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Devlin m menarid-knowledge-sharing-menarid


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Devlin m menarid-knowledge-sharing-menarid

  1. 1. Menarid Knowledge Sharing Achievements and Next Steps Michael Devlin June, 2014
  2. 2. Key challenge: How to capture, validate, synthesize and share your innovations Across projects Across countries
  3. 3. Why Menarid KM? Why Knowledge Sharing? Adds value to your investments Improves the effectiveness of your work …your organization
  4. 4. Policy Briefings Information plaforms & databases Web information Success stories Project summaries Meeting facilitation Case studies Audio-Visual Communities of practice Research Publications M&E processesProject review and synthesis
  5. 5. Why Menarid KM? Why Knowledge sharing? Many approaches ……but unless learning is built into the project cycle …..into your work Long term learning will not happen
  6. 6. Knowledge sharing Processes, practices and a style that encourages the sharing of experience – internally and with partners. It’s about how we work every day. • Learning before, during and after • Innovative and productive meeting organization (F2F and online) • Capturing and synthesis of experience • Accountability for sharing and learning • A part of M&E
  7. 7. Why Menarid KM? Why Knowledge sharing? A missed opportunity…. Rural development and environmental initiatives invest hundreds of millions in programs, projects and interventions. • Why is there no simple access to the achievements across projects? – Project-driven nature of program investments – Knowledge sharing, synthesis, M&E are often and after-thought • DFID ‘10% rule’
  8. 8. Menarid KM initiative What will the project leave behind? • Menarid Gateway – Knowledge/information management platform • Learning and technology Transfer Process – Documented process and steps for ‘live review’ and synthesis of innovations • Menarid Monitoring & Evaluation – Criteria, resources, database & tool
  9. 9. Your ideas for next steps • How useful for all IFAD country programs and others? • Link Menarid platform with other resources • How will you continue to use the Menarid platforms and tools? In your organization or country • How to make Menraid innovations/evidence available to policy/decision makers
  10. 10. What is our next step?