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[#GHConf17] How 50 Dollars in Facebook Ads Can Drive Enormous Traffic to Your Best Content


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In this presentation, Larry Kim from Mobile Monkey (previously WordStream), talks about how 50 dollars in Facebook ads can drive enormous traffic to your best content.

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[#GHConf17] How 50 Dollars in Facebook Ads Can Drive Enormous Traffic to Your Best Content

  1. 1. How 50 Dollars in Facebook Ads Can Drive Enormous Traffic to Your Best Content Larry Kim, Mobile Monkey
  2. 2. MISSION TO MARS: How 50 Dollars in Facebook Ads Can Drive Enormous Traffic To Your Best Content @larrykim #GHCONF17@larrykim #GHCONF17
  4. 4. BRING HIM HOME @larrykim #GHCONF17
  5. 5. Mark Has Just 20 Minutes of Life Support! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  6. 6. Distance to Mars: 225 MILLION KM @larrykim #GHCONF17
  7. 7. Many Prior Efforts Haven’t Succeeded @larrykim #GHCONF17
  8. 8. Internet Marketing in 2017 & Beyond Kind of Feels Like … @larrykim #GHCONF17
  9. 9. @larrykim #GHCONF17
  10. 10. 3 Random facts about your flight director Over 100 Successful flights to Mars @larrykim #GHCONF17
  11. 11. Originally From Winnipeg @larrykim #GHCONF17
  12. 12. Actual Photos of Boston Last Year @larrykim #GHCONF17
  13. 13. Live in Harvard Square Cambridge, MA @larrykim #GHCONF17
  14. 14. WordStream’s Headquarters 2008 2017 @larrykim #GHCONF17
  15. 15. Started New Company, MobileMonkey Last Month! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  16. 16. 2. STUDIED ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FOR 5 YEARS Studied Electrical Engineering For 5 Years @larrykim #GHCONF17
  17. 17. Have a two-year old Kid (#ppckid)
  18. 18. How does Selling Stuff via Social Media REALLY Work ? @larrykim #GHCONF17
  19. 19. Things Are Super Competitive Now! Posts Rarely Get Seen Path to Purchase is Indirect & takes time! How Social Media Marketing Doesn’t (Usually) Work (Any More) STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Post Stuff To Social Media People See Your Posts People Buy Your Stuff @larrykim #GHCONF17
  20. 20. How to get way more leads and sales at MUCH less cost? (Ideally 10x Better not just 10% Better!) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  21. 21. New Unicorn Rocket Technology! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  22. 22. Big Ad Budgets Not Required! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  23. 23. Use social ads as a CATALYST to Get the ball Rolling @larrykim #GHCONF17
  24. 24. Or as an ACCELERANT to Make Bigger Explosions @larrykim #GHCONF17
  25. 25. 1 2 3 (a) Paid Social Ads Provide MOST SCALABLE Content Promotion CREATE Produce content & share on social AMPLIFY Selectively promote top content on social media TAG Build remarketing audience by tagging site visitors with a cookie START/GO (Earth) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  26. 26. 5 4 6 (b) Social Ads Turn Visitors into Leads & Customers Remarketing Remarket your audience with display & social ads and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads to promote offers FILTER Apply behavioral and demographic filters on audience CONVERT Capture qualified leads or sale END/REPEAT (Mars) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  27. 27. Larry’s Top 7 Paid Social Advertising Hacks for 2017 @larrykim #GHCONF17
  28. 28. Larry’s #7 Top Social Advertising Hack: Only Promote Unicorns on Facebook & Twitter Ads! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  29. 29. HIGHER POST ENGAGEMENT Higher Relevance Score HIGHER RELEVANCE SCORE More Impression Share and Lower Cost Per Engagement “Relevancy Score” in Facebook = = @larrykim #GHCONF17
  30. 30. “Quality Adjusted Bid” in Twitter HIGHER Relevance, Resonance, Recency = HIGHER Quality Adjusted Bid = MORE Ad Impressions at Lower Cost RESONANCE: Are consumers engaging your Tweet? Do they retweet, favorite, or reply? RELEVANCE: Is your Tweet related to things a user is interested in? RECENCY: Is your Tweet fresh? Fresher Tweets get higher priority. @larrykim #GHCONF17
  31. 31. Higher Engagement Rate = (Much) Lower Cost Per Engagement Engagement Rate Cost per engagement $.005 $.02 $.03 $.08 68% 7% 21% 37% $3.00 1% @larrykim #GHCONF17
  32. 32. 1% Increase in Post Engagement 5% Reduction in Cost Per Engagement! “Quality Adjusted Bid” in Twitter = @larrykim #GHCONF17
  33. 33. High QS (Great!) • High Ad Impression Share • Low Cost Per Engagement Get a High Quality Score! (Duh) High Post Engagement = High Quality Scores Low QS (Terrible!) • Low Ad Impression Share • High Cost Per Engagement @larrykim #GHCONF17
  34. 34. Promote Your BEST Stuff Instead (Unicorns: Your Top 1-2%) RETWEETS 1,488 FAVORITES 1,284 6:15AM – 7 Mar 2015 @larrykim #GHCONF17
  35. 35. Paid Social Ads ROI Analysis: 1500 Retweets & 100K Visitors for $250 @larrykim #GHCONF17
  36. 36. Just Say NO to Sending Donkeys into Space @larrykim #GHCONF17
  37. 37. How to ALWAYS Get High Quality Score Unicorns? @larrykim #GHCONF17
  38. 38. Larry’s #6 Social Ads Hack: Deep Space Radar @larrykim #GHCONF17
  39. 39. 7 Day Forecast: Sunny in Unicorn Land @larrykim #GHCONF17
  40. 40. #CMCa2z @larrykim Quality Assessment Should Be Based on Data Not Just Biased Views of Your Own Work Need Objective Way to Discern Unicorns vs. Non-Unicorns! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  41. 41. Larry’s Organic & Paid Social Network Sharing/Posting Pyramid Scheme 1. Lots of stuff (organically) to Twitter 2. Post Top stuff from Twitter, to LinkedIn & Facebook 3. Pay to Promote the Unicorns on Facebook & Twitter & LinkedIn! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  42. 42. How to Find High Engagement Posts? (Unicorns!) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  43. 43. #CMCa2z @larrykim Post Engagement Rates for 129 Facebook Status Updates for a Random Customer Unicorn Social Updates are +10x More Engaging Than Donkey Posts @larrykim #GHCONF17
  44. 44. #CMCa2z @larrykim A Small Number of Stories (10%) Generate Most of the Traffic (+60%) Typical Blog Traffic Distribution @larrykim #smmw17
  45. 45. #CMCa2z @larrykim The Top 10% of Offers Convert +5x Better Than Donkeys Search Conversion Rate Distribution Median: 2.35% Top 25%: 5.31% and Above Top 10%: 11.45% and Above SHAREOFALLACCOUNTS @larrykim #GHCONF17
  46. 46. #CMCa2z @larrykim Unicorn Content Power Law: Most of the Value Comes from a Fraction of the Content (duh) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  47. 47. #CMCa2z @larrykim Larry’s Law: The Future of Social Media Marketing is Increasingly Winner-Take-All. Time to Adjust Strategy! Traffic to the Top 10 Posts of the Month at Inc Magazine @larrykim #GHCONF17
  48. 48. #CMCa2z @larrykim Unicorn Social Post Creation Strategy @larrykim #GHCONF17
  49. 49. #CMCa2z @larrykim Make More Unicorns, Duh! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  50. 50. #CMCa2z @larrykim I’ve Written My Share of These Dumb Viral Article How-To’s… @larrykim #GHCONF17
  51. 51. #CMCa2z @larrykim They Focus on Content Attributes Rather Than Outcomes @larrykim #GHCONF17
  52. 52. #CMCa2z @larrykim They Make Arguments in Favor of Content Quality over Quantity or Long Form vs. Short Form @larrykim #GHCONF17
  53. 53. #CMCa2z @larrykim Content Quality vs. Quality Debate It’s a False Choice: You NEED the QUANTITY to *FIND* the QUALITY @larrykim #GHCONF17
  54. 54. #CMCa2z @larrykim Larry’s Social Media Marketing Truth Bomb: Unicorn Post Creation is More of a Numbers Game Than Most Marketers Want to Admit. @larrykim #GHCONF17
  55. 55. #CMCa2z @larrykim WordStream Blog Article Performance for Stories Published in 2016 I Worked Hard on All My Content Last Year But I Only Found 5 Unicorns Last Year. The Rest Were Donkeys! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  56. 56. #CMCa2z @larrykim Larry’s Theory: Success is More About Extracting Maximum Leverage From The Unicorns You Have @larrykim #GHCONF17
  57. 57. Larry’s #5 Top Content Promotion Hack: Sound The Unicorn Alert and Make Unicorn Babies @larrykim #GHCONF17
  58. 58. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #GHCONF17
  59. 59. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #GHCONF17
  60. 60. #CMCa2z @larrykim Social Media & Content Treadmill @larrykim #GHCONF17
  61. 61. #CMCa2z @larrykim Create Unicorn Babies @larrykim #GHCONF17
  62. 62. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #GHCONF17
  63. 63. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #GHCONF17
  64. 64. #CMCa2z @larrykim Unicorn Baby Generates Nearly 100k Views @larrykim #GHCONF17
  65. 65. #CMCa2z @larrykim Boost Your Unicorns With Social Media Ads & PPC Advertising @larrykim #GHCONF17
  66. 66. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #GHCONF17
  67. 67. #CMCa2z @larrykim Facebook Ads: High Relevance Score = Low Cost Per Click @larrykim #GHCONF17
  68. 68. #CMCa2z @larrykim Unicorn Infographicification™ & Videoification™ @larrykim #GHCONF17
  69. 69. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #GHCONF17
  70. 70. Test More Stuff Organically, Only Send Unicorns Into Space (Top 1-3%) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  71. 71. Paid Social Media Ads. Organic Social Media Marketing What’s The Biggest Difference?? @larrykim #GHCONF17
  72. 72. Key to Paid Social Media Ads: Be Picky! Cast a Narrow Net, Maximize Engagement Rates Within. @larrykim #GHCONF17
  73. 73. We’re Now in Orbit of Earth! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  74. 74. Very Few Marketing Efforts Make it This Far <2% @larrykim #smmw17
  75. 75. Larry’s #4 Social Ads Hack: Custom Audiences @larrykim #GHCONF17
  76. 76. New “Tailored Audiences” or “Custom Audiences” @larrykim #GHCONF17
  77. 77. People-Based Marketing is Like Email Marketing But Better Email Marketing Limit number of blasts to reduce unsubscribes .5-2% unsubscribes each blast People Need to opt into your list Tons of unqualified emails on the list People-Based Marketing Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed @larrykim #GHCONF17
  78. 78. Identity Marketing Using Custom Audiences in Social Ads Identity based marketing opens up a TON of new and exciting advertising use cases! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  79. 79. A True Story @larrykim #GHCONF17
  80. 80. Shared the Article on My Social Media @larrykim #GHCONF17
  81. 81. Promoted Post to My List of Influencers @larrykim #GHCONF17
  82. 82. Business Insider Asks To Publish Story @larrykim #GHCONF17
  83. 83. SEO Link Building Dance @larrykim #GHCONF17
  84. 84. Shared the Article on My Social Media @larrykim #GHCONF17
  85. 85. Go All-In With Unicorns! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  86. 86. Promoted Post to My List of Influencers @larrykim #GHCONF17
  87. 87. Fox News Producer Emails One Hour Later @larrykim #GHCONF17
  88. 88. @larrykim #GHCONF17
  89. 89. @larrykim #GHCONF17
  90. 90. Facebook Baby Hoodie ($25 value!) #ppckid @larrykim #GHCONF17
  91. 91. Custom Audience Social Ads ROI Analysis: • Live Interviews with Fox, BBC, etc. • 250 High Value Press Pickups + Links • Massive Brand Exposure • +100k Site Visitors • I’m a Columnist on Business Insider • Business Relationship /w Facebook • Facebook Baby Hoodie worth $25 Total Cost: $50 Total Time 10 minutes @larrykim #GHCONF17
  92. 92. Larry’s #3 Social Advertising Hack: Lunar Gravity Assist Hacking Reddit (etc.) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  93. 93. Large Gravitational Forces on Internet: @larrykim #GHCONF17
  94. 94. Over a Million Views & 9,012 Likes! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  95. 95. Arianna Huffington Shared the Story And Asked Me to Be a Columnist. @larrykim #GHCONF17
  96. 96. Ranked #8 Author on Medium! HOW?! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  97. 97. Over Half a Million Views per Month! HOW? @larrykim #GHCONF17
  98. 98. @larrykim #GHCONF17
  99. 99. 1564 Upvotes + Front Page + 500k Views! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  100. 100. We’re now Orbiting Mars! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  101. 101. Congratulations So Far… @larrykim #GHCONF17
  102. 102. @larrykim #GHCONF17 Hacking RankBrain & New Machine Language Enabled Algorithms for Awesome SEO Larry’s #2 Social Media Ads Hack: Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV)
  103. 103. Current & Future Google SEO Ranking Signals Current Google 1.Links 2.Keywords 3.…? Future Google 1.User Engagement Metrics (Click Through Rate & Bounce Rates) 2.Links 3.Keywords @larrykim #GHCONF17
  104. 104. What’s A Good Click Through Rate for Organic Search? (Spoiler Alert: It’s in Flux)OrganicSearchClickThroughRate High CTR Listings Floating To Top Positions Low CTR Listings Sinking To Bottom of Page @larrykim #GHCONF17
  105. 105. • More Clicks & Conversions • Better SEO Rankings • Even More Clicks & Conversions! So… Get Really High Organic CTRs & Conversion Rates! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  106. 106. Social Media Ads Builds Brand Recognition & Doubles Organic Search CTR & Conversion Rates! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  107. 107. Use Social Ads + PPC Search Ads on Google Using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads! (RLSA!) Larry’s #1 Social Media Ads Hack: Mars Gravitational Slingshot Home @larrykim #GHCONF17
  108. 108. Target search ads only to people who recently visited your site! REMARKETING LISTS FOR SEARCH ADS (RLSA) Users visit your site, get added to your remarketing list Show them customized ads when they search on Google! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  109. 109. The Power of SEARCH Remarketing Click Through Rates3X 1/3 2X Cost Per Click So What’s The Catch?? Conversion Rates! @larrykim #GHCONF17
  110. 110. The Problem with RLSA Solution: Use Social Ads to make the smaller circle 10-100x bigger for cheap! People unfamiliar with your brand People familiar with your brand RLSA only targets these usersRLSA Doesn’t Target These Users (By Definition) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  111. 111. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? @larrykim #GHCONF17
  112. 112. How Advertising REALLY Works STEP 1: Promote Inspirational / Memorable Content about Your Brand to your Target Market STEP 2: People See The Ad, But Don’t Necessarily Take Action Right Away. (But Become Biased) STEP 3: Later when the Need Arises, People either: Do a Branded Search for Your Stuff Do Un-Branded Search but Biased Towards Clicking & Buying From You. @larrykim #GHCONF17
  113. 113. Brand Affinity DRAMATICALLY Impacts CTR (+2-3x!) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  114. 114. Brand Affinity DRAMATICALLY Impacts CONVERSION RATES (+2-3x!) @larrykim #GHCONF17
  115. 115. Summary: Larry’s Top 7 Social Ad Hacks Unicorn Rockets: Only Launch Unicorns into Space w/ Social Ads. 7 Deep Space Radar: Advanced Unicorn Detection 6 Unicorn Alert: Sound the Alarm and Make Unicorn Babies!! 5 Earth Gravity Assist: Custom Audiences. 4 @larrykim #GHCONF17
  116. 116. Summary: Larry’s Top 10 Social Ad Hacks Lunar Gravity Assist: Hacking Reddit. 3 Mars Ascent Vehicle: Hacking Rankbrain 2 Mars Gravitational Slingshot Home: Combining Paid Search & Social Ads 1 @larrykim #GHCONF17
  117. 117. Thank you, Sean Ellis & Growth Hackers Team! @larrykim #GHCONF17
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