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How to introduce yourself in a business setting


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How to introduce yourself in a business setting

  1. 1. How to introduce yourself in a Business Setting
  2. 2. Introductions… Done well, they can set the right tone for business relationships
  3. 3. DO’s
  4. 4. Introduce yourself FIRST You establish control of the situation and demonstrate initiative and the ability to direct
  5. 5. State your name and something about yourself For example, “I’m John Smith from XYZ Motors” and not “I’m John”.
  6. 6. Introduce from the bottom up The “lesser authority” should be introduced to the “higher authority” by saying the latter’s name first.
  7. 7. Highlight the company or position A descriptive introduction puts the individuals at ease and establishes an opening for conversation
  8. 8. Always stand This goes for both men and women and for both business and social occasions.
  9. 9. DON’Ts
  10. 10. No honorifics Don’t introduce yourself as “Mr” or “Mrs”. Only use your name.
  11. 11. Don’t assume intimacy When you meet someone for the first time, call them by their title till invited to be on a first- name basis.
  12. 12. Never “meet” people Don’t say “I’d like you to meet…” The proper wording is “I’d like to introduce you to…”
  13. 13. Never respond in short Never just say “hi” or “hello”. Repeat the name of the person and add a courtesy statement like “How do you do?”
  14. 14. Never assume ladies first In the business world, gender has no bearing on order of introduction- it’s based on seniority and rank.
  15. 15. THANK YOU