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PlenaryAwards Presentation 2011.ppt


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Published in: Technology
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PlenaryAwards Presentation 2011.ppt

  1. 2. 2011 IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award Prof. Kamal Sarabandi from University of Michigan Ann Arbor , MI, USA “ For contributions to space-based microwave and millimeter polarimetric radar remote sensing of the Earth’s surface for civilian and military applications "
  2. 3. Prof. Adriano Camps from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Barcelona, Spain " For contributions to microwave remote sensing of land and sea surfaces " 2011 IEEE Fellow Award
  3. 4. 2011 IEEE Fellow Award Prof. Anthony Milne from University of New South Wales Sydney , Australia " For leadership in remote sensing applications "
  4. 5. 2011 IEEE Fellow Award Prof. Eric Pottier from University of Rennes 1 Rennes , France " For contributions to network theory and algorithms "
  5. 6. 2011 IEEE Fellow Award Dr. Paul Rosen from Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA, USA " For contributions to Earth and planetary radar remote sensing "
  6. 7. 2011 IEEE Fellow Award Dr. Masanobu Shimada from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Tsukuba Shi , Japan " For contributions to radar remote sensing technologies "
  7. 8. 2011 IEEE GRSS Distinguished Achievement Award Dr. Thomas Jackson from USDA Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory Baltimore , MD, USA " For significant contributions to the development of soil moisture remote sensing "
  8. 9. 2011 IEEE GRSS Outstanding Service Award Dr. Masanobu Shimada from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Tsukuba Shi , Japan "In recognition of his outstanding service for the benefit and advancement of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society"
  9. 10. 2011 IEEE GRSS Education Award Dr. Richard Bamler from German Aerospace Center Munich, Germany " In recognition of his significant educational contributions to Geoscience and Remote Sensing"