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New Gel Invent to Control Male Sperm


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Checkout the latest news to control male sperm.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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New Gel Invent to Control Male Sperm

  1. 1. New Gel Invent To Control Male Sperm An experiment to control sperm of man is successful in monkey trials. The University of California tested the gel on 16 adult male monkeys. Some of them were already fathers. It would be the first new type of sperm control which comes in market after so many decades. The idea of controlling sperm is not new. Man can control this by two methods in present days, by wearing condoms or have a vasectomy operation to cut or seal the two tubes which contain sperms to the penis from where they are made in the testicles. The Vesalgel is working in the same method it controls the sperms of male penis and cannot give birth. In another condition, but if a man wants to give birth than to dissolve the gel injection for this. So the researchers first use their invention on rabbits which is successful and then on monkeys. Now man is left for checking the positive results. When this gel has used on male adult monkeys, none of the female monkey got pregnant. This is successful contraceptive for the man instead of this is not still analyses that can it
  2. 2. control HIV or other sex diseases. Professor Pacy said “I would imagine a world with new male contraceptive, but trail on human of this gel is a long term goal as first It should be considered safe to use. ” In the market, this new sperm control gel is on the way, but there are many questions and other things that need to think first like “ is man OK with this to have effect in his fertile sperms”? Another question is why should, it will not used if there are more options for controlling birth. If it is for pleasure, then it will surely in trend soon when comes into market. So be ready for this new invention of sperm control and enjoy the intimacy without any worry.