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Best mobile apps for android


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Published in: Technology
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Best mobile apps for android

  1. 1. -Mansi
  2. 2.  Lets you manage files on your phone without connecting it to your computer It lets you copy, paste, move, delete, open apps, create and add folders to your phone’s root directory. It allows you to manipulate multiple files at the same time. It also lets you search for files stored in your phone easily making it one of the best Android applications out there.
  3. 3.  The app lets you easily save ideas, places and things you encounter while-on-the-go It automatically organizes information you’ve collected for easy retrieval later on To appreciate Springpad for Android, make sure to create your own account on This Android app syncs with your account, hence you can save items while using your computer and access them later on from your Android phone.
  4. 4.  This Android app fully supports SMS and MMS including attachment of picture, movie and audio files It features a beautiful user interface, theme and conversation bubble style. It lets you set different ringtone, vibrate options, LED light, background, signature and bubble style for different people.
  5. 5.  Lets you search for anything on your Android phone simply by drawing alphabet gestures on your phones screen It lets you search for contact, bookmark, application or music track
  6. 6.  Lets you track distance, time, speed and pace, display your route on the map, as well as share your running activities with your friends The paid version adds some more functionality such as voice feedback for your activities and the facility to create your own running workout
  7. 7.  By using your location info and the camera, you can get an overlay which highlights things worth checking out wherever you are It layers information in real time over images captured by your phone’s camera, like historical pictures of the city you’re in, nearby landmarks, and superimposed future buildings Play... new and old game genres in the interactive 3D space around you. Share... photos, Tweets and even check-in to location apps like Foursquare and Gowalla. Discover... local restaurants, bars, stores or even apartments and houses for rent. Learn... about history in your area as it appears before your eyes.
  8. 8.  A cool talking notepad that speaks what you type Using the Text-to-Speech library for Android, the app is a good way of checking whether what you are typing is correct or not and it lets you make changes quickly.
  9. 9.  Developed by Google, Skymap lets you find planets, stars, and constellations using your Android phone It uses your phones GPS, accelerometer and compass to create a window in the sky that moves with your hand The app also lets you browse a map showing the brightest naked-eye stars, planets, sun and moon, constellation lines, horizon, cardinal points etc.
  10. 10.  Google Goggles lets you use pictures youve taken using your Android phones camera to search for more information about whats in the picture on the web Google Goggles works with things and objects such as books and DVDs, logos, artworks, contact info, products, barcodes and even text.
  11. 11.  Provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, the patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods—at over 50 words per minute
  12. 12.  With Dropbox, users can upload or download files to their accounts without carrying around a pesky flash drive at all times and this makes for easy transference of files to and from your computer and your Android device.
  13. 13.  A very different way to browse your photo gallery, this app lets all your stored images drift like clouds across your screen – beautiful and functional. Also doubles as a screensaver
  14. 14.  Doodledroid is a quick and intuitive yet full featured drawing program that lets your imagination flow Features: 21 brushes, 3 Part Color Palette, Multi. Undo / Redo, Pan & Zoom, Save and Share (Gmail, SMS etc) and more..
  15. 15.  TuneWiki plays all the same music files off your phone’s internal memory or microSD card, but sync them with lyrics that scroll across the screen with the music, without you have to add anything It also adds advanced features, like building a playlist of the top 50 songs of the week off of YouTube.
  16. 16.  This app allows you to throw data like contacts, web addresses, pictures, music, ring tones, and text messages to friends and they catch them (assuming they have Hoccer install too). Catch a URL and it conveniently opens the link in the web browser, catch a picture and the gallery opens, catch music and your default media player streams the tune, catch a text message and read it, catch a contact to view full details and make a call 6Y