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Different types of mushrooms


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Mushrooms are healthy diet for sugar patients because they need of low calories and fat. Various types of mushrooms are available in the market. So growing mushrooms at home is the easiest way to get these health benefits.

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Different types of mushrooms

  1. 1. Different Types of Mushrooms Button Mushrooms Shiitake Mushrooms Wild Mushrooms
  2. 2. Growing Mushrooms for Profit Growing mushrooms brings about benefits that range from commercial, health and environmental benefits. This comes about due to the materials used for planting the mushrooms, the waste products from the mushrooms and the value of the good quality mushrooms.
  3. 3. Button Mushrooms Button mushrooms may not be considered the most exciting of the mushroom family, but they certainly are the most dependable. Known as the common store mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus), this particular fungi keeps well and is available every single day of the year, no matter what the weather.
  4. 4. Shiitake Mushrooms Shiitake mushrooms are edible mushrooms that originated from China. This type of mushroom thrives well in most parts of the world where the right conditions are provided. Shiitake mushrooms are delicious having a meaty kind of taste that adds flavor to food hence it is a delicacy for many people.
  5. 5. Wild Mushrooms Wild mushrooms grow naturally in the woods. They are tasty and full of nutrients which are essential for the body system. In order to have access of the wild mushrooms, you can consider collecting them from the wilderness. However, this exercise is time consuming and risky as you might not be able to differentiate the toxic wild mushrooms from the edible ones.