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Agile 2018 Effective Retrospectives


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Karen Greaves and Sam Laing talk about retrospectives on the Foundations Track at Agile 2018 in San Diego

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Agile 2018 Effective Retrospectives

  1. 1. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing As you arrive Fill in the posters On the front tables Of the room
  2. 2. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing EFFECTIVE RETROSPECTIVES
  3. 3. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing Karen Greaves Sam Laing Growing Agile Growing Agile
  4. 4. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing Learn what makes a good retrospective Experience a retrospective Overview of steps for a retrospective
  5. 5. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing The 5 stages of a retrospective Agile Retrospectives Esther Derby, Diana Larsen open gather data generate insights action close
  6. 6. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing 1 - Open To get everyone to talk Set the retro tone
  7. 7. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing 2 - Gather Data What happened? Facts, shared perspective. Not emotions or solutions
  8. 8. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing 3 – Generate Insights Understanding what happened and why? Dig to root cause.
  9. 9. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing 4 - Action The thing you do to improve together as a team.
  10. 10. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing 5 - Close Thank people for their time. Get feedback on your retro.
  11. 11. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing Let’s have our own Retrospective
  12. 12. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing 1 - Open At tables – go around – One word to describe the conference For YOU so far
  13. 13. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing 2 - Gather Data What sessions have you attended? What have you enjoyed? What drained your energy? What would you have liked more time for? Facts, shared perspective. Not emotions or solutions
  14. 14. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing 3 – Generate Insights What patterns do you notice? What insights pop up? Share at your table – often others insights can help you… Understanding what happened and why? Dig to root cause.
  15. 15. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing 4 - Action What is the 1 thing you can do to make tomorrow better? What will you do? What do you expect to change because of this? How will you be able to tell if it’s working?
  16. 16. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing Share your action with another person in the room 5 - Close
  17. 17. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing Would anyone like to share 1 insight about retrospectives?
  18. 18. #agile2018 @karen_greaves @samlaing Thank You! Please rate our session & leave us feedback on the door as you leave