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Royal Mail 2014 Postal Rates

Royal Mail has announced changes to its postal rates, effective on the 31st of March 2014. Here we describe the 5 most significant changes.

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Royal Mail 2014 Postal Rates

  1. ! ? 5 CHANGES YOU NEED TO KNOW Royal Mail 2014 Postal Rates As you may know, Royal Mail has announced changes to its postal rates, effective on the 31st of March.
  2. contents If your business depends on Royal Mail to deliver your mail, here are the 5 most significant changes to Royal Mail’s postal tariffs for 2014 that you need to know about. < > Let’s get started 1 3 4 52 Price increases £ Mailmark™ is here Franking Differential 1st Airmail & Surface Mail Parcelforce Wordlwide Now what?
  3. Format Maximum Weight 1st Class Stamps 2nd Class Stamps 1st Non Mailmark Franking 2nd Class NonMailmark Franking 1st Class Mailmark Franking 2nd Class Mailmark Franking Letter 0-100g £0.62 £0.53 £0.50 £0.37 £0.49 £0.35 Large Letter 0-100g £0.93 £0.73 £0.76 £0.61 £0.74 £0.60 101-250g £1.24 £1.17 £1.06 £0.87 £1.04 £0.85 251-500g £1.65 £1.48 £1.40 £1.15 £1.38 £1.13 501-750g £2.38 £2.01 £1.96 £1.61 £1.95 £1.59 Parcels 0-1kg small £3.20 £2.80 £2.90 £2.50 £2.90 £2.50 0-1kg medium £5.65 £5.20 £4.80 £4.40 £4.80 £4.40 1-2kg small £5.45 £3.80 £5.15 £3.50 £5.15 £3.50 1-2kg medium £8.90 £8.00 £7.50 £6.85 £7.50 £6.85 2-5kg £15.85 £13.75 £15.85 £13.75 £15.85 £13.75 5-10kg £21.90 £20.25 £21.90 £20.25 £21.90 £20.25 10-20kg £33.40 £28.55 £33.40 £28.55 £33.40 £28.55 1 2014 Postal Figures from 31st March 2014 SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL £ < >contents 3 4 5 2014 Postal Figures Visit our rate change page for more info 2 Now what?
  4. 1 ...except for Small Parcels 1-2kg prices, which will go down. Good news if you send out items in this weight/size category, but it’s worth noting you could save slightly more if you switch to franking. All other services, First Class Standard Letters, Medium Parcels to Business Advanced Mail, will increase. This applies to stamp, franking and bulk mail rates, which means if your business sends out mail, you’re probably going to be affected by these changes. All prices have increased except Small Parcels 1-2kg As you can see on the table on the previous page, the prices of practically every service offered by Royal Mail will increase on the 31st of March... SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL £ < > 3 4 5 Mailmark™ is here Visit our rate change page for more info 2 Now what?contents
  5. Royal Mail has introduced Mailmark™, a new generation of franking mark that will enable franking customers and Royal Mail to improve the way the mail is processed. MailMark™ has the added benefit of additional savings on First Class/Second Class Standard Letters and Large Letters. Why have Royal Mail done this? According to our in-house postal expert Steven Tyrell “Royal Mail have done this as part of the way to improve their processes but also to bring future customer benefits to the marketplace. With the decline in the number of letters being sent, it’s a way they’re looking to bring more value to the people that use the post.” Mailmark™ isn’t a compulsory change, therefore it’s your choice whether you want to add this feature to machine or not. Contact your franking provider to find out if your machine is complaint first and whether Mailmark™ benefits you as a customer. Mailmark™ is here (If you’re not a franking or bulk mail user, you can skip this section.) 2 IMPROVE THE WAY your MAIL is PROCESSED < > Franking differential still significant 3 4 5 Visit our rate change page for more info Now what?1contents
  6. Even though franking prices have gone up, the pricing differential between stamps and franking are still very good, 19% and 30% for First class and Second class standard letter respectively. Second class Large Letter franking prices in particular have been impacted positively. Good news for those sending out brochures, A4 sized letter and etc. If you’re still using stamps to send out these items, this might be a good time to switch to franking. Franking differential still significant 3 YOU STILL SAVE WITHFRANKING 1st < > Airmail & Surface Mail to be replaced 4 5 Visit our rate change page for more info 2 Now what?1contents
  7. Airmail & Surface Mail will be replaced with two new services – International Standard and International Economy. Don’t panic, still the same service just renamed. In addition to this the number of weight bands will be reduced, making it easier to select the right tariff. Other International services will also be changed including Airsure and International Signed For. Click here for more detail on this. Airmail & Surface Mail to be replaced NEWNAMES SAME SERVICE 4< > Parcelforce Worldwide will be removed 3 52 Now what?1contents
  8. The Parcelforce Worldwide Standard Parcel and Economy Parcel will be removed from the franked rates table. The Parcelforce Worldwide Frankpay tariff will need to be used. This means all parcels being sent need to be booked online via the Parcelforce Worldwide website. Find out more information on this here. Parcelforce Worldwide will be removed from franking rates table BYE BYEPARCELFORCE 5 franked rates table < > Now what? 3 4 Now what?21contents
  9. All these changes will be effective from the 31st of March, so now it’s up to you to plan accordingly. Pitney Bowes customer? Make a note on your calendar, review your postage process or contact your franking provider to find out what you need to do. Join us for our FREE 2014 postal tariff webinar, where we discuss how it impacts your business and help you unlock value through your Pitney Bowes meter. Pick between the two dates below to register: Now what? NEW RATES 31st MARCH 2014 Now what? ? 31st MARCH < > Find out whether franking is the way to go More info on rate change Subscribe to our blog Find out your rate download date 3 4 5 Fri 28th MarchWed 26th March Order a franking machine free trial today Visit our rate change page for more info 21contents