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Growing Internal Agile Coaches and Trainers


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Presentation at #Agile2017 on how a small agile coaching company (Growing Agile) helped a large global corporate (ACI Worldwide) build their own internal agile coaches and trainers

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Growing Internal Agile Coaches and Trainers

  1. 1. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves Growing Internal Trainers and Coaches
  2. 2. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves Who we are Kelley Cooper Agile Coach ACI Karen Greaves Agile Coach Growing Agile
  3. 3. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves Background
  4. 4. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves Who is in the room?
  5. 5. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves Growing Coaches
  6. 6. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves What we did
  7. 7. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves Initial Team Pros Cons
  8. 8. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves What worked shared Understanding personal relationships
  9. 9. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves What we’d change No mandate Coaching is not the same as process definition
  10. 10. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves Team Evolution Original Coaches (3) Original Scrum Trainers (2) Scrum Trainers (20+) Dedicated Coaches (5)
  11. 11. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves Growing Trainers
  12. 12. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves What we did
  13. 13. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves What worked TFTBOTR 4C’s LEGO Video
  14. 14. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves What we’d change Train Teams together, not departments
  15. 15. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves What we learned Pair Training Slack for questions Regular cadence Full time coaches Lego TFTBOTR Train teams together
  16. 16. @curlycuegurl @karen_greaves Questions?