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Andy Lilienthal - Maine Summer Camps


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Andy Lilienthal - Maine Summer Camps

  1. 1. Summer CampsPositive Impact OnMaine Camps Place In The Maine Landscape Andy Lilienthal,Maine Summer Camps
  2. 2. Camps are Everywhere Camps in every county 198 state licensed camps Biggest concentration are in Cumberland, Kennebec and Oxford counties Profit and Non Profit entities (50% each) – Serve children from all economic strata and geography Significant numbers of campers are from Maine
  3. 3. Campers & Visitors  At least 25,000 campers from all over the world  Year round employees- 800  Seasonal employees- 8700  Number of out of state visitors 45,000 Visitors, parents, transport to and from camp
  4. 4. Camps’ Economic Impact in Maine Total economic Impact – $310 M Direct sales ($160 M) Indirect sales ($90 M) (hotels, restaurants, retail) Induced consumer spending ($60 M) – Trickle down through employees
  5. 5. Camps are Economic Engines Major employers Major tax payers (State and Local taxes and fees) $16.5 M Major economic fuel for local businesses in rural communities Share facilities with local organizations
  6. 6. Roles That Camps Play  Stewards of the land  Promoting social and community values  Environmental Education  Creating 21st century citizens
  7. 7. Stewards Of The Land Camps maintain nearly 17,000 acres Includes over 270,000 feet of lake front (over 51 miles) Land in conservation easements Tree growth and managed wood lots Most camps do not operate year round- the land rests
  8. 8. Promoting Social andCommunity Values Strongsustainability and environmental practices Respect the surroundings, citizenship, cross cultural understanding Connect with kindred organizations – Efficiency Maine, Food pantries, Service learning – retirement homes, shelters, libraries
  9. 9. EnvironmentalEducation Promote/teach No/low impact camping Love and respect of nature Exposure to Maine’s wilderness at camps and on hikes and trips Citizens of the land Citizens in general
  10. 10. Appreciation ofMaine Many campers come for many years as campers and staff Choose college in Maine Choose to live here (year round/summer) Bring business to Maine Visit Maine as a vacation destination Retire in Maine
  11. 11. Challenges and Opportunities Changing demographic- Fewer kids and social pressures Year round and extended school schedules Back to nature movement As world becomes interconnected chance to show the unique natural resources and social fabric of Maine Work toward educating the next generation with strong sense of values, citizenship and skills