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Marketing Ideas for Generation Z by Growth Channel

This free marketing ideas set is prepared by Growth Channel for generation Z education. Create your personalized marketing plan on

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Marketing Ideas for Generation Z by Growth Channel

  1. 1. Growth Plan 1.01 Overview: Growth Marketing Ideas Growth Channel presents these growth marketing ideas to give you a quick overview of what your startup can do to help you with content engagement for GEN Z EDUCATION on the smallest budget. These tactics will help you establish your digital brand marketing to ensure you are getting high conversion rate and engagement rate for the Trigger phase of the customer journey. This report is built for the indicated target group of end consumers 18-21 years old interested in personal development and spirituality. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us via email: Trigger marketing ideas Considering your target audience are youngsters just out of high school, they aren’t usually joining many online forums, but ARE active on Reddit! It’s important not to start promoting your business right in the beginning, but to introduce yourself, who you are, what you are working on, what problems you’re solving and how. Make sure you provide value to the existing conversations by sharing educational content and participating in active discussions. If you just keep on sharing links, you might get marked as ‘spam’. Prepared for GEN Z EDUCATION Page of1 9
  2. 2. Growth Plan 1.01 r/selfimprovement r/getmotivated r/iwanttolearn r/lifeprotips r/productivity r/zenhabits r/selfhelp Join #hashtag conversations on Instagram, share funny/emotional content on SnapChat and TikTok. Similar to online communities, there are also a number of existing podcasts which always seek prominent guest speakers to join the conversation. Be that guest speaker! By positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry, your project will also be getting credibility and grow much faster. The Rise to the Top Back to Work Personal Growth Podcast Smart People Podcast The Good Life Project Daily Boost The School of Greatness The College Info Geek Tiny Leaps, Big Changes Adulthood Made Easy Content marketing should be one of your priorities to build a credible brand and acquire initial audience. This can be a poll, a social story, a GIF, podcast, infographic, or a video series. If you don’t know where to start, check out what other brands in your industry are creating. and where. “Light-hearted Twitter polls are a playful, low-hanging way to Prepared for GEN Z EDUCATION Page of2 9
  3. 3. Growth Plan 1.01 encourage engagement” “When marketing to Gen Z, consider how you can tap into your audience’s fear of missing out (FOMO). Stories are perhaps the best example, allowing brands to drive time-sensitive engagement and likewise become a constant fixture in their followers’ Instagram feed via Stories- based notifications. ” “Piggybacking on the need to produce interactive content, much of marketing to Gen Z revolves around tagging. For example: • Encouraging followers to share user-generated content (think: customer photos) coupled with your branded hashtag • Asking customers to tag their friends to bring new potential followers into your social feed For example, Disney Springs has a constant flood of customer photos to promote to their followers thanks to their slew of hashtags.” Brand taking bold stances is becoming more of an expectation rather than an exception to the rule. This boldness seems to correlate with Gen Z’s desire to be heard and express their beliefs.” Considering that roughly 65% of the generation sees value in coupons, discounts, and rewards programs (Institute of Business Management), consider adding that to your value proposition. Based on the keywords research and competitor analysis, start prepping your content around those topics. Here is an example Backlinks Report for https:// Prepared for GEN Z EDUCATION Page of3 9
  4. 4. Growth Plan 1.01 Referral traffic sources and destinations: You competition also has vast number of content pages on the website itself, which can drive good organic traffic: Example MindValley Programs Law of Attraction Articles And outside of the website: Prepared for GEN Z EDUCATION Page of4 9
  5. 5. Growth Plan 1.01 Not limited to your business website, consider contributing content to other well established business websites and blogs. This way you will get in front of the new audience (parents), broaden your reach and ‘trigger’ new potential customers. It will also have significant impact on your SEO ranking, as the mentions all be coming from high authority domains. Consider the following sites: Based on the competitor analysis, consider the following target keywords for your content: law of attraction manifestation twin flame how to love yourself healing stones instinct and intuition personal development community Prepared for GEN Z EDUCATION Page of5 9
  6. 6. Growth Plan 1.01 Not all the content has to be publicly available. You can keep a number of quizzes, games, personality tests and infographics under a lead form to capture subscribers for your business and build an email list for future lead nurturing activities. Partner with influencers. “Key stats on Gen Z consumer behavior highlight that influencers are the best way to reach younger customers versus any other marketing channels. Consider the following: • Gen Z is most likely to discover new products organically via Instagram. • Young consumers are more than twice as likely to follow influencers over brands on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. • Gen Z prefers to see marketing featuring “real people.” You can also consider other partners such as affiliates, bloggers, universities, and high schools. Check out the Partner page of your competitor for inspiration. Even when your end consumer might not feel confident in your product or service, you may want to approach other stakeholders within their decision journey: schools and parents. Check the content of your competition to approach this audience. Last but not least, involve your happy customers in your marketing activities. Incentivise them for helping you promote your product. That can be done by offering them discounts, gift cards or vouchers for other tools or products. Studies show that customers brought through referrals have a much higher conversion rate than those who come from outbound marketing. Offering them a tangible product will also increase participation (i.e. a best-seller book, access to a coach course or a Starbucks gift voucher). A few other important tactics Your competition is getting over 20% of their traffic from social media platforms. Consider getting more active on YouTube and Instagram to win over their customers. You can run a hashtag campaign to get more visibility for your top of the funnel traffic. To get noticed by early adopters, you need to be active on the new tech platforms. You can also run a launch campaign on platforms such as Product Hunt, Beta List and Beta Page. Make sure you prepare well in advance! Here are some good resources to guide you along the way: Prepared for GEN Z EDUCATION Page of6 9
  7. 7. Growth Plan 1.01 How I got 2,000 new subscribers from Product Hunt Checklist for Launching on Product Hunt Considering you are working on a small budget, you may still consider high converting low cost remarketing ads for the following segments: targeting competitor brand names targeting subscribers who have not paid targeting checkout page drop outs To get people trust your service and press that PAY button, you have to add more trust elements on your website. You can consider customer testimonials, press coverage, partner logos or embedded social media post featuring your app. This will give website visitors more credibility in your service. Example Case Studies and Educators on Prepared for GEN Z EDUCATION Page of7 9
  8. 8. Growth Plan 1.01 Make sure you’ve got your automated email workflow set up to constantly engage and follow up with your customers via email and share valuable content. Just don’t overdo it! Not many more than an email a week, otherwise users might unsubscribe or mark you as spam! Emails to consider: Welcome! Here’s a quick guide to get you started Your weekly progress Don’t forget to set your next milestone Have you tried a personality test yet? Ready templates to boost your productivity How to stay focused Mindfulness and productivity Share your achievements with the world Invite your friends. We’ll buy you a coffee Don’t forget to add your payment details We will miss you Your card is expiring soon In recent years it became popular to challenge friends on social media. A number of those campaigns went globally viral. Consider this as a part of your marketing. You can create a #30daychallenge or #mymilestones campaign to let your existing customers share their experience with the world and also drive more traffic and sales to your own app. Don’t limit yourself to a single product. To increase sales, you may want to extend your product line to either offer a (paid) productivity course, which can be done in cooperation with a coach, get affiliated with life hacking events or authors to offer their products and services to your clients while receiving commission. In return, make sure to also dive into their own audience to promote your own app and get more sales. To make your customers feel even more “special”, consider creating a closed club community on Facebook. To keep your users more engaged on the platform, set a leaderboard for top performers and involve gamification experience so they keep on coming back and are more motivated to not just tick a box, but also potentially earn more rewards. Of course, there is a security element, so you have to get users permission if they want to participate in your global leaderboard. Give users opportunity to get rewards by inviting friends. Have a custom referrer (tracking) link ready for each of your users. Having ready buttons to share link on social media, email template or copy it for web is a good start. Once a user reaches a milestone, prompt them to share their achievement with friends on social media. Especially Gen Z are always looking for recognition from their peers on social platforms, so you can make it easy for them. Prepared for GEN Z EDUCATION Page of8 9
  9. 9. Growth Plan 1.01 Few growth hacks to consider To help you along this journey, here are some cool tools you can employ: • Get free access (or huge discounts) to Pro plans for cloud hosting, email distribution software, marketing automation & other tools with Secret • Mailmeteor sends personalised bulk email with Gmail • will instantly transforms your content into a unique video, audio, stories & collections • ConverFlow’s free plan for your marketing automation and lead generation solution • Bonjoro for personalised video email marketing • Analisa to analyse profiles engagement on Instagram and TikTok • Octopush to run SMS marketing campaigns Get access to the best marketing resources in our Growth Library >> Thank you! Thanks for showing interest in Growth Channel and participating in our MVP! We very much appreciate your feedback. Let us know if you liked this stack of marketing ideas, if it was on par with your team’s plans by completing this short survey. We hope you enjoyed the read! Please help us spread the word about Growth Channel and our vision. You can share below link with your network, so they can also benefit from the free set of marketing ideas: If you want to take the next step and let Growth Channel prepare your full custom marketing plan, let us know! We charge only $99 as opposed to any consultant or a marketing agency. Your plan will include everything from persona mapping, content templates, distribution channels, email marketing workflow, referral program scope, target keywords, and reporting dashboard. Growth Channel solution is built on AI and machine learning technology, which allows us keep the price at a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested to learn more, simply send an email to Happy hacking 😃 Prepared for GEN Z EDUCATION Page of9 9