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ICOLC 2016: Boosting visibility and impact of published research


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A tour of Kudos to show the content in which it was developed (competition for funding, growing impact agenda, huge growth in output, fight for visibility and usage , “off-grid” sharing), our vision (more impact for research, more recognition for researchers), the platform through which we do this (a central system for explaining publications in plain language, managing sharing across multiple channels, and measuring effect across multiple metrics), the extent to which it works (use of the Kudos toolkit correlated to 23% higher downloads of full text on publisher websites) and how this data is made available to institutions (libraries, research offices and communications teams).

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ICOLC 2016: Boosting visibility and impact of published research

  1. 1. Boosting visibility and impact of published research Charlie Rapple Kudos Co-Founder @charlierapple @growkudos
  2. 2. KUDOS helps institutions mobilize researchers to undertake more outreach around their work and thus increase visibility and impact @charlierapple @growkudos
  3. 3. Why? competition for funding growing impact agenda huge growth in outputs fight for visibility and usage “off-grid” sharing @charlierapple @growkudos
  4. 4. 44 What is Kudos working to achieve? More impact for research • More recognition for researchers Better evidence to help researchers and institutions use communications more effectively to drive impact Better collaboration between these groups to maximize results of each others’ efforts to create impact @charlierapple @growkudos
  5. 5. 55 How do we do it? Centralize how researchers manage communications around their work Map results of these efforts to a range of metrics Give institutions “actionable insights” and longer-term intelligence from the evidence and patterns that emerge @charlierapple @growkudos
  6. 6. 66 Does it work? Nanyang Technological Institute study, 2015 Explaining and sharing via Kudos correlated to higher downloads of full text on publisher sites 23% @charlierapple @growkudos
  7. 7. 3. EXPLAIN 2. FIND A WORK 4. SHARE Use of Kudos tools is correlated to 23% MORE full-text downloads 1. REGISTER (one-off) Increase the impact of your publications, and map actions to results, with the simple toolkit from 5. MEASURE
  8. 8. 88@charlierapple
  9. 9. 99@charlierapple
  10. 10. 1010 @charlierapple @growkudos
  11. 11. 1111 Mapping communications to publication performance @charlierapple @growkudos
  12. 12. Connecting the dots ” Don’t just measure impact – create it!
  13. 13. 1313 Actions and results: all in one place Multiple metrics Multiple communications channels Multiple publishers One dashboard
  14. 14. Actions and results: quick case studies 14 1310 13 1 8 new readers 4715 8 6 7 new readers 5
  15. 15. 1515 Kudos for Institutions
  16. 16. 1717 Gather resources for impact case studies, repurpose plain language content for press or discovery Look at a range of metrics in one place – learn what works and shape other activities, guidance Centrally track, measure, interact with and amplify all researchers’ comms about their work Learn about, profile and reward researchers who act for impact
  17. 17. Pushing content to where the users are
  18. 18. 1919 You can get more insight into communications Twitter, Facebook, ResearchGate etc by using Kudos’ trackable links You can connect publications from with related resources e.g. Figshare, and use Kudos to and share the overall story You can compare performance across a range of metrics, and map communications to your publications results You can increase visibility & measure effectiveness of posted in institutional systems or public engagement services Kudos helps you get the most out of other tools
  19. 19. 2020 Kudos for Institutions Annual subscription Rolling start Tiered pricing from £3k Jisc agreement – discounts for UK Contact me to discuss an agreement and discount for your consortia!