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Sse Vw Pestel Group6


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Sse Vw Pestel Group6

  1. 1. The Virtual World Industry The PESTEL Analysis - The Socio-cultural force Group 6 Magnus Hallberg, 20677 Marie Martinson, 20447 Alexej Cederholm, 70383 Michael Berman-Grutzky, 70384
  2. 2. PESTEL - The Socio-cultural force The coming 2-3 years:  Becoming even more socially accepted  Easy to get started – high buying access  People want to make their voices heard – UGC will increase  Youths demand huge amounts of flexibility and possibilities 
  3. 3. PESTEL - The Socio-cultural force Decide who you want to be  The path of least resistance – social life  and entertainment The virtual and real world are converging  or are they?
  4. 4. Sources Articles Kothandaraman, P. & Wilson, D. T. The future of competition: Value-Creating Networks, Industrial Marketing Management (2001) Websites ge_12.htm