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The story of one team


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The story of a team from an Agile Coaching perspective #AgileChrischurch2019

Published in: Leadership & Management
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The story of one team

  1. 1. The story of one team One teams journey with an agile coach – the ups and the downs
  2. 2. Lets go agile! Team Manager History Future
  3. 3. Focus on Work as opposed to what people are doing  What is happening?  What can be started?  Is there anything anyone else can do to help get it done today?  Is anyone working on anything else?  Any interruptions or problems that need rolling out the way, or dealing with? Anything that can help you go faster as a team.
  4. 4. The horrible part As an external coach, I don’t get to hang around. I move on and lose touch.
  5. 5. So what happened to the team? Some notes for Ian
  6. 6. Lesson Get help from a coach Get help for at least 3 months Find a way to grow and keep the knowledge (Team Coach) Have the Team Coach continue getting assistance