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Presentación empleada por Inma Uzkudun- Grupo SSI en el AAL Forum 2018 Biscay, celebrado del 24 al 26 de septiembre de 2018 en Bilbao


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Inma participó como ponente en el Workshop 12 “Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments and the Role of caregivers in the deployment of ICT-based approaches”. En este taller, coordinado por Willeke van Staalduinen co-fundadora de AFEdemy y Gil Goncalves Director Científico de INOVA+ y presentado por Javier Ganzarain co-fundador de AFEdemy, se abordó el papel que tienen los cuidadores familiares en la implementación de tecnologías para permitir una vida independiente y mantener una vida activa.

Inma ofreció su punto de vista como entidad prestadora de cuidados, y para ello presentó el contexto sociodemográfico del País Vasco y el perfil de los usuarios actualmente en el servicio de atención a domicilio, mostrando las nuevas necesidades de las personas usuarias y de las personas cuidadoras (familia y profesionales). Además se habló de las distintas estrategias llevadas a cabo en los últimos años por el Sistema de Salud y el Sistema Social, así como la estrategia de digitalización de Grupo SSI para poder dar respuesta a las nuevas necesidades de estas personas usuarias, necesidades que requieren de un atención conjunta por parte del sistema de salud y el sistema social. Finalmente se aportó una visión de futuro por parte de Grupo SSI en referencia a la temática tratada.

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Presentación empleada por Inma Uzkudun- Grupo SSI en el AAL Forum 2018 Biscay, celebrado del 24 al 26 de septiembre de 2018 en Bilbao

  1. 1. AAL Forum 2018 | Workshop 12 25th September | 16:00–17:30 Inma Uzkudun | Grupo SSI Knowledge Transfer Manager
  2. 2. Grupo SSI • Cooperative group created in Bilbao in 1986 • Integrated by non-profit organisations, formed by nearly 500 female workers • Commited to the social needs of the elderly & their families in the Basque Country. • Social services offered to over 2.200 beneficiaries in 17 municipalities • HomeCare Lab, R&D Unit , created in 2011, 21 projects, Living Lab (ENoLL), strategic line Technological Based Social and Health Assistance
  3. 3. Context of the silver market from our point of view • 70% of the Health Public spending goes to Chronicity • 86% of the Social Public spending goes to maintain the Dependency System GLOBAL POPULATION ≥ 65 YEARS OLD 2,2 M 21,7% in 2017 (INE ,2017) 29,2% in 2031 (INE, 2017) 80% at least one Chronic disease (Encuesta de salud en la Comunidad Autónoma Vasca, 2013) 48,3% limitation with the IADL (Informe anual del Sistema Vasco de Salud,206) 74,5% of old women lives alone (Gobierno Vasco, 2018) DEMAND OF HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES SUSTAINABILITY ?
  4. 4. Profile of the silver market from our point of view HOME CARE SERVICE OBJECTIVES • Preventive care and treatment nature • People with dependency situation or at risk of dependency • Stay at home and integration into the community END USERS PROFILE CLOSE CARERS PROFILE PROFESSIONAL CARERS PROFILE Women (81%) Women/wives/ 80+ Women 80+ Women/daughters/ average of 60 Average of 55 Chronic diseases Vocational Certificate Living alone (65%) Requires help for domestic and personal care Interdependence between Health&Social Care System
  5. 5. Needs of the silver market from our point of view • Care instead of cure – Integration and Continuity of care • Respect for their needs/preferences/habits • Promotion of health & prevention of diseases • Empowerment & autonomy • Basic clinical care at home • Social relationships (including with other patients), leisure activities, community • Information & advice on support products & technologies • Support for daily living activities • IT Trainning ELDERLY PERSON • Information • Training on how to care & how to care for themselves • Psychological support • Support networks • IT support CLOSE CARERS • Dialogue with other professionals • IT Specialization in the Advanced homecare professional education • IT Training and support PROFESSIONAL CARERS
  6. 6. What are health and social carers currently doing in this sense HEALTH SYSTEM- CHRONICITY STRATEGY (2010- today) • Focused on changing the healthcare provision model towards integrated care of chronicity. • 14 strategic projects : – Patient Population Risk stratification – Health prevention and Promotion – Self-care and Active Patient – Chronic Association – Single Electronic Medical Record- OSABIDE GLOBAL – Integrated Clinical Attention – Sub-Acute hospitals – Advance nursing roles – Health&Social collaboration- Sociosanitary Ecosystem – Multichannel Service Center- OSAREAN – E-prescription – Chronic Research Center- KRONIKGUNE – Research by Health Professionals SOCIAL CARE AND HEALTHCARE STRATEGY 2017-2020 • Focused on people with health and social care needs • Empowerment of the users • Home is the place for interventions • Specific actions and functional coordination between systems SOCIAL SYSTEM • 2011- betiON Teleassistance platform • 2014- OSABIDE to Nursing Homes
  7. 7. Implementation of new technologies to respond to the needs OUR DIGITALISATION STRATEGY • Management of daily work - DIGISAD • Digital devices and systems for collecting and using data for communicate and share information (data exchange) – “Move Data not the Users” • Ambient Assisted Living: support in the implementation of technology USERS • IT for care : ambient assisted living & e-health ,m-health • IT for communication • IT for communication • IT for information and reporting • IT for self-care CLOSE CARERS PROFESSIONAL CARERS • IT for management of homecare service • IT for communication • IT for information and reporting • Role of HomeCare workers in the deployment of technologies at home LOTS OF SMALL PILOTS, UNDER DESIGNED SYSTEMS, … SLOW PROGRESS NOW, WHAT TO DO ? Technology based health and social projects
  8. 8. Evolution or future views • Human factor + Technology • Change mindset of users & carers • Person centered care • More attention to designs • Co-desing • More research enabling local tailoring of system • Scale-up pilots • Collaboration with the Public administration • Not only Technology, also Service • Creation of Private market
  9. 9. Eskerrik asko! Thank you! ¡Gracias! Obrigado! Merci! Dank je wel! Danke!