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Day 2 valentina salybekova hydrogeology - kazakhstan


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Day 2 valentina salybekova hydrogeology - kazakhstan

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Day 2 valentina salybekova hydrogeology - kazakhstan

  1. 1. Valentina Salybekova 3-4 July 2014 Almaty, Kazakhstan Groundwater Resources Assessment Hydrogeological and environmental indicators preview For the assessment of Pretashkent TBA
  2. 2. Place for text
  3. 3. Pretashkent aquifer Pretashkent transboundary aquifer represents the artesian basin, the structure of which includes several aquifers and complexes separating their by aquitards on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. From the South of the basin border there are Koytash mountains and the range of Nuratau mountains, from the East there are Ugam ranges and Karzhentau mountains, from the North there are Pretashkent Chuli. On the west the border is identified conditionally along the water course of the Syrdarya river.
  4. 4. Place for text B.1 – Hydrogeological map (scale, coordinate system, software) B.2 – Geo-referenced boundary (map, same as B.1) B.3 – Piezoisogypses map (on which period) B.4 - Cenomanian top aquifer map (no maps available, prepare according to the wells data and cross-sections) B.5 - Thickness of the aquifer map (no maps available, prepare according to the wells data and cross-sections B.6 – Degree of confinement (confined) B.7 – Cross-sections (around 6 cross-sections available, need to clarify wells and well number, then choose most characteristic cross-sections lines, correct cross-sections according to the scale)
  5. 5. C 1.1 –(data available,but not estimated yet , text, table, graphs) C 1.2 – (no data) C 1.3 – (no artificial replenishment) C 1.4 - (no artificial replenishment) C 1.5 - (calculate sq. according to the map) C 1.6 – (prepare graphs and text) C.2 – (prepare text, available data) C.3 - (prepare text, available data) C.4 -(prepare text, available data) C.5 - (prepare text, available data) C.6 –(not estimated yet) C.7 –(not estimated yet, text, table, graphs) C.8 – prepare text, table, graphs C.9 – no data
  6. 6. D.1–(data available (text, table, graphs) D.2 – (no pollution) D.3 –(data available (text, table, graphs) D.4 – (not actual for deep aquifers)
  7. 7. E.6–(data available (text, table, graphs) E.1–(data available (text, table, graphs) E.2 – (need to refresh data (text, table, graphs) E.3 –(data available (text, table, graphs) E.4–(data available (text, table, graphs) E.5–(data available (text, table, graphs)
  8. 8. Thank you!