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Marketing Ideas for a Startup Accelerator by Growth Channel


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This free marketing ideas set is prepared by Growth Channel for a startup accelerator. Create your personalized marketing plan on

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Marketing Ideas for a Startup Accelerator by Growth Channel

  1. 1. Growth Plan 1.01 Overview: Growth Marketing Ideas Growth Channel presents these growth marketing ideas to give you a quick overview of what your investment firm can do to help you acquire new leads of business customers for YOUR ACCELERATOR on the monthly budget of $2 000 - $10 000. These tactics will help you establish your digital brand marketing to ensure you are getting high number of leads and event attendees with positive ROI, engagement rate and CTR for the Trigger and Consideration phases of the customer journey. This report is built for the indicated target group of female 18-50 years old residing in the United States of America, who are Self-employed or Freelance with a job title Entrepreneur, interested in live events, pets, reading, travel and programming. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us via email: Prepared for XYZ ACCELERATOR Page of1 7
  2. 2. Growth Plan 1.01 Trigger marketing ideas There are a number of female communities out there which you can join to kick off the conversation with your target audience. It’s important not to start promoting your business right in the beginning, but to introduce yourself, who you are, what you are working on, what problems you’re solving and how. Make sure you provide value to the existing conversations by sharing educational content and participating in active discussions. Office Hours threat on forums is good to consider. Top Digital Communities for Female Founders 20 largest communities for women entrepreneurs Women Make Elpha Women Tech Network Global Tech Women Austin Startups SaaS Founders and Execs Similar to online communities, there are also a number of existing podcasts which always seek prominent guest speakers to join the conversation. Be that guest speaker! By positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry, your investment firm will also be getting better credibility across your target audience and be able to attract more value leads. 25 Must-Listen Podcasts For The Woman Entrepreneur 10 Excellent Podcasts For Women Entrepreneurs Content marketing should be one of your priorities to attract organic leads which will also result in better engagement rate and high ROI. This can be a blog, a video series, infographics, Slideshare decks, PR, guest contributions or user generated content. If you don’t know where to start, check out what your competitors are writing about, and more importantly - which keywords are they getting most traffic from. Here are a few prominent content examples from Y Combinator. Prepared for XYZ ACCELERATOR Page of2 7
  3. 3. Growth Plan 1.01 Not limited to your business website, consider contributing content to other well established business websites and blogs. This way you will get in front of the new audience, broaden your reach and ‘trigger’ new potential customers. Consider the following sites: Not just as an investment firm, but also as a startup accelerator, it’s good to consider creating your own community with your target audience at its core. This way you will be able to drive awareness for your program, easily connect with prospects, increase your lead conversion rates, improve ROI, and improve listening sentiment for the target audience. Prepared for XYZ ACCELERATOR Page of3 7
  4. 4. Growth Plan 1.01 As a starting point, you can invite your initial users and let them invite their friends to the platform. You can then further promote the community across your marketing channels to grow the memberships. Your competition does that through Startup School forum and its external sub-communities on Facebook and Slack. As a part of user co- creation, another opportunity that your competition is utilising - offering the own website as a job board for their customers. While this tactic may not result directly in new leads for your business, it will boost your organic reach, thus improving your domain authority, further leading to more organic leads in the future. Consider creating lead magnets through landing pages which will prompt audience to leave their email address in order to access the materials. These should be educational resources that your target audience highly values. Few examples from Dan Martel: To get the best conversion results, you can run a lead generation ad on Facebook, optimised for conversions. This way, users will have to register to receive your ‘special offers’. Having this directly on Facebook will decrease the bounce rate and improve overall engagement of your social channels. To aid with organic results and widen the reach, consider other social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, Reddit, Discord and industry forums - India Hackers, Women Make and Elpha. You can also post it on Hacker News to get in front of your competitors’ followers. This is a more traditional way to approach lead generation. However you might also want to consider a similar approach to your competition - via Hacker News and Startup School where users must be registered in order to access (SUS) and post (HN) valuable content. This way you can quickly increase your leads inflow while keeping the costs low. Prepared for XYZ ACCELERATOR Page of4 7
  5. 5. Growth Plan 1.01 Consideration marketing ideas Add more trust elements on your website. This can increase your credibility and improve conversion rates. While your direct competition might not have best prominent examples, consider the rest of your industry spectrum to seek examples. For example Techstars website focuses primarily on startups, their testimonials, their stories, showcasing mentors, investors, corporations and life style at the accelerator. Co-promote your success stories on the blog, YouTube, Facebook & forums. This will increase the reach of your content, don’t limit it to just your website. Big part of the success stories will be the success and growth traction results of your startups. Further optimise your website for search engines. You are already being ranked as 94/100, but these critical optimisations can help you reach better CTR from organic search results: Optimize your meta title to include your focus keyword, being it “startup accelerator”, “female accelerator” or “startup investment firm”. Right now you are highly relying on traffic who already knows your brand. Optimize your heading tags. Limit your website to a single H1 and revisit H2 and H3 tags to identify what keywords you want to prioritise for search engines. It is recommended to include your focus keyword in H1 and at least one of the H2 tags. Optimize your site code to improve speed and site load time. Organic visibility is key to lower CPL, better conversion rates, ROI and CTR from search results. Your competition gets 100% of their traffic solely from non-paid traffic. Getting backlinks and being included in industry directories can further improve your SEO and referral traffic. For example, majority of your competitor traffic is being driven towards Hacker News, as users are promoting their own (user generated) posts across the web, thus improving the domain score of Y Combinator, and eventually - traffic to their site. Prepared for XYZ ACCELERATOR Page of5 7
  6. 6. Growth Plan 1.01 Below are the top backlinks from your competition: Some of the highest ranked listings to consider: The top 40 startup accelerators and incubators in North America in 2020 The Best Startup Accelerators 23 Startup Accelerators Around the U.S. You Need to Know About Find the best startup program among world's 440+ best startup accelerators, incubators and investors Conduct live AMA sessions where you can answer questions from prospects, leads and customers. This will increase your credibility and eventually lead to better conversion rates. You can also host a live threat discussion, asking your community to submit questions which will then be addressed in a live session. Here is a snapshot from your competition: Last but not least, run remarketing ads via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, emails and Google Ads. They tend to perform much better compared to prospecting ads. Here are a few segments for inspiration: retarget website visitors who spent more than 1 minute but did not sign up retarget competitor social media followers retarget industry keywords search (i.e. ‘y combinator’, ‘techstars’, ‘500startups’) retarget website visitors who visited application page but did finish applying retarget email addresses who receive communication from your competitors retarget competitor brand names Prepared for XYZ ACCELERATOR Page of6 7
  7. 7. Growth Plan 1.01 Few growth hacks to consider To help you along this journey, here are some cool tools you can employ: • Get free access (or huge discounts) to Pro plans for cloud hosting, email distribution software, marketing automation & other tools with Secret • Mailmeteor sends personalised bulk email with Gmail • will instantly transforms your content into a unique video, audio, stories & collections • ConverFlow’s free plan for your marketing automation and lead generation solution • Bonjoro for personalised video email marketing • Use PromoteHour to get PR coverage for the lowest rate Get access to the best marketing resources in our Growth Library >> Thank you! Thanks for showing interest in Growth Channel and participating in our MVP! We very much appreciate your feedback. Let us know if you liked this stack of marketing ideas, if it was on par with your team’s plans by completing this short survey. We hope you enjoyed the read! Please help us spread the word about Growth Channel and our vision. You can share below link with your network, so they can also benefit from the free set of marketing ideas: If you want to take the next step and let Growth Channel prepare your full custom marketing plan, let us know! We charge only $99 as opposed to any consultant or a marketing agency. Your plan will include everything from persona mapping, content templates, distribution channels, email marketing workflow, referral program scope, target keywords, and reporting dashboard. Growth Channel solution is built on AI and machine learning technology, which allows us keep the price at a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested to learn more, simply send an email to Happy hacking 😃 Prepared for XYZ ACCELERATOR Page of7 7