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Aden - Welcome

  1. 1. Strengtheningand scaling-upIntegrated NaturalResourceManagementacross Middle East and North Africa MENARIDKM and M&Eproject Aden Aw-Hassan Director Social, Economic and Policy Research Program, Project coordinator, ICARDA Lessons learnt: Knowledge sharing, M&E systems strengthening, and groundwater management in the GEF MENARID program” 16-18 June 2014, Beirut, Lebanon
  2. 2. ICARDA-led MENARID project • Focus on Knowledge Management and harmonization of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems Objectives of MENARID Project; 1. to generate tools for systematic cross cutting and aligned M&E functions throughout the MENARID framework; 2. to develop a user-friendly knowledge management (KM) platform promoting information dissemination, harmonization, and dissemination mechanisms of INRM best practices. 2 MENARIDworkingmeeting,Beirut,9thofMay2014
  3. 3. Features of KM and M&E in project cycle Important features: • Less tangible aspects of development work compared to physical works • Promotes learning (feedback) and dissemination (out-scaling) • Provides easy access of progress and facilitate reporting • Provides tractable record of project implementation • Essential elements of project management (RBM)-good practice • Provides means of accountability for public investments • Facilitates means of quantifying project impacts • Improves project management, saves resources, reduces waist and increases returns to investment • Allows to attract resources for further investments in INRM projects Challenge: • These are often not seen as critical in project implementation • Not sufficient resources are assigned • Lack of capacity InternationalConferenceon PoliciesforWaterandFood SecurityinDryAreas–24-26June, Cairo,Egypt 3
  4. 4. MENARID outputs • Knowledge Management (KM): • 3 Learning workshops in collaboration with UNESCO IHP and GEF IW: Learn • Organization of Knowledge Exchange workshop => 19 INRM activities analyzed across the MENARID program • Dissemination of best practices through an online platform • Communication of results through the website ( ) and Youtube • “Innovation sharing” feature • ICARDA working paper on capturing and disseminating best practices, and success stories booklet • Examples of KS outcomes: • Water harvesting activity (Vallerani plough) replicated from Morocco to Jordan (1,000 ha of rangelands and 600 of cereals by June 2015) • What next?????? 4 MENADELPPresentation,Jordan,5thofMay2014
  5. 5. Harmonizationof Monitoring and Evaluation(M&E) systems: • AT the program level: • Definition of cross-cutting indicators for Results Based Management through the MENARID program • Implementation of a cross-cutting online M&E database, and projects trained • Project specific M&E support: • Support for projects to complete essential M&E documents and Tracking tools • Support project to implement specific Examples M&E steps: Baseline in Morocco, gender study in Jordan and impact study in Iran • Lessons learned from implementation of RBM, RBB and M&E systems are being finalized • What next ??? InternationalConferenceon PoliciesforWaterandFood SecurityinDryAreas–24-26June, Cairo,Egypt 5
  6. 6. Objective of the workshop • Share experiences and lessons learned from KM and M&E support activities implemented within the MENARID Project • Discuss and agree on the way forward: How to provide continuous support to INRM projects on: • On Knowledge sharing/Management • On modalities for strengthening the M&E system that respond to the RMB requirements of the projects • Develop Recommendations on how to advance truly RBM- based on the experiences learned form the MENARID Project InternationalConferenceon PoliciesforWaterandFood SecurityinDryAreas–24-26June, Cairo,Egypt 6
  7. 7. Thanks for your attention! Your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome ! MENADELPPresentation,Jordan,5thofMay2014