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Turn Insights into Action: Social Media, SEO, and Your Website


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Now more than ever associations and non-profit organizations look to online marketing efforts to reach their prospects and customers. This session will tap into the combined power of social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and website analytics. Use this super-power concept to learn more about your community, target marketing efforts in the right direction and advance your mission. Attendees will gain actionable guidance on how a comprehensive online strategy can grow engagement. Let’s find the lurkers, convert them to evangelists and promote brand ambassadors!

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Turn Insights into Action: Social Media, SEO, and Your Website

  1. 1. Turn Insights into Action:Social Media, SEO, &Your WebsiteBy John Foley, Jr.
  2. 2. First… THANK YOU!• For Being Here!• For Being Willing to Learn and Engage!• For Liking My Boston Accent!
  3. 3. Today’s Overview• Brief Introductions• The Marketing Landscape• Steps for Finding Social Media Success• Your Website: From a Static Brochure to a Sales Tool• SEO: Getting Found to Make Sales• Final Thoughts and Questions
  4. 4. Brief IntroductionsBRIEF INTRODUCTIONS
  5. 5. Intro: John Foley, Jr. I love• Grow Socially, Inc. Mar(H)keting! – Online Marketing/Social Media – Plan, Manage, Execute and Measure• interlinkONE – Enterprise Marketing Management Software – Plan, build, manage, execute and measure all marketing activities
  6. 6. Accolades• Jetsetter Status on FourSquare• Ranked #16 as a Top CMO on Twitter in 2012• 2nd runner up for this year’s B2B Twitterer of the Year Award for the B2B “Boss Tweet” Personality Category• One of the 50 most influential people in Sales Lead Management by SLMA in 2012
  7. 7. The BooksPrinters- Business Transformation Mailers, Fulfillment Providers - Business Transformation All Businesses - Untethered Communications
  8. 8. Keep Your Phone On!• Feel free to Tweet, Post, Update, Email, take notes, photos, and more! @JohnFoleyJr #HUGSF12
  9. 9. The Marketing LandscapeTHE MARKETING LANDSCAPE
  10. 10. Marketing Used to Be “Easier”!
  11. 11. Online Marketing Statistics One Billion Users on Facebook 400 Million Tweets Sent Per Day 72+ Hours of Video Uploaded every minute 170 million users 19 million users… and it’s addictive! 80 million users… and sold for $1 billion! 2 million searches per minute NOTE: As of July 2012: and
  12. 12. The Keys to Online Marketing: Inbound Marketing!“Inbound marketing isa marketing strategythat focuses onattracting prospectivecustomers by offeringuseful information.”
  13. 13. REMEMBER: WEBSITE IS HOME BASE! Integrating content creation, distribution, customer engagement, and measurement of your marketing efforts can increase campaign effectiveness.
  14. 14. Inbound Goal: Drive INQUIRIES!
  16. 16. How do you view Social Media?• Community• Conversation• Networking• Marketing• Relationships• Customer Service• Immediate Information• Platform
  17. 17. Optimize / Social Friendly Get Noticed eNewsletter Sign-Ups White Papers Offers Emails Polls Blogs Landing Pages Engage and Nurture Engage and Nurture Start with MKTG Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing PlanAction - Publish - Engage - Converse - Share - Product? Social Media - Blogging - Analytics - Service? Content Mgmt - SEO Asset?
  18. 18. Plan! Strategy before Tactics! Step 1: Describe the Business, Service, Solution Step 2: Business, Service, Solution Goal Step 3: Where Is the Audience Cyclically? Step 4: How Does the Audience Use Social Media? Step 5: The Keywords/Keyword List/Keyword Storyboard Step 6: How Will You Humanize the Brand Step 7: Content Resource and Distribution Strategy Step 8: How Will You Measure Success?
  19. 19. More than PR! Focus on Conversations• Twitter – Hashtags – Retweets – Twitter Chats• Facebook: – Questions/Polls – Invite Comments!• Higher Logic Member Community – Groups – Discussions• Blog
  20. 20. How to Measure Success?• How many – Downloads – eNewsletter Sign-Ups – Blog Comments – Questions – Shared Links – Re-Tweets – Followers – Site Traffic
  21. 21. Inbound and Outbound Marketing Work Together COMPANY WEBSITE Social Whitepapers, Media eBooks 3500 Downloads Visitors SEO eNewsletter Sign-UpsDM/Flyer 2000 Visitors Comments & Questions on CRM E-mail Blog 800 Links Visitors Info/Inquiries Other 100 Webinar Visitors Sign-Ups
  22. 22. Case Study How One Organization Found Success with Social MediaCASE STUDY: HOW ONEORGANIZATION FOUND SUCCESS
  23. 23. Train to End Stroke: Who Are They • Train to End Stroke is a fundraising division of the American Stroke Association/American Heart Association. • Their mission is to raise awareness and funds for the third leading killer in the US – stroke. •
  24. 24. Their Goal Improve recruiting efforts for their Half Marathon in HawaiiHesitations Transitions Solutions
  25. 25. Step 1: Analyze Current Efforts• What we discovered: – Previous Tactics: One-size fits all campaigns – Their social media presence was seriously lacking – They were not actively updating online content – Their target audience was active on major social networks
  26. 26. Our Solution• Develop a Social Media Strategy• Utilize Related Content and Repurpose Their Content for Online Promotions• Make Branding More Interactive• Invest in Social Media Advertising Opportunities to Target Specific Audience
  27. 27. Improved Graphics with Calls to Action
  28. 28. The Facebook Page (Before Timeline, of course)
  29. 29. The Facebook Page (Post-Timeline)
  30. 30. Generated Word-of-Mouth and REFERRALS
  31. 31. Targeted Advertisements
  32. 32. How Facebook Helped: Stats Metric Before After (as of 6/1/12) 783 8,009 Likes (2 pages combined) Recommendations 0 35 People committed 19 31 to the Hawaii Half Marathon 63% increase!!
  33. 33. Final Results• Received exposure to more than 250,000 NEW people on Facebook• Remarkable daily interactions due to increased engagement, fans and new page• Tons of new participants committed to raise well over $150,000! – They raised in excess of $20,000 in the first 2 months that they were actively on Facebook!
  34. 34. Next… Business Building Tips• LinkedIn• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube• Foursquare• Pinterest
  35. 35. LinkedIn Tip: Update your Status!
  36. 36. LinkedIn Tip: Complete Personal Profile • Industry & Location • Current Position • Past Positions • Education • Skills • Photos • Connections
  37. 37. LinkedIn: Company Page
  38. 38. Facebook: Complete Your Profile!• Utilize About Message, Photos, & More!
  39. 39. Facebook: Share Variety of Content Discounts / Themes Fan Showcase! Tips/Recaps
  40. 40. Facebook Advertisements Target Facebook Users to Reach Your Audience!
  41. 41. Twitter: Personal & Company Pages
  42. 42. Twitter: Advanced Search Feature Use the Search Feature to Monitor: • Events • Customers • Industry Hot Topics • Competitors • And more!
  43. 43. Find People with FollowerWonk
  44. 44. YouTube: Tips for Success• Feature variety of employees, mix up the tone• Experiment with different backdrops, scenes, etc.
  45. 45. Pinterest: Hype or Goal-Achiever? Visually tell the story of your brand!
  46. 46. Don’t Forget! Align Tactics with GoalsTactic Goal Key StepsFacebook Fan page Increase awareness of Post once a day; Custom services, generate leads Tab for demo registrationTwitter company page Become a thought Post multiple times leader, provide support daily; share marketing- related news; active listeningYouTube Profile Humanize brand; create Film weekly video of demand employee(s); create screencasts of customer successesPinterest Drive website traffic! Create boards to highlight portfolio work
  47. 47. Your Website: From a Static Brochure to a Sales ToolYOUR WEBSITE: FROM A STATICBROCHURE TO A SALES TOOL
  48. 48. Problems with Many Websites• They are not updated frequently enough.• The graphics, product & services listings, and text do not accurately reflect a brand’s mission statement.• They are not generating leads.
  49. 49. How To Improve Your Website• Let’s take a look at 5 ways that you can improve your website to reach business goals and objectives!
  50. 50. #1: Speak to Your Target Audience! Make a list of keywords – and use them! • What benefits your target audience? • What value do you bring?
  51. 51. #2: Review The Change Process• What is the Process for Making Changes & Adding Content?• Do you always need IT (in-house or outsourced) involvement?• If so, consider making a change – CMS, different host provider.
  52. 52. #3: Engagement/interactive Add Lead Generation Forms• How many leads does your website today?• If it’s not enough, embed more lead-generation forms!• Add calls-to- action to all pages!
  53. 53. #4: Create a Mobile Version• Do visitors have to tap, zoom, scroll?• Is there Flash?• How long is loading time?• Build a mobile website today!
  54. 54. #5: Responsive Web DesignFree White Paper on Responsive Web Design!
  55. 55. SEO:Getting Found to Make SalesSEO:GETTING FOUND TO MAKE SALES
  56. 56. What is Search Engine Optimization?• Getting found!• Using specified keywords• Consistently updating your content• Using links to and from other pages and websites
  57. 57. Keyword Usage• Build a well-researched list of keywords• Incorporate in your content: – Page Titles (H1, H2 tags) – Website copy – Meta description – Image Names (Alt tags)• Use throughout all content distribution
  58. 58. Content Rules!• Google rewards fresh content --- update your website regularly!• Create & provide content that informs, helps, and interests your audience!• Best way to do this: start blogging.• YouTube?
  59. 59. Inbound Links• You want: inbound links from high- authority sites (trusted, popular, PR, etc.) with relevant content.• How do you get them? – Create share-worthy & timely content! – Ask! Link-exchange – Comment on other blogs – Increase PR strategy and efforts
  60. 60. Blogs: Crucial to SEO Success• Humanizing• Improves SEO – Keywords – Links – Updated Information• Give Expertise• Updates on Company Activities• Sharing Information
  61. 61. Be Ready for Mobile Searches with a Mobile Website! • Present mobile content that is important to visitors on smartphones and tablets. • Tip:!!!
  62. 62. You TubeYouTube: The Monster Search Engine You Shouldn’t Ignore!
  63. 63. Measure Your Success!
  64. 64. Final Thoughts and QuestionsFINAL THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS
  65. 65. Success Dependson All of These Items!
  66. 66. Wrap Up• Start with a Plan• Create a Online Marketing Strategy• Incorporate Your Social Media, SEO and Website• Measure the Results!
  67. 67. Resources for You• Free White Paper on Inbound Marketing!•
  68. 68. More Resources for You••••
  69. 69. Contact Grow Socially•• 1.800.948.0113••
  70. 70. Q & A / Contact Me!: QR Code