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Making Headway in Your Community - Bucksport Closing Celebration, 2/3/16


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Making Headway in Your Community is a rural community development program that helps residents identify what they value most in their town and provides tools to protect and build on these assets. The process; lead by the Maine Downtown Center, a program of the Maine Development Foundation and GrowSmart Maine; funds a series of three public meetings over a period of 6-8 months during which time small projects are funded with a local match to draw attention to good work and improve connection both within the community and across Maine for information and inspiration. This is the final step in Bucksport's journey through the process.

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Making Headway in Your Community - Bucksport Closing Celebration, 2/3/16

  1. 1. Welcome to the Bucksport Community Celebration February 3, 2016 Alamo Theatre
  2. 2. Thank You David’s Shortbread and Williams Pond Lodge B & B
  3. 3. Where we began…… Capacity Building • MHYC sent 5 community members to different trainings around the state including: GrowSmart Maine Forums and Maine Downtown Center Conference Please Join Us for Movie Night featuring “Reviving Freedom Mill” Making Headway in Your Community Wednesday, October 8th 6-8 pm A community that shares a distinct vision of the future has the power to conserve beautiful and productive natural places, enhance downtown, enable rural areas to be productive and prosperous, and save money through efficient use of existing infrastructure. GrowSmart Maine and the Maine Downtown Center bring this 30-minute film to Bucksport to encourage conversation and more for community revitalization. Nancy Smith, Executive Director of GrowSmart Maine, presented an early version of Making Headway in Your Community at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Bucksport Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce. The completed project, now merged with Maine Downtown Center’s My Green Downtown, will be released at the GrowSmart Maine Summit 2014, October 21st at the Augusta Civic Center. Come enjoy a terrific film about an amazing mill restoration and get a sneak peak at this connection to resources and success stories designed to inform and inspire action in your community. 6:00-6:30 Making Headway in Your Community and My Green Downtown 6:30-7:00 “Reviving Freedom Mill” 7:00-8:00 What is the “crazy gamble” for Bucksport? For your community? What idea inspires you? Join in discussions about historic buildings, hiking and biking trails, or create your own discussion group. No cost to register. Concessions will be open to purchase refreshments! REGISTER NOW! Bucksport Movie Night
  4. 4. Presentations
  5. 5. Efforts to Save Wilson Hall Jeff Hammond and Larry Wahl
  6. 6. Efforts to Save Wilson Hall Timeline: • 2010 Town acquires Wilson Hall • 2011 Repairs made to cover holes in • 2011 Town shows Wilson Hall to potential developers. No offers submitted
  7. 7. • 2012 Repairs made to support sagging porch roof • 2014 Town Council hears concerns about poor conditions of Wilson Hall, considers demolition
  8. 8. • 2014 Save Wilson Hall fundraising efforts begin. $4800 has been raised. • 2015 Town Council rejects demolition and authorizes stabilization work (material costs paid with donation funds, labor volunteered).
  9. 9. • 2015 Porch roof removed and interior stabilization work substantially completed. • 2016 Efforts underway to secure grant funds to restore the bell tower.
  10. 10. Bucksport Comprehensive Plan Committee Jef Fitzgerald
  11. 11. Bucksport Comprehensive Plan/Bucksport NEXT • A Comprehensive plan re-do is needed every 10 years. Bucksport’s last plan was 2003. • 3 or 4 Town Managers ago (early 2012), the process began and then stopped, began and then stopped. After a couple of long breaks, the current group has been meeting monthly since April 2015.
  12. 12. • Partners The Town Council appointed a 16- member voluntary Committee which nick-named itself “Bucksport NEXT”. The town hired Tom Martin, AICP of the Hancock County Planning Commission as a consultant to help guide the process with the town staff.
  13. 13. • Structure Monthly public meetings on the second Monday at 5pm in the Jewett School Conference Room. A second, smaller (optional) “outreach” meeting is held the following week to help connect the CPC process with other interested parties.
  14. 14. 2016 COMPREHENSIVE PLAN UPDATE AN OVERVIEW OF REQUIRED ELEMENTS This is a summary of the criteria the state uses to review comprehensive plans for consistency with the goals and guidelines of the Growth Management Act. 1. Vision Statement The plan must include a vision statement that summarizes the community’s desired future community character in terms of economic development, natural and cultural resource conservation, transportation systems, land use patterns and its role in the region. 2. Public Participation The plan must include a summary of the public participation process that explains how information gathered during the public process was used to guide the plan’s vision statement, analyses, policies and strategies. 3. Regional Coordination A regional coordination program must be pursued with other communities to manage shared resources and facilities, including but not limited to lakes, rivers, aquifers, and transportation facilities. The plan must identify any shared resources and facilities, describe any conflicts with neighboring communities’ policies and strategies pertaining to shared resources and facilities and describe how the community will coordinate management of shared resources and facilities. 4. Inventory and Analysis -- Required Topic Areas: Population and Demographics Economy Housing Transportation Public Facilities and Services Recreation Historic and Archaeological Resources Water Resources Marine Resources Natural Resources Agricultural and Forest Resources Existing Land Use Fiscal Capacity and Capital Investment Plan Key Regional Issues 5. Goals, Objectives, and Implementation Strategies The plan must contain the state goal, analyses, condition and trend data, policies, and strategies for each of the required topic areas. The plan must identify the issues facing the community using the series of questions for each of the topic areas. These questions get to the heart of the issues a community must plan for to address the state goals. 6. Future Land Use Plan The plan must include a Future Land Use Plan that is consistent with the community’s vision and other policies in the plan to bring together elements that affect land use. The Future Land Use Plan divides the community into geographical areas identified as either most suitable for growth or most suitable for rural uses, incorporating areas of critical natural resource, rural and waterfront areas within the community. The Future Land Use Plan will be the focus of the state review for consistency with the Act. 7. “Implementation” is not part of the state review criteria, but should not be forgotten. Bucksport NEXT intends to carry on beyond the planning stages to help see the goals & objectives through.
  15. 15. • As of mid-January, we have reviewed 12 of 15 chapters in the “Inventory and Analysis” phase and have published 5 public opinion polls.
  16. 16. • We intend to complete Phase I in March, hold a public hearing and then work on the Goals & Objectives phase, perhaps with “Heart & Soul”. This leaves the timeframe somewhat up in the air. • Plan could be done by the Fall of 2016.
  17. 17. . Bucksport Comprehensive Plan COMMITTEE MEMBERS/ATTENDEES October 26, 2015 Name Representing - Interests CPC Status Mary Jane Bush Health Issues expertise - Planning Board Member Member Kathy Downes 22 yrs. Town Clerk, life-long citizen, resident of rural area Member Mark Eastman Real Estate broker, Economic Develop. Comm. member Member Steve Feite Nuclear Medical prof., GIS, cartography, Planning Bd. Member Jef Fitzgerald Town Tax Assessor, GIS, Planner, CPC Chair Member David Grant Real Estate Broker, Marina and Harbor Master experience Member Chris Johnson Retired Pol-Sci., TV-Radio, Planning Bd, (CPC Secretary) Member Hans Krichels Kid’s Peace Coord., Great Pond Mt. Trust, photographer Member Brian MacDonald Brewer Schools Maint. Dept., Outdoor guide, Planning Bd. Member George McLeod Restaurant owner, RE manager, former pro. planner Member Diane O’Connell Attorney, practice includes municipal law Member Michael Ormsby Marine business owner- Former Town Council Member Member Sandra Robshaw 42 years in retail management. 9 years Chamber of Comm. Member Valorie Schaffner Many years legal/admin. Assistant, volunteer secretary Member Byron Vinton Former Town Council and town staff (public safety) Member Larry Wahl Business owner, RE manager - Downtown revitalization Member Tom Martin Hancock County Planning Comm. (HCPC) Consultant James Bradney Healthy Communities Agency Staff Susan Lessard Interim Town Manager Town Staff Jeff Hammond Code Officer/Plumbing Inspector, Planning Bd. support Town Staff Unfilled position Economic Development Director Town Staff Chris Grindle Resident, I.T. Services Director, MMA student Town Staff Jeremy Daigle Banking Professional - former Planning Board Member Former Glenn Findlay Town Council – Retired mill power engineer, BFD Former Paula Kee Resident Former P. “Butch” Osborne Plumb/heating business owner Former Belle Ryder Business/municipal experience, (CPC Chair) Former Daniel See Real estate appraiser, former PB Former Bucksport NEXT will continue after the Comprehensive Plan process as long as it remains useful during the implementation phase
  18. 18. Bucksport Arts Festival Laurie Brooks, Citizen Volunteer
  19. 19. • Jury is made up of artists: Lyndsey Marston, Laurie Brooks and Karin Otto from Waterfall Arts • 2015 Sponsor: Seaboard Federal Credit Union for $2500 • Focus is on fine art and high end craft work • Coordinated through the Bucksport Area Cultural Society Bucksport Arts Festival A juried show that began in 2015 (the brainchild of Lyndsey Marston)
  20. 20. Co-Chairs for 2016 Lyndsey Marston and Laurie Brooks
  21. 21. • 20 artists have already registered since January 1. • Anticipating 40-50 artists will participate this year. 2016
  22. 22. Main Street Bucksport Brook Minner
  23. 23. Main Street Bucksport Structure • Main Street Bucksport has been a Main Downtown Network Community since 2009. When the mill closed the group really coalesced and a Steering Committee formed in September 2015.
  24. 24. Background of Main Street Bucksport • The group is meeting at least monthly. By-laws are being written based on other Main Street orgs and election of Board and officers will be soon. The group takes minutes and they use them! • Steering Committee: Rich Rotella, Economic Community and Economic Development Director and Brook Minner, Mark Eastman, Roxanne Jobe, John Paul LaLonde, Bill Fretz, Daphne Eyerer and Teri Doty
  25. 25. Funding • Our first fundraiser was the November PK Night at the Alamo. People were very generous and we raised a few hundred dollars.
  26. 26. • The Town of Bucksport gave Main Street Bucksport $6500 to plan and support the holiday pop up shop program. Money went to on-air TV ads, payment to the landlords for their space and payment to musicians for their time at the special shopping event on December 11th.
  27. 27. What has been accomplished • Planning of PK Night and Pop Up Shop Night • Lots of positive press for Main Street Bucksport (newspaper and television)
  28. 28. • What’s next • In Spring/Summer 2016 plan to do another 1 or 2 fundraising events • Apply for grant funding • The organization is working on becoming a 501c3 organization • Long-term goal is to hire a staff person to run the Main Street Program. This requires a combination of private and municipal support that we will continue to work to obtain.
  29. 29. Anything else for Main Street Bucksport • We strongly believe that a vibrant Main Street is one of the hallmarks of a strong and thriving community. People want to live in places with exciting downtowns and the presence of small, independently owned businesses helps attract new residents and other new businesses. Bucksport's Main Street already has so much going for it that many other small towns in Maine do not have...a movie theatre, a bookstore, restaurants, a pharmacy, a marina, a gorgeous waterfront, hotels, professional services (doctors, lawyers, etc.) We want to fill the empty storefronts and create fun and interesting events that bring downtown, year-round.
  30. 30. Wednesday on Main Karen Johnson and David Weeda
  31. 31. Time Line and Accomplishments • January 2015 First meeting to discuss as Paula Kee desires to bring fun, energy and joy to Bucksport through summer months • Town of Bucksport granted permission for the events to take place and provided seed money • February 2015- Paula is busy booking events and seeking funding and Karen Johnson is setting up web site and FaceBook page • March 2015- Every Wednesday has been filled. Paula is writing press releases and getting information into regional events calendars.
  32. 32. Timeline Continued • June 3, 2015 Kick off Event with Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers at the Alamo Theatre where several other events have been held. • David Weeda provides shortbread cookies at every event through the summer
  33. 33. Timeline Continued • June 24, 2015 Guns n Hoses helped with Food on Main • August 26, 2015 Conclusion of the first successful season with the Mini Buskers Festival
  34. 34. 2015 Funding • Grant from Robert N. Haskell & Gladys M. Stetson Fund at the Maine Community Foundation • Sponsors: Bangor Savings Bank & Camden National Bank • Bucksport Area Chamber of Commerce provides resources for logo development, posters and web presence.
  35. 35. What is in Store for 2016? • 2016 Sponsor: Darlings • Kick off Scheduled for June 15, 2016 with the Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers
  36. 36. Heart & Soul John Paul LaLonde
  37. 37. Background of Community Heart & Soul • Started by Orton Family Foundation 10 years ago • Implemented by over a dozen towns including: Biddeford, Gardiner & Damariscotta • Bottom Up Approach to hearing from all voices in one town. • Based on Principles of: get people involved, agreeing on community values, doing business differently
  38. 38. Introduction to Bucksport • A few citizens heard about it at a workshop in Brunswick over a year ago. • September 2015 Orton Family Foundation made a presentation to about 20 people. • October 2015 Jane Lafleur made a presentation to Town Council and all Town Council candidates. • Town Council passed a resolve at Last October meeting in support of Community Heart & Soul.
  39. 39. Currently • .Jane Lafleur was contracted by Orton Family Foundation to be the Heart & Soul coach • Initial Training session for Phase 1 was held January 9th with 19 participants • First working meeting held January 20th with 31 participants • Partners: Town of Bucksport, all citizens of Bucksport, Orton Family Foundation, Maine Community Foundation, Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition, RSU 25, Bucksport Area Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Bucksport
  40. 40. Structure • Truly a community driven organization • One paid staff: Rich Rotella, Bucksport Comm. & Econ. Development Coordinator • Orton Family Foundation provides coaching (Jane Lafleur, ED, Friends of Mid Coast Maine) • Meeting every 2-3 weeks; Currently 8 sub teams
  41. 41. Funding • Town of Bucksport funding coordinator’s salary and benefits • Orton Family Foundation funding Coach and Technical Assistance • Grant from Maine Community Foundation • Applying for additional grants
  42. 42. Accomplishments • Grown from a small initial group to over 40 people in a few months • Formed 8 sub teams- met and started work plans • Community Network Analysis started • Continued recruiting efforts • Increasing public awareness • Networking with other Community Heart & Soul Communities
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Audience Discussion and Comments
  45. 45. Thank you Nancy Minott Photo