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  1. 1. Task LYou can add more than one Task below of the Project to collaborate in work and monitor all of your co-worker Project/Operation task.
  2. 2. How ? 1. Login to GroupConcept 2. Click [TASK] 3. Click [ADD] to add more Task, you’ll be redirect to “Project Page”, after that L Click [ADD TASK] in Project you desire to 4. Click [EDIT TASK] to edit your Task Information 5. Click [DETAIL] to see your Task detail hierarchy 6. Click [SUMMARY] to see your Daily Task Performance Graph 7. Click [EXTEND TASK] to extend your Task Time9. Click [DAILY PROGRESS] to comment, 8. Click [ASSIGN USER] to assign user toupload document, and update your daily this Taskprogress activities in this Task
  3. 3. How ? [Daily Progress] 1. Click [COMMENT] to Comment your daily task. L 2. Click [UPLOAD DOCUMENT] to Upload Document. 3. Click [UPDATE PROGRESS WORK] to Update your Progress Work according to the Date of your daily task
  4. 4. Start Now…Sign up at L