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Adrift at sea and in Need of Help


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Read one more success story Adrift at sea and save many people that are trapped in the oceans.

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Adrift at sea and in Need of Help

  1. 1. Adrift at Sea and in Need of Help The thought of having to flee from your very own homeland just to escape danger is terrifying. Yet, this was the option chosen by the numerous number of people who boarded a boat from Libya to Italy, believing this was the better path. They never realized that was the worst choice if one were to think of it. More than one million people had to travel across the Mediterranean in 2015. Afraid of violence, they set aside the fact that traveling by boat for long months has a lot of the serious implications to it. It was probably instinct, fear would always prevent one from acting rationally. At least 3,800 died for the first ten months of voyage since the first 10 months of 2016. The statistics may not even be exact as there are always chances of people committing suicide by jumping off the boat. We recall that dark event in 2015 when these poor race were banned from entering borders for fear of being attacked by those serious lunatic war freaks. Thankfully, though, not all humans had the same mindset. In the midst of chaos and war, a ship set sail, which was Dignity. The name itself is fitting for its mission. By lending a hand to these poor people, we restored their dignity. On board the rescue ship are medical aids who call themselves Doctors Without Borders. These groups have already helped a total of 17,000 people to date. Their efforts are very much worthy of appreciation and their story should be heard over the globe. Their ship contains medical facilities and ammunition capable of treating common illnesses. It is also their mission to transport those who have serious illnesses to medical facilities on land. Aside from these, they also offer medical services after they land. Via their reception centers and camps in Europe, the group aims to continue aiding these victims with medical and psychological aid, food and water, shelter and other necessities needed to restore what was lost from them, human dignity. If we are going to write all of their efforts to restore human dignity among these people, a single short article won’t be able to contain it. Let’s think of this instead, the world is not yet on its end, we may hear a lot of victims blaming each other, philosophical thinkers label humans as a wolf to each other, but what’s happening now proves them wrong. As long as there is still that spark of light in our hearts, the humane spirit that we can share, there will always be people who’ll rise up and carry that light of hope to the rest of the world.