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setting up a quick ego feed

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  • there are programs that will aggregate (read bundle a heap together) rss feeds like Yahoo! Pipes or monitorThis, you can get feeds just from sources you think are important, customise outputs
  • You can add keywords to a proximity feed and assume that anyone close by is twittering about you.
  • You basically have a three part process, an input, or filters or conditions and output.
    You can even create RSS feeds from your output and add that to your existing RSS page
  • Ego feed

    1. 1. Make your own Vanity or Ego feed stalk yourselfOr how to really
    2. 2. What is an Ego or Vanity feed? According to AllExperts – “a certain kind of web feed created by a search engine -- one showing all search results that match the subscriber's name, blog name, product name, etc. A feed of search results for links to the subscriber's URL would also be considered a vanity feed.” A Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed from sources around the web with a certain keyword or words.
    3. 3. What is it good for? Engage in Conversation Build Relationships Track Success of output (posts, twitter etc) Correcting Errors and Damage Control Generally see what people are saying about us
    4. 4. Ok, backup what is RSS RSS - Really Simple Syndication is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format
    5. 5. Is it easy? As with all things it can be as easy or as hard as you want You need an RSS reader like NetVibes or GoogleReader Inputs and outputs are customisable
    6. 6. The 5 minute ego feed Step 1 Go to monitorThis and set up your keyword search blogdigger blogmarks delicious findarticles google blogs google news google picasaweb identica magnolia metacafe mybloglog opensearch plazoo technorati topix twitter wikio blogs wikio news youtube zimbio
    7. 7. The 5 minute ego feed Step 2 Open results as an OPML file
    8. 8. The 5 minute ego feed Step 3 Copy and paste the file into a notepad document and save it as MyFeed.opml
    9. 9. The 5 minute ego feed Step 4 Create an account in a reader like NetVibes or GoogleReader
    10. 10. The 5 minute ego feedStep 5 Click on Add content Click on add a feed and then under OPML select import
    11. 11. The 5 minute ego feed Step 6 Select Browse and select the MyFeed.opml document you made and then click on import
    12. 12. The 5 minute ego feed Step 7 NetVibes will then give you a pretty graphic interface with the overall results and the results per feed
    13. 13. Tweaking your feed Results can be quite varied and may need refining You can manually add feeds from sites You can edit or delete each feed on NetVibes
    14. 14. Tweaking your feed Add in specific feeds like a twitter proximity feed or go more Boolean through their Advanced Search field
    15. 15. Upgrade You can use various tools once you get the hang of it to get more results. Yahoo pipes more complicated but much more flexible for advanced users
    16. 16. Upgrade Page2Rss is a service that will create RSS feeds from pages without RSS facilities Google Alerts can create RSS feeds on certain keywords MSN Keyword Mutation Detection Tool can see what common misspellings occur for a phrase and help you add them to your search External Google Keyword Tool helps you refine terms searched rather than your search terms
    17. 17. You can now go out and build those relaltionships Or just stalk yourself…your choice really
    18. 18. More sources How to Build a Reputation Monitoring Dashboard Creating An Ego Feed With Yahoo Pipes RSS Feed For Any Web Page Using Netvibes To Create A Current Awareness Service In Healthcare Netvibes Tutorial