How To Use Email Marketing To Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts


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Check out the slides from our webinar on August 22, 2012 with Mad Mimi where we discussed the process, strategy, and benefits behind synching your Facebook marketing with your email marketing efforts.

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How To Use Email Marketing To Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

  1. 1. How To Use Email Marketing To Boost YourSocial Media Marketing Efforts @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  2. 2. Introductionswho the heck is ? • Founded in 2010 • Creator of social media marketing software • Seasoned Social Media Marketers • Located in Orem, Utah @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  3. 3. The GroSocial Platform @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  4. 4. The GroSocial Platform @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  5. 5. The GroSocial Platform @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  6. 6. The GroSocial Platform @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  7. 7. The GroSocial Platform @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  8. 8. Introductionswho is ? • Simple. Lovely. Email Newsletters. • Email marketing geniuses • Trusted and used by these guys @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  9. 9. A Look At Mad Mimi @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  10. 10. A Look At Mad Mimi Choose from tons of pre-designed themes Customize the layout the way you want it @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  11. 11. A Look At Mad Mimi Click here to upload or add new contacts Click here to start a new list @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  12. 12. Today’s Agenda• How to setup a Facebook promotion• How to sync it with your email marketing• What emails (and when) to send to entrants• What metrics to keep your eye on• How to use new data for future promotions• How to use new data for addt’l marketing campaigns @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  13. 13. Facebook Promos• Yes, they really do work! we have proof...lots of it!• Your fans/potential customers expect it from you it’s the #1 reason why consumers interact with brands on Facebook.• Your competition is stiff! friends, family, photos, games/apps, etc.• They’re fun and memorable over 95% of interactions take place in the News Feed. @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  14. 14. Facebook Promos • Photo Contests • Video Contests • Sweepstakes • Coupons • Like-gates @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  15. 15. Facebook Promos• Start with a sweepstakes app• TIP: play onMadness, Olympics, Local Sports Batman, March trends and seasonality Teams, Local Events, Back-to-School, Summer, Christmas, etc.• Giveaway the most universally interesting item possible
  16. 16. Facebook Promos• Like• Enter an email address• Share with friends you can incentivize) (you can’t require, but
  17. 17. Mad Mimi Setup Click here and you’ll get this @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  18. 18. Mad Mimi SetupThen dragand dropthis widgeton to yourtab canvas And copy and paste your embed code here @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  19. 19. Your promo is live! what? @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  20. 20. Facebook Updates• Remind your fans DAILY during the promo period• Consider a promoted post or two• Your fans and new visitors need to see it• Increases viral sharing @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  21. 21. Traffic Email Dear {NAME}, In case you didn’t know already, {COMPANY NAME} is now/has been using Facebook to share offers, coupons, promotions, and other exclusive deals with our social media fans and followers. Are you a fan yet? If not, let me give you the top 5 reasons why you should! 1. To win cool prizes (we’re giving away a {ITEM} in a couple weeks!) 2. To show us some love 3. To get immediate {COMPANY NAME} news and updates 4. To share your ideas, make recommendations, and ask questions 5. To help us build the most “social” {BUSINESS TYPE} on Facebook Check out our {ITEM} Giveaway on Facebook and enter to win today! {SIGNATURE} @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  22. 22. Thank You EmailDear {NAME},Thank you for “liking” us on Facebook and entering into our iPadgiveaway! We REALLY want you to win...which is why we’re going tolet you in on a little secret...We give you three additional entries per time that you share. Comeback daily to share and get additional entries.Here’s a link to our Facebook Page in case you need it: {LINK}.Thanks and good luck!{SIGNATURE} @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  23. 23. Reminder EmailDear {NAME},Thanks again for entering our {ITEM} Giveaway on Facebook. As youalready know, the promotion is coming to a close and we’re gettingready to pick a winner.We have some good’re still in the running!To ensure that you’ve given yourself the best chance of winning, visitour Facebook Page and click on the “Share with friends” button to get ahandful of additional entries before the promotion ends. We’ll give youthree entries per time that you share.Here’s a link to our Facebook Page in case you need it: {LINK}.Good luck and happy sharing!{SIGNATURE} @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  24. 24. Metrics to watch for• Sharing• Entries per day• Email open rates/clicks @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  25. 25. Announcing a winner• Don’t do it via status updates• Don’t do it on a tab• Website or email promotion guidelines) (per Facebook’s official @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  26. 26. What to do next?• You’ve got some valuable data now!• Launch30 days contest/promo within another• Follow the same steps @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  27. 27. Some other benefits• Your email list got bigger• Your Facebook presence got bigger• Your marketing channels got bigger @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  28. 28. Need some help? i d Mim ay Maomers p 99 t cus $3 @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  29. 29. Not using Mad Mimi? @GroSocial | @MadMimi
  30. 30. Questions? @GroSocial | @MadMimi