Steve Levesque - Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority


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Steve Levesque - Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority

  1. 1. Redeveloping NAS Brunswick Grow Smart Maine October 23, 20121
  2. 2.  Implement the Reuse Master Plans for NASB and Topsham Annex Manage the transition of base properties from military to civilian uses Redevelop former base properties to create new high quality jobs2
  3. 3. 4  A science and technology park in a campus environment  Centers of excellence in advanced technologies  Regional Executive Airport  Quality business-focused educational facilities  Renewable Energy development  Smart Growth focus  Affordable housing opportunities  Open space and outdoor recreation opportunities
  4. 4. 5Opportunities for high quality job creation in:  Aviation and Aerospace  Energy  Composite Technologies  Information Technology  Biotechnology and Biomed  Education  Key to successful business development  Industry driven curriculum  SMCC, UMaine
  5. 5.  Short-term goal: Recover civilian job losses in the primary impact community resulting from the base closure (700 jobs) Intermediate goal: Recover economic losses and total job losses in the primary impact community resulting from the base closure ($140 million in payroll) Long-term goal: Facilitate the maximum redevelopment of base properties (12,000 + jobs)6
  6. 6. • 7 Since NAS Brunswick Closed in May of 2011:  MRRA has received over 1,700 acres of property conveyances to date (80% of total).  MRRA established fully operational regional airport.  SMCC established a vibrant & growing community college campus (with UMaine partnership).  19 businesses call Brunswick Landing home (264,000 sf under lease). Exceeds regional absorption rate by 3x.  Creating over 150 current jobs  Over 500 projected new jobs  79,000 sf new manufacturing facility under construction (Mölnlycke Health Care).  Over $75 million in planned private investments.  Over 100 current construction jobs on site.  MRRA sold 240 acres of land to AMH to enable the sale of housing to young families (20 to date).  Received designation as a Foreign Trade Zone.  MRRA paid $5.4 million in State and local contracts in 2011-12 (exclusive of Mölnlycke,$14.2 million).  MRRA will pay over $440,000 in property taxes to the Town of Brunswick on behalf of businesses at Brunswick Landing this fiscal year.
  7. 7. MÖLNLYCKE HEALTHCAREWORLD LEADING MANUFACTUREROF SINGLE-USE SURGICALAND WOUND PRODUCTS Presence: In over 30 countries Employees: 6,700 worldwide HQ: Gothenburg, Sweden Owner: Investor AB
  8. 8. WOUNDCAREGENTLE ANDEFFECTIVE CARE RetentionDressings Skin care Compression
  9. 9. • Sales offices in 30 countries• HQ in Sweden
  10. 10. Manufacturing innine countries onthree continents
  11. 11. m It’s about quality service. Every time you land. Every time you takeoff. And every moment in between. The FlightLevel family of companies own, operate, and manage FBOs at airports along the East coast. FlightLevels focus has been exclusively on the development of general aviation airports where they build and leasehangars, sell and administer aviation fuels, as well as provide jet and piston aircraft maintenance. FlightLevels most recent addition was the former Brunswick Naval Air Station, now Brunswick Executive Airport. Their other locations include the Norwood Memorial Airport just outside of Boston and the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport near Tampa. 1 2
  12. 12. 13