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Scene inspiration


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Scene inspiration

  1. 1. By Amina Khatun
  2. 2. The orphan is about a couple who recently lost their baby, adopt a nine year old child called Esther who is not nearly as innocent as she claims to be.This is one of the scenes fromthe film we decided to use inour physcological thriller. Wedecided to create a similar effectwith the make up to outline the We also decided to use the samecharacters mental state. type of costume for our main character. This is so it juxtaposes with her behaviour.
  3. 3. The Film se7en is about two detectives, a rookie and veteran go out and hunt a serial killer.These are the scenes from seven which We have also created superalso inspired us to do. We used both the imposed credits to symbolise thebook scenes to link to the plot as well as genre of the film opening.creating a spooky effect to draw theaudience in.
  4. 4. These are both the scenes from Both these scenes are from theorphan which inspired us to do. film se7en. The differenceThe only difference between the between the scenes from se7enmakeup scenes are that this and this one is that it is not ancharacter has less make up on. extreme close up. We will work on this to create our final piece.