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Presentación empleada por Itziar Álvarez - Grupo SSI en el AAL Forum 2018 Biscay, celebrado del 24 al 26 de septiembre de 2018 en Bilbao.


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Itziar Álvarez - Grupo SSI participó como ponente en el Workshop 20 “Co-creating IoT Ecosystems for Active and Healthy Ageing”. En este taller, coordinado por Paolo Ciampolini (Universidad de Parma, Italia) y Pilar Sala (MySphera, España), se abordonaron experiencias y oportunidades del Internet de las Cosas en diferentes contextos. Itziar ofreció su punto de vista como entidad prestadora de cuidados, y para ello presentó a través de dos posibles escenarios las necesidades de las personas mayores y cómo la tecnología podría ayudarlas.

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Presentación empleada por Itziar Álvarez - Grupo SSI en el AAL Forum 2018 Biscay, celebrado del 24 al 26 de septiembre de 2018 en Bilbao.

  1. 1. Co-creating IoT Ecosystems for Active and Healthy Ageing AAL-FORUM 2018, Bilbao, Wednesday, September 26th AAL-JP: AAL-2015-2-115 H2020: IOT-LSP #732679 Itziar Álvarez-Lombardía | R+D+I Manager | Grupo SSI
  2. 2. • Cooperative group created in Bilbao in 1986 • Integrated by non-profit organisations, formed by nearly 500 female workers • Committed to the social needs of the elderly and their families in the Basque Country • With 4 departments: • Social services offered to over 2.200 beneficiaries in 17 municipalities • Home Care Lab, R&D unit, created in 2011, with a living lab (ENoLL), 21 projects, strategic line the technological based social and health assistance Grupo SSI Social intervention Innovation Training Employment @grupo_ssi
  3. 3. Demand of health & social services Basque Country Global population ≥65 years old 2.2. M 21,7% in 2017 (INE, 2017) 29,2% in 2031 (INE, 2017) 80% at least one chronic disease (Encuesta de Salud de la Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco, 2013) 48,3% limitations in the IADL (Informe Anual del Sistema Nacional de Salud, 2016) 74,5% of old women lives alone (Gobierno Vasco, 2018) Sustainability?
  4. 4. User case 1 Who I am? • Edurne • 75 years old • Living alone • Rheumatoid arthritis • Cognitively preserved • Still independent but some difficulties with IADL • Two sons, but they live far • Feeling of lonely
  5. 5. User case 1 What I need? • Support with IADL (supply of daily products, heavy cleanings & repairs) • Strength social network How can technology help me? • Provide information • Increase contact with her sons • Expand social network • Activate agents in her community • Prevent dependency
  6. 6. User case 2 Who am I? • Ignacio • 81 years old • Living alone • Diabetes & heart failure • Cognitively preserved • Limited mobility • Two daughters
  7. 7. User case 2 What I need? ‒ Empowerment ‒ Coordinated professionals ‒ Home centred care ‒ Prevention of complications and detection of new or progressive symptoms How can technology help me? ‒ Accessible educational and self-care material ‒ Shared information & remote communication ‒ Providing multiple channels for access to the systems, e-prescription ‒ Gathering health and social data with alerts and warnings
  8. 8. Basque Country Thank you! Eskerrik asko!