΜπζτυ Τςαγκαρζςτου υπεφκυνθ εργαςτθρίου