Our trip to Yellowstone


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Our trip to Yellowstone

  1. 1. our Trip to Yellowstone: Part 1 Drinking the “nectar of the gods” to get the trip started!
  2. 2. our Camp Site Jason enjoys lounging around while we wait for dinner. Our new tent. As we drove around the other campgrounds in our area, we spied about 5 other people who had our same tent! You’ve got to love Wal-Mart!
  3. 3. Scenery of Yellowstone Lily pads off the Continental Divide at elevation 8262.
  4. 4. Another gorgeous day in Yellowstone. The shot didn’t quite turn out how I imagined it but I like it.
  5. 5. Jason forgot to keep his eyes open! This is us with Grand View in the background. In the middle of Yellowstone there is a wonder that reminds you of Bryce and the Grand Canyon. It was so beautiful!
  6. 6. Jason and Rebekah biking to the pools around the Old Faithful Lodge. Beautiful scenes along the way.
  7. 7. Wildlife in Yellowstone Running of the Bison!
  8. 8. This “cute guy” was seen right by our camp site. Our neighbors told us that while we were out, he came by and sniffed in our campfire and walked around.
  9. 9. Wildlife in the Tetons On our way home we stopped by Jenny Lake in the Tetons. We checked to see how much the ferry was to the other side for the Hidden Falls hike. It was too much. Instead, we walked along the trail a little from our side and went down by the shore to take photos of the Grand Tetons.
  10. 10. It was a really nice day as we sat by the shore side admiring the beauty. You could rent kayaks and there were several people out on the lake enjoying their ride. I spied some beautiful flowers hidden within a few of the rocks and decided to take some photos. Once I was done we took our last look at the mountains and said goodbye! As we were about to leave, I saw something behind Jason. I actually said, “Oh, my god!”, which is something I never say so it caught Jason’s attention.
  11. 11. A Brown Bear at Jenny Lake
  12. 12. Our new friend looking around for fish.
  13. 13. No fish by the water so now I am going to try and find some on land. (Are any of you wondering where mom is? I was!)
  14. 14. It’s probably best if we just go now. Mom could be anywhere.